7 thoughts on “Cliff Richard

  1. He”s a fucking pufter, Starred in that 60″s Gay film “Bummer holiday” Who in their right mind would go out with “Sue Barker” and not shag her, I”d av been sending into her fanny all the time !!!! Make no wonder she fucked him off !! He”s a geriatric old queenie and of course a fucking CUNT !!!!!!!!

  2. From HurlingDervish

    ….Plus he’s had a fuckin’ syrup transplant the auld puff! he looks like a mummified version of Oliver Cromwell, arf.
    What a stunning cunt, in fact make that a leathery old body snatching, ‘Can’t avoid the old grim reaper’ dodging dog turd coloured old cunt.
    Get yer fuckin’ buss pass grandad!

  3. What the fuck is St Cliff supposed to be? With his ridiculous fucking undulating cuntwat “dancing”. My late dad hated him, reminded him of a cod. Very apt. Twat. I’m a bit worried that anybody could fancy Sue ‘world of leather’ Barker. Hmmmmmm……

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