I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. All flights OUT of Russia are now sold out. Citizens are fleeing their motherland in anticipation of the “partial” mobilisation, which won’t be partial, it’s going to be full-on.

  2. World war three then?

    No, not yet at least. Putins nuclear threats and grand mobilisation plan is only partly aimed at the west, the real target audience is at home.
    After several large tactical defeats, his hard man stock amongst his own people is dropping. Military disasters that are impossible to cover up are now haunting his ‘special operation’, even debated on Russian TV by thug pundits who wanted to nuke the Queens funeral, because all their enemies are in one place.
    Even on these state run programmes there are dissenting voices, from brave souls whose future could be flying out of a tall building window for daring to speak up.

    Russia has admitted to over 50 000 of its troops dying in the Ukrainian offensive, so you can guarantee that figure to be considerably higher. Adding to that the ratio of wounded to killed is universally accepted as at least 2 wounded for every death, that means, even by their own figures that is a casualty rate of 150 000 men.
    Considering the started with 200 000, that is bad.
    Also, to put it into context, the Soviets were in Afghanistan for a decade, and lost about 10 000 men.

    A lot of people confuse the Russian army with that of the colossal Soviet army, and apart from nuclear weapons, the Russian army is tiny by comparison.
    Poorly trained conscripts, with ageing or faulty equipment, no supplies or support, rations a decade past their use by date do not win a lightning victory.
    Today, trains transporting tanks were photographed heading to the Donbas region. The only problem is that these are T62s, a sixty year old tank that is ok for driving over civilian taxis, but little else.

    Then there is China. Within hours of the closet queen of Moscow waving his shrivelled cock about on TV, the Chinese issued a statement urging Russia and Ukraine to pursue a peaceful settlement. This is a huge moment. It means China is getting fed up of Putin screwing the world economy and does not support the conflict expanding or going nuclear.

    Let’s hope their influence, if not on Putin on those around him who could put an end to this war, pays off.

    • 50’000 dead.
      Fucking hell.
      For a country which has been battling deathbed demographics for decades – that is a sobering statistic.

      The Russian people need to remove this man from power. By hook or by crook.

      • This war has been massively unpopular in Russia. There were hundreds of arrests of protesters today in twenty cities. No modern Russian citizen wants to fight in a war like this, least of all in winter.

        How western leaders respond to this will set the world paradigm for this decade and we are already on course to dystopia.

      • Even by their own figures, the losses are massive HJ. And, poorly trained conscripts will be replaced by even poorly trained civilians. A week’s basic training? Weapon familiarisation rather than any skill requirements. It’s unsustainable.

    • Whatever the outcome, it is vital that Putin should not be rewarded for his war of aggression. Not this time.

      • The worry is that if/when Putin is removed, the vacuum could be filled by ultra nationalists rather than progressive moderates.
        Or, Russia becomes a group of warring states, each armed with nuclear weapons.
        Outside the cities the population is dirt poor, without even the basic amenities. That is why there has been so much looting in Ukraine, with cookers fridges and washing machines plundered in their thousands. It’s who can capture the hearts and minds of these may dictate who triumphs in post Putin Russia.

    • Putin, with eyes like piss holes in the snow, has been threatening with weapons of mass destruction again. When will someone have the sense to smash his fucking skull in with a hammer and rid them of this useless cunt? However if you were to do that you’d be unlikely to be the liberal, moderate person Russia needs to end this war and sort things out.

  3. A 2019 Rand Corporation study commissioned by the US Army laid out exactly what the plan to undermine and weaken Russia through military support for Ukraine would be. The study suggested arming Ukraine, imposing sanctions on Russia, ramping up economic warfare and taking a more aggressive and militaristic posture toward the United States’ international rival – all while warning that this could lead to a military invasion of Ukraine.

    (12-minute video)


    • in fairness, the man is talking shit. Russia is not doing well, sanctions are crippling it, his military is floundering and its greatest ally is telling them to cool their heels.
      The man is so wrapped up in his anti America/western agenda he can’t see the wood for the trees.
      It’s a problem when they can’t react to changing fortunes rather than report anything that challenges their narrative.

  4. Off-topic, but related to the insanity now engulfing us:

    A unanimous vote by Democrats in the Judiciary will now allow ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in U.S. elections. No, not a joke, not satire. These psychopaths will do anything to stay in power, even if it means destroying the very fabric of their nation.

