I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. ‘Gaza death toll rises to 26 including 6 children’.
    As I’ve said before they are always killing kids.
    Well done lads.

    • Funny how Amnesty never accuse the Palestinians of war crimes when they deliberately fire their rockets from densely populated civilian areas knowing well that Israel will always retaliate, and clueless westerners will blame the Jews.
      And send the Palestinians lots of aid money.

      • Give them proper weapons so they don’t have to fire toilet rockets from their homes. Perhaps laser guided weapons are in order. Thr funiest part is the comment about the aid…Israel receives more aid from the U.S than any other country and during the Arab Israeli war, received the largest shipment of weapons in human history. The IDF is too scared (their force is made up soft young men and women forced to fight a war they dont undertsand) to enter Gaza on foot to elminate said terrorists with precision, so they just bomb the fuck out of the whole place. Stop spreading your garbage lies.

      • Which war are you on about? The one where Israel beat half the Arab world in a week?
        Soft? Try telling one of them personally, o mighty keyboard warrior.

        (Careful now – Day Admin)

      • Of course they do. Dead children give the cause sympathy and more importantly cash.
        Dead terrorists get neither.

      • In my head-

        The ’15 minute warning’ bullshit. Really.

        You watch as the death count inevitably rises (for the upteenth time) inevitably with these cunts a high proprtion of children will be killed.

        It’s always just airpower. Its a cowardly carry on.

        Because they are not ‘confronting’ their enemy head on.

        Yeah they’re gonna ‘sort the problem out’.
        Once and for all.

        For tgd upteenyh millonth time.

        Chesterton something like ‘their brilliance and their blindness.’. This is the blindness on show.

      • Im quite happy for the jews to wipe out all of palestine Miles.

        A healthy dose of genocide might be a warning to other taxi driving, child bride marrying,
        Spicy types?

        What they whining about?
        Beleive in paradise dont they?

        Well, sooner there the quicker theyll settle in.

    • 15 SECOND warning. Israel is a tiny place which is why every home needs a strong room as a shelter. Been there seen it.
      Funny how the fucking BBC always report uncritically evry piece of pali-Propaganda especially if a child gets killed.
      Funny how when Israeli kids Jes, Arabs, Christians get murdered, bombed, stabbed……CRICKETS.
      Israel should’ve flattened all of the Hamas PLO leaders palaces yonks ago….

      • Fuck all of the middle east governments. They are all psychos. May the wrath of God wipe them all out soon.

      • ‘Funny how when Israeli kids ‘

        Do Israeli kids get killed? Very rarely your hear of one. (Equally tragic Iwill say as a Palestinian kid being killed). I suppose they do but certainly not in the number Palestinian children are killed.

        Wasnt there an old ‘trope’ or smear against the Jews that they were child killers.

        In the middle ages I mean. They would kidnap a Christian child and sacrifice him or her.

        I don’t know but fuck me the figures of children killed in Gaza are…telling.

  2. Pink Floyd legend, Roger Waters hits out and Zelenskyy and make the libtards lose their shit…

    Hahaha! The lefties loved Roger when he shat on Trump, but they can’t handle him when he speaks the truth about the wee gimp in Ukraine who is rolling on a bed of American tax payer billions and prolonging this awful war. It’s over, just surrender and negotiate the best outcome, Mr Z. And bin that T-shirt, get back to wearing a suit.

    Meanwhile, Biden just said he is, “not worried about” China-Taiwan tensions. What a fucking psychotic shambles.

  3. Oh there’s a cease-fire.
    Only 6 children killed.
    Poor show this time.
    That’s not going to satify their blood-lust.

    • Old Golda –

      “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

      Unpack that for a moment. If you wage war against us we will go after you AND your children.

      • ’26 August 2014, 2,251 Palestinians were killed; 1,462 of them are believed to be civilians, including 551 children and 299 women.’

        Fuck me I thought you were supposed to ‘spare’ women snd children in a time of war.

        Well don’t lads.

        No wonder the Orthodox (the real authentic practicing Jews ) are appalled at what has been going on all these years.

    • Why not put your hatred of the joos into a nom instead of derailing this thread.
      Being a Pootin pal, I’m sure you have some bile for Ukraine instead.

  4. Did anyone see that Russia are taking the reports of its forces had massacred Ukrainian prisoners in the Donbas by sending their top investigator there, in the shape of washed up 80s straight to video action star, Soviet citizen and Putin apologist, Steven Segal.
    The sad shapeless looking cunt, looking absolutely ridiculous with his dyed beard and cunt signature bandana, was filmed investigating a possible crime scene even less convincing that his made for a tenner in Eastern Europe awful films.
    At one point, he gets annoyed at the crew filming him, probably not ready for his close up, and he says to them ‘we work for the same people’
    By people he means Putin.
    Let’s hope that when he pisses off his Kremlin boss, his portly stunt double isn’t around to stand in for him, the cunt.

