Hugh Bonneville may or may not allegedly be a married-with-kid injunction-seeking sloppy seconds cunt.

David Threlfall who plays that bloke on Shameless. Really? Trousers, man. Zip.

Ewan McGregor is a cunt regardless of any added and alleged dick-waving activities.

On a totally unrelated point (for legal reasons), would you go with hooker Helen Wood after she’s been with Wayne Rooney?

Okay, fair answer…
Nominated by The Hon. Mr Justice Eady

5 thoughts on “Anonycunts

  1. The about-to-be-wed Royal couple are a pair of cunts. And parasites. And snobs. And upper-class twits. And nobs. But mainly cunts.

  2. Right hand side of the blog. Two fucking rules. Only two. Look at Rule 1 and tell the class where you went wrong.

    Apart from that – it was a fair nomination.

  3. Rowan Williams is the Archunt of Canterbury. He is legitimising that murderous cunt Mugabe because he is concerned that one of his bishop cunts has reverted to type and joined the rest of the corrupt murderous bastards in that god forsaken cuntdom.
    The pathetic, Sharia endorsing, bearded trendy loon of a pointless cunt.

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