  5. Old Vlad the arse impaler is running out of friends quicker than he’s losing armoured vehicles, which is pretty quick.
    North Korea has issued a statement that they have not sent munitions to Russia, and have no plans to. Another big event, as it is effectively saying that it doesn’t support Russia’s war.
    This comes a day after China urged them to find a peaceful solution.
    And a week after a UN vote to allow Zelensky to address them was went in his favour, with many Russian allies voting to allow him, or abstained, leaving only a few failed states such as Eritrea supporting Russias no vote.

    Another problem for Putin was the announcement last week that Europe had secured enough gas from alternative suppliers to see it through this winter, meaning two things – firstly, Russia’s cessation of gas supplies, through fair means and foul, will not have the desired effect of weakening European public support for Ukraine through energy shortages, which it was relying on to ease crippling sanctions placed on them, and secondly, it should mean the price of gas should drop, thanks to greater availability.

    Dissent in Russia is growing, it’s population has suffered through sanctions, with many families losing members to the war already, and now its ranks are being thinned again, to be sent to fight, with little to no training, against a better trained, equipped, and highly motivated force, who are fighting for survival, not a cause.

    • Also, hot off the press, there are rumours suggesting that Sergei Lavrov is defecting to the west.
      He is currently in the US to attend a UN Security Council meeting, but hasn’t been seen since he arrived.
      Could be bollox, but if true, another major loss for Putin in a week of losses.

    • Petersen is basing his opinion on old or blinkered information. I heard about European energy reserves meeting its needs for the coming winter over a week ago, and I’m some know little supernormie schmuck who no one listens to.
      The upshot of this is he is giving Putin more importance than he has at the moment, as beyond nuclear weapons, he has very little.
      Perhaps a better journalist would have put my points to him, information that is freely available, and perhaps it might have made him think.

      • If I was in the same room as Peterson, I’d just ask him how an admirer of powerfully anti-Christians, Nietzsche and Jung can be a legit Christian. He panders to the Right, the Republicans, the Christians, but in reality, he just a motormouth money-grubber. He wants to be like Jung, Joseph Campbell, Bronowski, but he’s more likea Not the Nine O’Clock News character to me. Rowan Atkinson should impersonate him!

      • Peterson’s all over the place.
        Probably thinks the Soviets were victorious in Afghanistan and America won the Vietnam war.
        You can see Morgan thinking: “Is this cunt for real?”
        What a dork.

      • Every interview/podcast I have seen Peterson on, there are moments where the host has that, “this is word-salad psychobabble gobbledygook!” or as I said, “highfalutin” monologues. He can’t have a normal,

        Fuck… I don’t know. This situation has been so utterly fucked up and now it’s fucking ESCALATING? To what end? Who gains what?

        I reckon we are at, “there’s fuck all we can do” stage now and the ball – the nuclear football as the Americans call it – is in Putin’s court. And he’s such a patient, almost Zen-like cunt that he will make everyone wait and wait and wait… until December, probably before he makes his next move.

        Biden is LIVE at the UN right now, talking about LGBTQ+ for fuck’s sake…

      • “now it’s fucking ESCALATING? To what end?”
        To expel the invader.
        “Who gains what?”
        Ukraine regains its sovereign territory and neighbouring states can go about their business reassured that they will not be next on Putin’s list of land grabs.
        Including Sweden and Finland, who thanks to Putin’s unprovoked aggression, are currently in the process of joining NATO.
        Well done Vlad!

      • It has struck me as a war over not that much. Putin could have recalled or welcomes all Russians in Ukraine facing violence and persecution… and persecuted them in their motherland! I get where Putin was/is coming from, but has it all been worth it? To have a total war over all of this? I feel like we aren’t being told what this is really all about.

        I reckon it’s all been orchestrated to usher in Armageddon, just my “tinfoil” take on it. The official stories make no sense, nothing new there. No one wants this war – yet here it is, as someone wants it and it’s not just Putin alone, there’s more at play, but us plebiscites aren’t privy to that, just like in 1914, 1939 and the many other Earth-shaking epochs of the past.

