13 thoughts on “George Osborne

  1. They are all thieving cunts, each and every MP and Lord and Lady, every MEP, you name it, they’ve got their trotters in the trough. Greedy, filthy, robbing bastard cunts every one.

  2. How much fucking money is being spent on adverts for Govt Agencies? You cant escape the shite pedalled on telly and the radio. Wear a condom, get tested for chlamydia, don’t eat too much, remember to inform the authorities if your benefit status changes, lock your house properly, the list is fucking endless. Now we have Suggs, Kelly Brooke, Christopher fucking Biggins and Honor Blackman extolling the virtues of using the directgov website in the new £1 million + ad campaign.
    Fucking parasitic cunts.

  3. Gideon arse-nose Osbourne is a sneaky vacuous deceitful elitist cokehead job-raping arrogant scum sucking cheesy-fingered Cunt-faced Cunt

  4. From HurlingDervish.

    I would respectfully like to nominate that hippy, tinnitus inducing cunt Chris Martin from Cuntplay.
    Fancy calling your poor kid ‘Apple’ for cunts sake! what kind of barnstorming, grandstanding mung bean munching Alfalfa wearing pasty wey faced cunt of person does that, good God man, do you have no boundaries of cuntishness?

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