13 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart [2]

  1. This fucker wraps himself in his so called working class roots like a cloak, when he hasn’t been working class for fucking decades, especially not since he lived in the US for near 20 years.


  2. Labour bribed the cunt to stay onside as all the celebs desert them. Probably think the cunt is popular since they lurve seeing him in the West End, well he’s not, he fucked up Star Trek.

  3. Hoon and Hewitt for not being able to organise a backstabbing session on a pant pisser.

    Toenails for saying on air that there was nothing afoot today and that it was just hot air in the blogosphere.

  4. What kind of prick uses the term “ZanuLabour”? A cunt bigger than worlds, that’s what.

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