      • Biden was lucid at the UN, btw, but nothing he said will be revered for years or make Putin poop himself – that’s Joe’s malady!

    • Another of Putin’s useful idiots.
      There are so many factual inaccuracies in his sanctimonious statement that I wouldn’t know where to start, anyway life is too short to bother.
      Waters has been a plutonium grade cunt since 1979.
      If not before.

    • Dear Mr Waters.
      Thank you for taking time off you money making tour of a decadent country you clearly despise to enlighten the world on your plan for ending the devastating conflict in Ukraine.
      Unfortunately, your overtures were sent to the wrong address, as the aggressor, and only person at this point in time, is currently residing in Russia. That being said, as you only mention him in passing at the end of your letter, it’s obvious you see him and his invasion as incidental to the conflict, and the blame lies at the door of Ukraine for resisting an invasion, and the west for supplying equipment that will hopefully help Ukraine repel Russia’s unwarranted aggression, and allow Ukraine to continue to be a country not under oppressive control from a murderous regime.
      With that end, I invite you to cram your whining music up your arse and fuck off. Keep fucking off until you come to a T junction, where you should take a left and continue fucking off until you get to a roundabout, and take the third exit marked forever, and fuck off down there until you reach your destination.

      Supernormie, on behalf of the thinking population of planet earth.

      • That escalated rather quickly 😆.

        As I’ve said before, I think Miles sometimes deliberately takes the contrarian opinion and likes to play Devil’s advocate.

      • On the contrary, MP really is that naive.
        And I’m not just saying that to be contrarian, lol.

      • Waters is and has been a cunt for many years. Like some tone deaf Corbyn caterwauling his way through his miserable dirges, his causes are far left, ill informed, and anti western.
        The condescending tone of the open letter that religious pissflap website published required a similar response, and I felt up for it.
        I made no comment or attack on the person posting it, though I did pre empt the predictable response by signing off with his favourite insult for me. 🙂

      • On topic, I’ve just read about Poland cancelling Waters upcoming shows in their country, because of his stance against Ukraine.
        Poland haven’t forgotten about being invaded and occupied by Russia, so they have a pretty fucking good idea of what is happening.
        Speaking to a friend last night who has family in Slovakia, and he was telling me that they are worried about Russian expansionism.

        incidentally, Whiny Waters stance on this conflict, and those that share his views are worse than appeasers, they are pro Putin, and pro Russian aggression.

  6. Despite a successful counter offensive, the fact remains 20% of Ukraine is in Russian hands. The outcome of this is not in doubt i.e a Russian victory. The UK has spent nearly 3 billion so far and have agreed a similar sum for next year. The Ukraine is a far away country of which we know very little. Now is the time to throw these poundland wanna be nazis under the bus.

  7. That’s right Harold. I just put it up for something to read. Yes a bit provocative in these pages but essentielly something to read.

    Another ‘take’ on the situation.

    But any deviance from the Supernormie narrative is jumped on immediately.

    And I mean immediately came back with his ‘letter’. As though he was for waiting…

    Does GJ love Ukraine? I cant remember him mentionng the place before the war began.

    I think he hates Russia more than he loves Ukraine.

    He dismisses all the Russian arguments for their invasion.

    He never mentions the Russian speakers grievance in the East. Never a mention of the US and Nato on Russia’s doorstep.
    Never a mention of the ousting in 2014.

    No it’s all black and white. Russia is evil. It will take over the whole of Europe if it is not stopped.

    He probably knew fuck all about the tensions in that part of the world before the war but now he’s an expert.

    His analysis runs to Russkies evil, they must be stopped at all costs.

    Even to the risk of nuclear war.

    Its all black and with with GJ.

    Or with RWwaters in mind its all about ‘Us and Them’.

    Yours sincerely an open minded correspondent.

    • I can’t help but feel in a way Miles that you’re so far along the pro-Putin path that you feel like you’re past the point of no return and have to carry on down that road.

      Is it possible to not have a problem with Russia and the everyday average Russian citizens, but be anti-Putin?

      Is it possible to not entirely trust Ukraine or Zelensky but still respect him for fighting for his country and risking his life to defend it from oppressors. Same with the other Ukrainian soldiers? (but not the Ukrainian Nazi groups)

      Similar question about America. Is it possible to like America but not be a fan of Trump, Biden or Clinton?

