10 thoughts on “Jo Brand

  1. Soooo very unfunny.

    I would rather disembowel myself than sit through this cunt’s “comedy”.

    There are many other reasons – how many can we come up with?

  2. Btw, is it me or does her ‘mons’ looking absolutely fucking humungous in the pic? Or is it just her belly sagging (urgh!) ?

  3. Stevie Gerrard is clearly a lucky cunt
    (star-struck jury, i should think)
    i doubt if justice has been done

  4. Fucking hate this ugly fat cow,hand wringing liberal bitch,one of Aunties darlings and about as funny as a rupture.

  5. GOT – I agree with the ‘mons’ comment. There must be a Geographical term for one that size. The fat cunt.

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