25 thoughts on “Barack Obama [10]

  1. what a country devoid of heritage. why do so many of these cunts get overwhelmed with their anthem? it means nothing at all. its about time they remember where their “great” nation came from. without the english the usa would not exist. cunts

  2. i like limey cunts who turn cunty when their cunts get knotted in their knickers. losing (twice) sucks cunt.

    • American cowardly cunts only came in at the last minute. UK and France won WW1, UK and USSR won WW2.

    • Americans are cunts, you cant lose against yourself you cunt. GB are world war champs you gotta be in it from the start you cunt.

    • Losing twice? When? We beat you in 1812 while we were also dealing with Napoleon Bonaparte and our army in Canada consisted of a dozen Mounties, a tribe of squaws and a canoe.

      Go choke on a pretzel you dumb uneducated Yankee cunt.

  3. From HurlingDervish

    Hark at you anonymous at 05:52. I love it when Yanks get all fuckin’ prissy over their history and heritage. Like ikkle wikkle girlies. If you mildew ridden cunts had a history of your own that went back past 300 years, perhaps you’d be a bit more emotionally stable. As it is you have to base your cunting history on the murder and suppression of a native Indian population and claim the whole fucking shebang is all yours! ‘yer maple syrup slapping dribbling derelict nest of cunts.

  4. From HurlingDervish

    Yeah, I’d fuck all your bitches and I might let you lick my fucking ring you cunt!

  5. Hey, us Brits all know the yanks are emotional cunts, but it is a great country. I’ve fucked a few yanks bitches but they’re not as good as our British slags

  6. See that stateless cunt become President, Americans are so cunting stupid, they deserve all they get, that aphasic cunt Bush a survivor from the Roswell crash then another cunting Martian becomes President, a least Ron Paul is human.

  7. Bari shabazz has had more brain transplants than a lab rat,,call Obama a cunt if you like, if he actually exists.

  8. Lucky for him that I’m not still the Prime Minister, I would tell the world that that cunts mother, Martha Trowbridge is so upset at him claiming that his mummy is really a man called Stanley, whatever next.

  9. He’s fucking nicked just seen his Kenyan Birth Certificate on Barking spider. if that is forged as well, then he came down with that cunt Bush at Roswell.

  10. He’s nicked just seen that cunts Kenyan Birth certificate if that is a forgery, then he came down with that cunt Bush at Roswell.

  11. There’s no NHS in the USA, so if you need to get your cunt fixed you have to give it a campaign donation.

  12. So Sheriff Arpioa has got him, Obama is a muzzie and a British subject,I’m not going to the G20 to be in the company of that cheating cunt, think of my reputation.

  13. Whenever you are in trouble, or the odds are against you, remember the words of this very famous American:

    “Stop worrying, lads. This is gonna be a piece of piss…”
    – George Armstrong Custer, 1876.

  14. Obama had some cheek in Normandy yesterday…. “They fought for freedom of speech” Tell that to Edward Snowden, you cunt!

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