      Does that make me a true-believer or Norman the Normie?

    • @MP
      Why such a personal attack on GJ?
      He said nothing about you in his comments to provoke such a response.

      • Evening MJB.

        Sadly it’s all par for the course. Unlike his mate God, Miles moves in entirely predictable ways. 🤤

    • Really? Open-minded? You could have fooled a lot of us, but not
      everyone. The roses are ready for smelling and the coffee is ready for sipping.

  8. Off-topic: Looks like the far-right in Italy will take power tomorrow. That Ursula von der Leyen cunt, the President of the European Commission, has threatened Italy with sanctions! It’s not going to end well for all these psychopathic misanthropes in power in Europe, Canada and USA. We are going to take back our lands and freedoms from these cretinous little shit-bags.

      • To use your own catchphrase: zzzzzzzz

        You’re make for an interesting case study Gordon.

        You’re quiet for most of the day and then all of a sudden you post about 40 times in an hour.

      • Perhaps this topic is more suitable for a full on conspiracy site, which this isn’t quite yet.

      • I’ve been out all weekend.

        I’m posting topical news items. A lot of crazy shit is going down. Eyes peeled, stay frosty.

      • Most of the time, I post wacky humour, satire. But now and again, I post something serious. If you don’t like ISAC anymore, then don’t come here, there are endless amounts of forums that are 100% serious, no tinfoil stuff allowed. No one is stopping you from posting stuff that is satire or serious.

        There’s a lot of creepy shit going on in the halls of power right now. The psychopaths are lurching forward, dropping their guards. I’ll post those events and remind us all not be scared of these ivory tower gimps.

        Night night! 😀

  9. Rungis International Market

    – the complex covers 232 hectares (570 acres) and is slightly larger than the Principality of Monaco
    – 13,000 people work there every day
    – 26,000 vehicles enter every day (of which 3,000 are heavy trucks)
    – 1,698,000 tonnes of products are brought in annually
    – it has the largest turnover of wholesale markets in the world

    • This is one fucking complex historical mess of a sutuation we have involved ourselves in. The ‘atrocities’ on both sides show there is is a civil war going on. And there we are again adding to the calamity.

      • Well Ireland was just like Ukraine. They were fighting for indepedence from Britain. So my enemy’s enemy is my friend.
        The reason it seems to me that the authorities in thd Western part of Ukraine went with the Nazis was they thought they might help them overthrow Russian Communism.

        Also didnt the terrible Russians lose 20 millions in their fight against Nazi Germany?

        Funny you and RT are so supportive of Israel. And it was the Ukranians (enthusiastically it seems) rounding up the Jews even up to 1945 while the Russians were fighting to destroy Nazism.

        All I am asking you to do is to accept is historically and in the present a very complex situation.

      • Thats usually RT’s meagre point. Expressesed on numerous occasions-‘and De Valera signed the book of condolence on the death of Hitler’.

        Oh yawn..

      • I fail to see, Miles, how Ukraine’s sins of the past and a small minority of Nazi knobheads justify Russia’s behaviour right now. You’re really grasping at straws.

      • Southern Ireland was independent at the time, as is Ukraine now.
        You keep embarrassing yourself by not acknowledging that Ukraine is a sovereign state and is fighting for its survival, mot independence.

        I thought being a committed antisemite you would have applauded such behaviour from a section of 1940s Ukraine. Antisemitism was far trom uncommon in Europe during this period, France, Belgium and Holland having nazi sympathisers. Even Britain. Look up the Friekorps.
        I think you would have loved that era, and I can picture you gleefully informing the authorities on Anne Frank and her family.

  10. I hear ex-Pink Floyd bloke and terminal misery, Roger Waters has upset Zelensky’s slapper. Apparently he has told her that her husband is far from lily white, and his failure to fulfill election promises to control neo-nazi groups led the Ukraine into this mess. I think Waters is a cunt, but I also think the Zelenskys are both cunts and all. And with this one, Waters is probably right. There is something about both the Zelenskys that leaves me cold. I can’t fucking stand either of them. Dodgy bling dooshka couple incarnate.