    • I’ve always considered Segal a dodgy cunt.

      Sure he’s a turd burglar. Or worse.

      Bit light on his feet.

      And runs like a girl.


  5. Old Vlad the arse impaler has been trying to flog arms to, well basically anyone, at a Russian weapons convention.
    Interested parties such as China and North Korea listened as he promised weapons that are far superior to any the west has, and for good price too, looky looky.
    All, he promised, have been tested in battle. Note he said tested, not proven….

    I’m wondering what he has left to sell. They have virtually run out of their main battle tank, the T90, also the T80, and the T72. Last seen heading into Ukraine was the T60, a tank designed in the 1950s.
    So much for their newest model, the T14 Armata, they are obviously scared of it breaking down on the way to blow up hospitals, like it did when it was unveiled at a mayday parade three years ago. Ooops!

    So much Russian kit lies burnt out and destroyed, I wouldn’t have thought it was a great advert for their ‘superior’ arms industry, with their armoured vehicles that cost millions being destroyed by rockets that cost a couple of grand. Sometimes, they have been wrecked by Molotov cocktails, but with the price of petrol, modern panzerfausts are cheaper.

    Their airforce isn’t faring much better, with heavy losses in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Only last week, an air base in illegally occupied Crimea was rocked by massive explosions, as the majority of the aircraft there blew up.
    Ukraine claimed responsibility, but Russia said it had been caused by a discarded cigarette. Yes, they actually said that.
    That’s the problem with the Russian doctrine of Maskirovka, brought about during WW2 to keep their enemy (and their allies) guessing about their capabilities and disposition on the battlefield. They liked it so much, they carried on lying, about everything, good and bad, to this day.
    It makes the difficult to be trusted as an ally or a business partner, and absolutely laughable as an enemy.

    Hey comrade, you vant to by 50 year old tank?
    No thanks pal, I bought one of those of a Ukrainian farmer…..

    • Erdogan is forcing a peace plant. Problem is that Zelenskyy once called Erdogan a, “cockroach with a mustache.” Oh dear.

      • Mr Gutstick can watch a 24-minute video in 4 minutes! LOL! He’s so disingenuous. He has no credibility anymore. Fun to watch him flail about, though.

      • I watched the last one you posted by those clowns, and they have an agenda, and it’s a pro Russian one.
        They are taking everything that Russia says as absolute truth, and everything that Ukraine and the west says as lies. I saw the first couple of minutes with which they show their sources being the Russian MOD, the same source that said their Crimea airbase full of dispersed aircraft spontaneously blew up because of a discarded cigarette.
        I base my opinions on better information from more reliable commentators who know their stuff, not two talking head tinfoil cunts talking utter rubbish.
        At least I know what shape the planet we live on is.

  6. That Guterres bloke was in Odesa celebrating the fact that grain shipments were moving, to help the world food crisis, then went on to say but it’s no good if poor countries can’t afford to buy the grain, rich counties need to get their wallets out 😂

    Fuck off Gut man, you get your fucking wallet out, cunt!

  7. The Kyiv Independent newspaper states…

    “Receiving, distributing Russian humanitarian aid in occupied territories to be considered collaborationism.

    The law on collaborationism came into force on Aug. 16. According to it, acts of collaborationism will be punished by up to 15 years in jail.”

    So if you you are a starving Ukrainian and Russian soldiers offer you food, you can’t take it, or you’ll be sent to prison, so just starve you peasants.

  8. I rarely pay attention to placards at rallies, but one I saw lately had more impact and truth than a million articles.

    If Russia stops fighting, there will be no war.
    If Ukraine stops fighting, there will be no more Ukraine.

    Perhaps a wake up and smell the shit you’re shovelling message to those that think that Ukraine should concede, as that is the only way Russia will stop fighting.

      • Thanks MJB.
        I get my information from a variety of reasonably trustworthy sources, defence analysts, historians, geopolitical experts, who use source material and pick the bones out of what’s available with a critical expertise that is beyond the media, and the conspiracy video talking heads. They offer an informed insight of the daily situation, and come to similar but differing conclusions, and are just as cautious of Ukrainian propaganda as they are of Russian.
        I also follow pro Russian sources for balance, such as the Russian ministry for foreign affairs, and other government controlled media, so I can see what is actually being said, and not filtered through a non aligned source.

        So, nothing from the MSM, and therefore without agenda.
        I’m just looking for the truth, not someone’s version of it.

