26 thoughts on “Sir Reginald Sheffield

  1. Pope John (Fingers)Paul II has spent years playing “hide the kiddy fiddlers”. Moving dirty bastard Priests from Country to Country so they avoid the Old Bill and get to abuse even more good Catholic Children.
    Thank fuck the wheels have finally come off this particular Pope mobile. What a sanctimonious old fucking Cunt.

  2. From HurlingDervish

    I’d like to nominate the entire cast, crew and writers of that kaleidoscope of cunts that is ‘Downton Abbey’ for a Daily Mail sanctioned fucking upper class ridden pile of steaming fucking donkey turds.
    A cavalcade of racist, sexist, ageist and just about any other ‘ist’ you can care to mention.

  3. How about the Islamic Shitpot Abu Izzaden, after doing time for supporting Terrorist Organisations he now wants to die like a suicide bomber. Well I can help the bastard with that wish.
    All this when the scrounging fucking Cunt is drawing the bastard dole. Typical workshy hate spouting Islamic Fucktarded Cunt.

    I bet he only wears that rag on his fucking peanut bonce to hide the fact that he is a slapheaded cunt as well.

  4. Emperor Hirohito aka Untrustworthy slinty eyed yellow fucking Cunt.
    Head speccy four eyed Jap bastard during WW2 and responsible for the starvation and brutalisation of hundreds of thousands of people. Shame the dipshit Yanks did not stretch his scrawny fucking yellow neck and have him dangling from a rope.
    A proper nasty historical Cunt
    His wife was a pig ugly fucking munter as well.

  5. No wonder Bitish comedy is on its knees when we have unfunny, slap headed, speccy, lovechild of John Christie cunts like Harry Hill thinking they’re funny.
    This cunt is about as funny as a labotomy & if anyone thinks this cunts funny then perhaps they need a labotomy too

  6. Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen of Cunts more like. Lacked morals by being another Jock cousin shagger and even married a bastard Frenchman.
    Only the thick as fuck Jocks could think that a God bothering Swamp pig of a woman was a martyr.

  7. Sheffield might be a cunt but I’d still smash his daughter’s back door in given half a chance

  8. Social Workers, what a bunch of overpaid totally fucking useless parasitical Oxygen thieves, reality dodging Cunts everyone of them.
    Social wankers more like.
    If that Fucktard Cameron wants to save money and improve Society he should cull the lot of the bastards.

  9. From HurlingDervish.

    Can’t you prattling cunts nominate someone fucking AMERICAN for a fucking change?
    The last one we had was Obama fucking light years ago. You fucking lazy toerags, lets slag off some fucking yanks!!
    Get suggesting you mong cunts, or your gonna get cunted.

  10. Roscoe Conkling “Fatty” Arbuckle a silent Film star type of Cunt. He was the original OJ; a fat, unfunny Yank and a murdering rapist who got off due to his fame and immense fucking gut.
    Anyone with a name like Conkling deserves to be fucking Cunted. His parents were obviously a pair of typical American retards

  11. From Hurling Dervish

    I like an honest cunt or two, wasn’t Washington the cunt that got shot in his flaps though?
    Anyway, I’d like to plump for John Barrwoman sure he swings both ways and all that. But fucking having the gall to come here to the UK and hoist his flaccid acting and ‘singing’ career on us all is unforgivable. Plus, you can’t turn on the telly these days without seeing his fucking joker like grinning rictus leering out of the screen at you in all it’s teeth whitened glory. I’m not going to do any queer jokes ‘cos all you cunts will proper do that.
    He’s a US expat Colgate advertisement of knobshining cunt. Sorted!

  12. I’d like to nominate Charles Dunstone the chief executive of TalkTalk/Tiscrapi as a 110%, gold plated CUNT. I’m sick of his shite “communications” company throttling my bandwidth to sub dial-up speeds. And as for the jokingly called “tech support” – they couldn’t diagnose a child’s abacus.

    I hope he dies a slow and painful death…

  13. Frankie Cocozza is a highly objectionable cunt, with brains so small he thinks a good look is wearing absurdly tight purple leggings last seen in the 16th Century on a court jester, and hair so lank its probably been washed in gerbil poo and cheap margarine.

  14. Amanda Knox…..

    This dreadful woman is the epitome of a cunt.
    A liar, accuser, manipulator, drug user, but most importantly was probably implicit in the horrendous death of a young British girl.
    Her freedom was bought by rich Americans, for the reason they believe she is innocent, is because she is an American. It would be laughable if it wasnt so tragic.

  15. Anonymous you are either a retarded cunt, or a blind cunt, or maybe you just cannot read. Amanda “foxy” knox was American Cunt who I posted weeks ago.
    You stupid, stupid, fucking cunt.
    Oh, and if you’re an anonymously Scottish Cunt, then fuck you forever.

  16. The Cunishness of Vinnie “cunt of the coalition'” Cable knows no bounds. It appears that Her Majesty’s secretary of State for Business does not know how to fill in a tax return. What a thieving cunt he is. Maybe he is actually scottish as that might explain it.

  17. from HurlingDervish

    Who the clunge is Frankie cunthead Cocozza FFS? I’ve never heard of the fuckin’ winnip.

  18. Is it too late to nominate Jimmy Savile for the Dead Cunt Tote? I meant to nominate him last week, but was too busy and the bastard went and croaked over the weekend. It’s so unfair. How about it, cunters?

  19. Colin the Cuntspotter – Fuck off you slimy cunt. I cunted Savile last week, before we knew the old cunt was dead so by common decency the prize (car, holiday + cash) should come to me.


  20. Matt Lucas and David Walliams are cunts. They are not as funny as they think they are. Matt Lucas is a homophobic pigugly queen who would normally only live in a dark room of a seedy gay bar in East London, and David Walliams has a bit too much fun dressing up as women and showing his ass to everyone and licking old bints’ feet. In interviews they always tell each other how super hilariously funny they are. Well, sory, you are on my cunt-radar for having only one joke (gays and fat people and poor people and transvestites are funny, well, not necessarily, as you cunts keep demonstrating). Come fly with me to cunt-hell.

  21. Reggie Sheffield is an odious twat who gets over £3M per annum for the turbines on his land at Dragonby, Scunthorpe. Samantha was quoted as being ‘an ordinary girl from Scunthorpe’. What a crock of shit. Lady Victoria, her stepmother, is however quite a nice woman.

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