Alex Salmond [4]

Alex Fucking Salmond, is a little Fat obnoxious cocksucking smug Bastard type of Cunt.
A jumped up short arsed pie eating fucker who has the audacity to dictate to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Fuck right off you useless Nationalistic fake smily faced prick and take all your dole scrounging fried Mars Bar eating jocktastic fuckwitts with you.

Bunch of smelly unwashed thick as fuck animal shagging SNP Cunts.


19 thoughts on “Alex Salmond [4]

  1. This Napoleon complexed cunt now thinks he can use the old bill to sabotage any early referendum on Jockish independence! Who the flying fuck does this Gollum looking fucktard think he is?! Any nutters out there with access to firearms kill this fucking oxygen thief ASAFP! Also when are the English getting their referendum on when we can rid ourselves of these third generation benefits scroungers!?

    • Blame the scotch bastards father who fucked his own sister to produce this bag of shite even the midwife wanted to flush the cunt down the sewer. Independence? most of the thick cunts cant spell the word, they produced a mass murderer the worst in British history you useless scotch cunts.

  2. Didnt he used to be one of the Krankies?

    Now they are deeply disturbing cunts.

  3. He’s an alien actually from the planet cuntor next to the “midget fucking queerhawk solar system” fucking weird cunt!

  4. Ode to obg!
    Look ya ignorant english fucker! Alex Salmond is a fuckin genius! Any more of yer shite the rampant lion will tear you a new arsehole. CUNT!!!

  5. Scotland please please PLEASE vote for independence! The sooner we rid ourselves of you parasites the better. Take the sheep molesters and bog trotters with you too and form some Celtic utopia. If you all think Salmond has your best interests at heart dream fucking on. This twat wants to go down in history as the cunt that broke up the UK. Nothing else matters to the King of Scunts. Come back in five years time when your parochial fucking backwater is totally fucked up worse than some “democratic” African republic. Michelle Mone must be the only porridge wog with any sense.

  6. Fuck me that’s some imagination my good man! I think rampant lion was only yanking your chain old chap!! Nice one or!!! … fucking Dickhead CUNT!!

  7. The sooner we get Independence the quicker we can kick all you English (sorry more immigrants than anything in england now) cunts out of scotland,I dream of a day where I turn on Local news not to find some Southern cunt talking about local scottish history as if he has lived there all his life…FUCK off WHEN WILL YOU ALL LEARN WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • The feeling’s mutual you sweaty cunt. When you lot piss off you can take the Jock mafia in the BBC, Labour and Tory party with you. I’d happily take back the several hundred thousand English who live in Scotland if it means the whining, saltire waving Braveheart watching sheeps guts munching lowland doggerel reading Jock cunts fuck off back to that shithole you call Scoortland. The noo!

  8. Sorry to give you the oxygen of acknowledgement. There are plenty of your cuntrymen here (some are not as obnoxious as you). We too would like independence, so you can discover for yourselves you can’t all sit on your not-too-fragrant arses, on the sick all your ‘working’ lives and have it all paid for. So you fuck off. Cunt.

    • Salmond and Sturgeon are comparable to Punch and Judy,
      in that story, Mr Punch was hit hard , on the head with a LARGE HAMMER, which is what should happen to Mr Punch, in this case.

  9. True brit?? True cunt more like!! I love your mad notion that dole is only available in Scotland!! You really are “superfud cunt” wake up you fuckin wanker! What a CUNT!!

  10. Stop beating about the bush and the fucking vote. It’s what the SNP are meant to be all about and now they can do it they put it off as long as bleedin possible. Coz if the scunts say ‘fuck off salmond’ and vote for union, the cunts got no reason to exist at all and might as well suck on an exhaust pipe.

    Like I say, GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT. It’s a win-win situation.

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