    • If you click on that Zerohedge link in the post above mine, in the comments of the baseless article, one of the assorted pricks is on about the defeat of the Ukrainian Air Force, but is quite triumphant about it, and accepts it as truth.
      Tells you all you need to know about the cunts that write that drivel, and the cunts that read it as fact.

    • Watch this video and see two fucking idiots fail to grapple with basic information.
      Moscow mule Paul Joseph Watson posted a video with the same nonsense yesterday.
      Still, it keeps the morons happy, more western self hating bullshit, while Putin laughs his corrupt crippled arse off while the useful idiots spread hate and fear through videos such as these.
      And fools lap them up.

  9. I’d have thought western self hating types would be the ones flying Ukraine flags, kneeling for criminal organisations or scurrying around in masks doing exactly what they were told by the television screen.
    But it takes all sorts I suppose in this retarded reality we’re living in.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about these talking heads on social media GJ because we’re all being played like fiddles due to cuntishness of epic proportions on both sides of this whole fiasco.
    People in higher positions than some gob shite on YouTube.

    The sheer short sightedness and ineptitude of western policy (see the complete and utter lack of energy self sufficiency as evidence) is rivalled only by the megalomaniac behaviour of the other twat Putin.

    I want this whole thing over and done with as much as the next sane person because my family and myself, like a lot of folk, stand to lose a lot and watching my tax being spunked by my corrupt government to give to other corrupt governments in the aim of prolonging a war that makes rich people even richer and the poor even poorer, destitute or dead (if you’re a Ukrainian or Russian) isn’t something that fills me with much optimism.

      • Great post, Herman. I just want it over and done with – and it could have ended peacefully months ago. In the meantime, many other carefully curated clusterfucks have emerged.

  10. Gorbachev gets buried and Putin misses the funeral because he’s ‘too busy’
    Nothing to do with Putins long standing opinion that Gorby is responsible for the crime of dissolving the great Soviet Union, a totalitarian empire that he sees as far superior to others before and since.
    And reclaiming some of these territories has been on his wish list since the 90s.

    The Russian ministry for foreign affairs shared a post about the start of WW2, and in it was the startling claim that if the west had listened to Russia at the time instead of politicking, the whole war could have been avoided, and the millions of deaths that followed prevented.
    What they left out was the Ribbentrop pact, that they were allied to Nazi Germany at the time, supplying fuel to power the drive into Poland, and swiftly followed them in for a share of the country. This nonsense is taught in their schools, and publicly challenging this narrative is a crime, punishable by imprisonment, or possibly falling out of a window.
    Let’s see Watson or Jimmy Bore make a video out of that. It’ll never happen, because to make their twisted agenda work, truth and context are surplus to requirements, and the lies, bias, and total lack of impartiality that they accuse the western media of is all to apparent with them.
    Opinion beats truth in the modern world, and who’s fooling who?

  11. The Russian embassy shared a post yesterday asking why the had no information or whereabouts of to of its citizens living in the U.K. for the last four years. This they deem is extremely unfair as they would like to know if they are safe and well.
    The citizens in question?
    Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

    I’m sure that they would love to know where they are, and their proximity to windows overlooking a decent height. They didn’t ask about the well-being or whereabouts of the British citizen who came in contact with their discarded nerve agent bottle after their unsuccessful assassination attempt. Oh yeah, she dead. Or ask if the police officer who was also poisoned has recovered.

    And yet the hard of thinking believe the guff they put out about their ‘special operation’ which looks suspiciously like an illegal invasion and war of occupation.
    Russia is always the bad guy, framed and goaded by the evil west.

    For instance, there are many who will give you their cast iron guarantee that 9/11 was carried out by the US government, Mossad, the CIA, the NWO, Rothschilds, Freemasons etc, but when you ask them about the Moscow apartment bombings of 2000, you could put your back out climbing over that wall of silence.
    Why am I banging on about this? Well, when the Ivans do dirty deeds, they make little attempt to adequately cover it up, as they lie about everything, so a coherent cover story will be a waste of time and oligarchs money.
    That the Russian secret service blew four apartment blocks up (should have been five, but they totally fucked the last one up) and blamed it on Chechen rebels to give them an excuse to invade Chechnya. For the second time in less than four years.

    All these things the useful idiots like Watson and mock journo compatriots would rather be ignored as it shows their stance on Ukraine is extremely biased towards Russia at best, and lies at worst.

    Batten down the hatches as we await the incoming videos making a meal out of a comment made by Zelenskys’ wife, by taking one line out of context and blowing its importance out of all proportion.

      • What do you dispute that I have written?
        Or is that the most grown up response you can muster?

    • @GJ.

      Those Moscow apartment bombings had false flag written all over it in my opinion.

