4 thoughts on “Aled Jones

  1. Whilst on the subject of Wales, Max Boyce for being shit, the Welsh (Arse)mbly also being shit and costing billions and the whole town of Merthyr Tydfil for being lazy on the sick cunts.

  2. I am grossly offended!

    Wales has much bigger cunts to offer than him!

    Peter Hain is a great big hypocritical cunt, now residing in Wales after helping to destroy his former country (South Africa). He is too scared to live in lawless SA. He is such a cuntasaurus, that the blacks are now actually in a much worse situation under the Commie ANC, than under Apartheid. That is cuntishness par excellence.

    Politics aside, Peter Hain also deserves an entry for being so permatanned, that he looks like an extra from Star Trek. He is also a Politician. Ergo: A cunt.

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