11 thoughts on “Tim Berners Lee

  1. This is a sort of “Fantasia” moment for dear old Tim, isn’t it (not the first, I’ll wager).

    The broomsticks are well and truly alive and calling you a cunt!

    I happen to think TB-L is a pretty cool bloke actually 🙂

  2. It took me ages to realise that I didn’t need to put ” http:// ” addy bar and what the fuck is WWW all about; if the govt and councils want their private intranet make them do something else without us having to bother Tim, retrospective cunt.

    I nominate Anne “poor little me” Widdicombe as a cunt for squandering her previously quite good rep in a slurry of whinge.

  3. A lot of cunts building up but hey the cunt im nominating is the biggest out of them all.

    Ann Widdecombe is a big fat ugly conservative fish faced cunt.

  4. Alex James is a complete cunt. He’s a cheese-making, cheesy-grinning cunt. A complete pseud, thick, floppy-fringed fuck.

  5. Charlie Brooker said in the Guardian:

    “I love the Beeb so much I’d gladly kill you and your children to keep it running”

    which makes make him a smug trough sucking brown nosing leftie cunt

  6. Tim Berners-Lee is cunt for giving us such a pisspoor implementation of the web. Arrogant fucking cunt who got involved in something he was totally unqualified to do. His cunting mongness continues throgh W3C. Cunt.

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