    • This is hard to argue against, isn’t it, Norman? We all feel sick over the ordinary people of Ukraine being killed, maimed, made homeless. But then you look at Zelenskyy and his cronies and go, “ah, he’s a cunt, loads of dirty money just like Putin, another jumped-up short-arse who think they are idols,” and you just wish there was a way that these two could sort out their differences without this shit-show taking place.

      And then there’s dopey diddling diarrhea-drawers over in Washington pumping billions of depleting dollars to fund Zelenskyy. Where is that money going exactly? Meanwhile, America is crumbling, on the verge of a civil war.

      We’re in a fucking worldwide omni-shambles. No cunt in power is clean these days. There’s no voice of sanity, even the Pope has been spouting WW3 rhetoric, hard to imagine John Paul II being a hawk in the 1980s. The libtards are the most pro-war, pro-chaos, live and let die nutters these days. But a growing band of simple, quiet-life folk are rising up as we’re all sick of the hysterical bullshit we are forced to endure in schools, work places, football stadium, corporate media, gibberish political speeches that are beyond satire and just a general feeling of, “I’m fucking sick of this.”

      Fuck me, play a record…

  11. A story that made me laugh yesterday was of one the Russian fighting age males who was trying to flee the country to avoid being called up.
    Stopped by the Georgian border guards, ge trotted out his ‘not fighting for Putin’ schtick.
    Unfortunately for him, he had forgotten to remove his Z sticker from his car, signifying that he was a supporter of the war until it came to his turn.
    The Georgians, having been invaded by Russia not that long ago, told him to fuck off back home. With that the spurned Ivan starts threatening them as he’s driving off, saying he’ll be back to de nazify their country.
    What a cunt.

  12. I’ve just seen a funny infographic, funny because it is spot on.
    Goes a bit like this….

    The lefty anti fascist.
    Thinks a country having issues with neo Nazis (as many countries do), means that the whole society and its government are fascist.
    Ignores polls showing how false that is, and evidence that there are just as many fascists in Russia.
    Thinks he/she is clever.

    The hard right.
    Likes the fact that Russia is quite fascist. Attracted to the ultra-macho, racist, sexist Russian military culture.
    Hasn’t yet grasped that Russia’s military is actually quite rubbish at fighting.
    Usually homophobic. Always an arsehole.

    The Contrarian.
    ‘Does own research’ and ‘doesn’t trust the MSM.
    Thinks saying the opposite of whatever western media is saying is really clever, but swallows Russian propaganda like it’s the jizz of the gods.
    Thinks you are stupid sheeple.

    The Peacenik.
    Thinks the war is NATO’s fault. Thinks Ukraine should surrender the occupied land to end the ‘NATO proxy war’
    Brain explodes when asked if they would surrender if it were their country being invaded.
    Logic disabled.

    I wish I could take the credit for a single word, but I’ve copied it verbatim.
    I would add though that on any given day, the appeaser will mix and match all those points depending on what guff they read last night.

    • Shame the person who wrote all that doesn’t understand what “Fascism” actually is.
      Left wing collectivist ideology enforced on a Nationalist basis.
      NOT right wing.
      Hitler and Mussolini were socialists.
      Cue screeching student types…

      • So does it mean it’s wrong? If you have a more reliable source I’d gladly read it.
        I completely agree with RTC, the far left and the far right are both cheeks of the same arsehole, fighting over who gets to push shit through the poor hole in the middle.
        Fascism, totalitarianism, if you’re a victim of either, would you really tell the difference?

      • Typical cop out “theyre all the same anyway” answer, as expected.

        “Anyone who knows me will tell you I come more from the left than the right”
        Sir Oswald Moseley
        (British FASCIST leader)

      • Cop out? What, like a quote from a fucking creep like Moseley to make your point?
        Even wikipedia is more reliable than that cunt.

        The far left and the far right both use emotions like fear, hate, division and envy to convince people to support them.
        I think it’s a bit scary that both sides are gaining traction with disaffected voters, and not just their usual angry slow witted knuckle dragging followers.
        And pedants.

