45 thoughts on “George Galloway [3]

  1. What a good cunting! This muzzie-loving fuckwit of a cunt ought to be hanged for treason!!

  2. Why on earth would someone want to get into bed with radical Islam? This subversive needs to be on the end of a rope…Donna

    • Hey Donna, your not the cunt that is always commenting on the BNP web coz if you are your nick the cunt Griffin.

    • ^
      Cunts…not like she is going to reply after 2 fuckin years is it you muppets? Hey Anonymous, you’re not that cunt who is always commenting on the web, cause lot’s of people are called Anonymous…fuckin tool

  3. He’s a Scot that hates Scotland, (he thinks he’s Irish by the way), he’s a Brit that hates Britain, he hates Scottish Nationalists, Protestants, Rangers Supporters, Jews, Israel, British Troops, America, Capitalists, (even though he’s worth a mint). He loves smelly fucks that stone woman to death, while they stick their unwashed cocks up little boys arseholes. Loves Arab Terrorists, Irish Terrorists, Glasgow Gangsters, Lying thieving two faced Labour Fuckwits, Immigrants from everywhere that hate this country. He also loves using little Arab girls that he can use to get money from gullible cunts to line his fucking pockets. Oh yes, and he also loves ME.

    Saddam Hussein

    From the 41st Furnace in Hell with a red hot poker up my fucking smelly arsehole.

  4. Galloway is an antichrist cunt. He is a cunt of the first water and highest order. He is also a treacherous cunt with no principles and no bollocks because he thinks the Muzzies will save him if ever they take over this country when in fact his head will be the first on a pole… Churchill said – an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last… I hope this cunt gets his just desserts – and I don’t mean a saucer of milk from Rula Lenska either

    All in all Galloway is a fucking nasty cunt who should be writhing on a hot poker just administered by me.

  5. What a cunt! He has such a fucked up mind poisoned with (p)islam! He hates the english people, the traitorous scottish CUNT!!! If I ever saw him walk past my house, I would kill him for pleasure, and would let my dog rape his asshole. If you’re reading this Galloway, you will be dead soon! Motherfucker!

  6. Excuse me. Although he was born in Scotland he holds an Irish passport. If you think he hates the English, you ain’t heard nothing yet about what he thinks about the Scot’s? You want him hung? As a Patriotic Scot, I want the bastard burnt at the fucking Stake. He is a traitor and a muslim loving scumbag. Fuck him and all his Commie IRA/Palastinian/Raghead supporters. As he will tell you himself, he considers himself Irish. Let’s deport the cunt.
    6 July 2011 00:40

  7. Galloway and all fundamentalists will answer to Allah one day – whoever she [Allah] might be

  8. Galloway is a total cunt. He winds people up trying to talk tough, supports cunts like Gadaffi, and he goes on big brother and plays a cat – he’s a total cunt. D I hope he dies soon

  9. Galloway is a Muslim cocksucker and antiChrist of the first water, mad-eyed, pug ugly and perverted (remember the leotarded cat cuntacle he made of himself. He is an appeaser and you know what Churchill said about that..feeding a crocodile hoping it will eat him last. I’d personally like to feed this tawdry, pathetic piece of shit into a blender and turn the handle, then feed the bastard to the pigs.

  10. If you visit Edinburgh, watch out for the security staff at the bus station they will try to provoke a confrontation.There is one character tall ginger hair watch him.A pal of mine knows him from working at Saughton jail he was in nick as a stot the ba.Watch out for the taxi drivers if you are having a private conversation they listen in and take umbridge if they dont like what they hear,one of them just missed out on a kidnap charge and a lot of them have criminal records.

  11. What gets me is he is truly enjoys being a total treasonous Cunt, he loves being branded a cunt because he hates us and disrespects us so deeply. He feels validated by being called a cunt by us, because he thinks we are all cunts and hes great. Arggggh cunt cunt cunt grarghhh cunt!

  12. The cunt is now an MP. Self fulfilling prophecy. Got in there on the muslim fundamentalist vote. And by shagging muslim boys just to blend into the culture. There is now a new focus of hate in Bradford. Respect George you imam fucker.

  13. In Muslim countries you cannot get near a woman until after you’ve married her. So they stick their dicks up boys, either pre-pubescent or effeminate. Then beat them afterwards for being Queer. But it’s them, the bearded smelly cocks who are the real shirtlifters.


  14. Why has this treacherous cunt not been executed for his cunting treachery, he is a cunt of the highest order, cunt cuntcula.
    Bogtrotting mohammed bumming fuck wit that should die a slow death of cunt cancer.

    I don’t think I have ever felt such revulsion for any other (I woulds say human being but I am sure he is missing a few much needed cells) cunting twat in my life, other than the cunting jihadist cunts out there.
    If you are getting a grown up to read this to you George gallowcunt, I hope you die.

    Lots of cunt

  15. Indeed Cuntstable, I truly held back, this was my first comment on a truly filthy useless scum of the earth cunt that is this motherfucking cunt, stinking piss flap in the the stinkbridge of humanity.

    So I urge all you cunts out there to cunt this right cunt off!

    All look at a picture of him, if you can as he truly is one hell of an ugly cunt and repeat the mantra.

    Cunt cancer, cunt cancer, cunt cancer, cunt cancer, I hope you get fucking cunt cancer you mindless gob shite bearded cunt lookalike.

    Maybe, just maybe with enough cunt power we will prevail of removing this cuntstain from the face of the earth!!

    Lots of Cunt Gary

    And as a newby to the site i wish you all a merry Cuntmas a happy cunt year and I hope that cunting rabbit brought you some cunts for easter.

  16. Sadly the Islam loving cunt, has managed to elected for Bradford West, one wonders what cunt would give that cunt the time of day , yeah cunt

  17. I hate the fucking pig faced cunt. Yes he arsed the yanks but everything about him smells of cunt. And he’s a jock. Nothing forgives that.

  18. I thought I had better come back to give this pug eyed dirty cunt another good cunting.
    What a fucking cunt, hope the cunt dies

  19. I cant believe there is so little cunting this cunt off by you lot of fucking cunts!!!!

    come on and get with it, George Galloway (even typing this cunts name draws bile) is a nasty little cunt that needs a shotgun shoved up his cunt.

    Lots of Cunt Gary

  20. OI, Galloway!


  21. I have come back after a little while to see if this cunt got some more cunting and fuck me no ones cunted this parasite off since last time, what the fuck you cunts?????

    Galloway please crawl up some muslims arse and die you awful fucking waste of a good cunting, cunt cunty cunt

  22. Camel fucking, muzzle loving, Brit hating left wing cunt of cunts.
    That bloke who gave him a kicking a few years ago deserves a medal.

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