      It didn’t bode well for Alexander Litvinenko when he called his own government out on it either.

      • Indeed, but the the thing they say that finished him was calling Putin a pea dough on his blog.
        A week later he met with the polonium.
        Putin didn’t like that one bit.

    • Remember Anna Politkovskaya?

      Another Putin critic who ended up dead.

      Are we really just going to keep going back and forth like this ffs?
      It’s like some sort of strange game of Top Trumps.

      […A man with a conviction is a hard man to change. Tell him
      you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures
      and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to
      see your point.”…]

      (Leon Festinger)

  12. Ruskies deffo on the defensive now. Or not, depending on what side of the shit slinging you believe.

  13. Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war now. Fuck’s sake. I always thought that Armenia was a peaceful country.

    • Not at all, the turks had to massacre the lot of them to calm them down back in the day.

      • Azerbaijan. I spelled it right the first time! Not a country that comes up a lot – Armenia, either. All I know is that he capital Yerevan is an ancient city, Aram Khachaturian was a great composer and it looks like a mysterious place!

      • I’ve read a bit about the Armenian genocide, fucking horrifying. There’s a pretty big Armenian diaspora around Europe and USA. Armenians seem like super-proud people, both at home and in other countries.

        Azerbaijan, I know nothing about. What’s their story?

  14. I believe Azerbaijan have just signed a gas deal with the Eu, so they’ll have to be sanctioned now, so less gas coming in.

    • Oh okay, Cornish. So Azerbaijan are the bad guys now? Or Armenia are the bad guys? Christians v Muslims. It seems to be kicking off everywhere these days.

  15. Things are going badly for the Russians in Ukraine. It looks as if their asses are going to be whipped. Good.

    My worry is what happens back in Russia when Putin returns empty handed. If he is ousted then its unlikely to be by a liberal, pro-Western politician but by an ultra-nationalist. Someone who will make Putin look like Nelson Mandela.Some observers are even predicting the break up of the Russian federation, to be replaced by sabre-rattling nuclear armed micro-states. Very worrying. What a shit storm.

      • What was it you posted less than two months ago?

        “Putin holds all the cards. He’s just sitting back watching his opponents destroy themselves in myriad ways.” LOL.

      • I’m agreeing that if indeed Putin has his back to the wall then he could get desperate and launch nukes. The media are acting like the war is almost over with Ukraine as victors and it isn’t. There’s no way Putin is going to call a retreat. This has been a savage, unnecessary war and it could have ended months ago. Here we are with the cold weather kicking in, reality setting in for hundreds of millions of European families. I hope everyone stays warm and doesn’t face an extortionate gas bill in January. The madness of this decade isn’t over, it’s just getting started.

  16. I watched Lady Colin Campbell’s youtube podcasts for a year and a half, right after they started. Historically informative. At the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine she started talking about how we could avoid a big problem if we just let
    Ruzza have Ukraine. I was outraged, but let it go.
    Then last Thursday she starts talking about how Ruzza was fucked over by the treaty of Versaille. JESUS MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST! I unsubscribed and will never, ever watch her podcasts again.

    • Had to look her up. She’s trans and looks mental. LOL!

      Yeah, at the start of this, I said, let Russia have the Donbas. That would have be the best thing. But over the past seven months, all sides – Russia, Ukraine, NATO, USA have acted poorly and this has been a human tragedy and may get worse. Taking out Putin may be a good idea, but I feel that any rash move made could lead to a worst-case scenario. But the world is 100% focused on the Queen and new King right now.

      • She’s not a tranny. At birth she was classified hermaphrodite (nowadays known as intersex) with a fused labia and a deformed clitoris, her genitals looked neither male nor female. Her parents decided to bring her up as a male but things went pear shaped when she reached puberty.
        To be a tranny she would have to be a biological male, which she isn’t.

    • 300,000 Russian reservists will be called up and a, “partial mobilisation” will take place tomorrow.

      “…those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons, I would like to remind them that wind can blow towards them as well.”


      • It’s why Russia are fast tracking those fake elections in the regions It’s occupied, so it can class them as its own territory, and declare war on Ukraine for attacking them.
        fucking murdering cunts are emptying jails of absolute skum to go and fight, with a pardon if they survive.

        watch the same demographic that continually bleats about stolen elections in the west stand by the fraudulent sham Russia is committing in another country, at gunpoint.

      • Vlad says he’s going to scrape together loads more badly-trained ill-equipped reservists to throw against the Ukainians. No problem, there’s plenty of newly-created bomb sites to bury their bodies. He also tells us for the seventeenth time that his country has nuclear weapons.
        Fuck off Vlad, you pathetic short-arsed twat.

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