7 thoughts on “Keith Allen

  1. This wanker has been clinging onto the shirt tails of popular culture for way too long.

    England football songs (although he hates England) – CHECK

    Crappy Christmas songs – CHECK

    Robin Hood, hideous BBC multi-culti bollocks – CHECK

    Oversexed, talentless slag of a daughter – CHECK

    Keith – do us all a favour and go and fucking kill yourself you cunt!

  2. absolute soft think he’s a lad cunt with a spoilt nightmare cunt of wailing private school wants to be from a cuntish council estate cunt

  3. Keith Allen rightly cunted on here is also a Tory supporting fucking cokehead !This arrogant piece of shite should fuck off and give us all a fuckin’ break, and He’s a shite actor aswell

  4. this little bastard walked “at” me when i and thousands of other hard working commuters trying get home through the poverty pit called london. the only thing that made stop and head but the little cunt was the dis belief that he was someone for a split second i vaguely recognised but could not place and was trying work out why i was being squared up to in victoria station in rush hour. And he was so short it would like buttin a dwarf – Classic cliched Napoleon syndrome CUNT!

  5. I never even heard of this cunt until I heard about his daughter… who’s also a bitch whore cunt.

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