8 thoughts on “Justin Beiber

  1. Never heard of the truculent, sulky looking little twat ..

    But he looks a right cunt .. so he’s come to the right place ..

  2. I am a moaning fuckwit and really hate that Bieber CUNT, supposedly a singer of the “Emo” kind by the look of that stupid combed forward hair doo. A total CUNT

  3. I am a moaning fuckwit and nominate that total mick CUNT off X factor the other year, the one and only Eoghan Quigg. Just like that Bieber CUNT with a stupid hair do only this “Eoghan” ( how do you pronounce that shit?) looks like a seal pup with his baby eyes and pink tongue hanging out – the difference being that seal pups are beautiful creatures that should be protected and “Eoghan” really needs to be clubbed to death – the CUNT!

  4. even the little helpers in b&q are now sporting Bieber haircuts which I believe qualifies them as cunts aswell dosnt it,copycat cunts or copycunts[for the dictionary]also the communards or as I prefer the copynerds…..total cunts all in need of a slap

  5. What can I say about this cunt? Justin Beiber has to be one of the most fucking annoying, brash, arrogant motherfuckers on this planet and is the reason why abortion is made legal. He spits at his fans, been known to punch or insult them, make 12 year olds cry when he decides mid concert he’s going home and sings some pretty fucking God awful songs anyone could wish to hear. I personally would prefer to be cunting deaf! Another contender for “Cunt of the Century” goes to Miley fucking Cyrus. This Twerking, half naked, tongue poking little skank is known more for her backstage bitching and drug taking than she is for her shit music. Every time she realises her album isn’t having the success of her Hannah Montana days, this twatard gives up cock and announces to the world she’s a muffin diver and then gets her tits out. What a cunt….and what is the US trying to do in sending them over here to corrupt our kids. Our kids are corrupt enough thank you! Then again what do you expect, they voted in Donald Trump! And don’t let me get started on that cunt either.

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