      • Before writing this chap off as a “YouTube Tinfoiler” actually watch and take in the whole thing. He lists all his sources and books on the subject.
        Far more useful than the watered down definitions on WibblePedia and its only five hours long…

        I’m not claiming Moseley wasn’t a cunt, just that he wasn’t “Right Wing” because Fascism is a form of Collectivist Socialism. Something that Lefties, historians and academics have been desperately trying to pull a veil over since the end of WW2…

        P.S. You’re spot on about Roger Waters though…

      • I did used to watch Tik, some of his videos are pretty good, operation biting being one. However, he got really bogged down with this subject, and it ended up taking over his content, as got consumed by the comments on his videos about it, from both sides of the spectrum.
        There is no argument as far as Nazis are concerned, the clue is in the name National Socialist, however it was the nationalism that turbo charged the path to totalitarianism.
        Mussolini started the facist movement, after he stopped being a socialist and became an ardent nationalist.
        I think people use facist in the literal sense rather than the political ideology, in much the same way the term Nazi is used, and they have lost their true shock value.
        Both, and the equally abhorrent communism, are forms of totalitarianism, a word I would far prefer to use, as it describes the result not the intention. 👍

  13. The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn’t care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions.

    Never waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand.

    When ignorance screams, intelligence moves on.

    (This thread is slowly heading in the wrong direction. Keep it friendly please! – Day Admin)

  14. Blinking eck. Blinken is not going to blink.

    There will be ‘catastrophic consequences’ he has told the Russians if they use Nuclear weapons. Well that’s clear.

    But Lavrov said exactly the same not long ago. So the Russians are not going to blink.

    It’s MAD.

  15. Cunt traitor Edward Snowden was given Russian citizenship by presidential decree yesterday.
    I imagine his call ip papers are already in the post

    • Word is that the pipelines are leaking, or have been sabotaged. It’s not very clear exactly what is going on. But Biden’s words are loud and clear (for once).

    • Sounds like he’s got you shitting yourself.
      My advice: shit softly and carry a big bog roll.

      • Err… no. Try and stay on topic as admin commanded and not turn this thread into a sandpit. I know it’s tempting, but let’s get over all that past nonsense. Shit is getting real. If you must go for laughs, laugh at Biden, Truss and the other clowns.

      • Oh.. so you don’t think it got real when your mate Putin invaded Ukraine?
        Keep calm and carry on, there’s a good egg.

    • Chill out.
      This is from a press conference way back in February, and it is tackling the still not inaugurated nord stream 2, and Russia using it to bypass countries it doesn’t like.
      Also, he isn’t threatening to blow it up, but to make it redundant by gas from other means.

      • yes, but the post is disingenuous lying garbage.
        There is a leak in nord steam 1, but it probably has fuck all to do with Biden and the US.
        As Russia has turned the taps off twice this year, perhaps they are responsible, not that they would get the blame from some quarter if they were filmed doing it, and admitted it.
        I just wish people would look into stuff that is as suspect as this before spreading it to other folks that don’t look into it.

  16. All this talk by Putin of using Nukes is starting to bore me. If your going to use them, use them. I can’t believe I’m probably about to glow orange for some fucking shit hole in Eastern Europe. As for America, pit and kettle spring to mind. Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan? Putin is a cunt but he’s fucking right about the west and the Yanks in particular, self righteous arseholes with short memories.

    • Don’t forget, Russia was involved in the Vietnam war too, giving the North Vietnamese military assistance, pretty much what we are doing for Ukraine.
      Afghanistan of course, they had ten years of fucking the place over before we got there.
      And the same goes for all the Arab countries that waged war against Israel, armed by the Kremlin.

      But it’s been quiet since the fall of communism. Or has it?
      List of invasions by Russian forces since 1990.

      1992 – Transinistra
      1994-1996 – Chechnya
      1999 – Dagestan
      1999-2009 – Chechnya (again)
      2008 – Georgia, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia
      2014 – Ukraine. Technically still ongoing rather than a fresh invasion in 2022.

      Adding to that, since 2015 it has been fighting in Syria, keeping Assad in power, and since 2018 it has been fighting in the Central African Republic, crushing a popular uprising by moderates.

      Also, using chemical weapons and radioactive poisons to assassinate Putin critics in the U.K. as well as murder by other means would be a declaration of war under different circumstances, however, the glut of Russian money and the influence it has bought from politicians across the political spectrum has, until this year, allowed them to carry out these deeds with relative impunity.
      One of the excuses Russia gave for its invasion this year was NATO expansionism, yet NATO had turned down Ukraines wish to join, a fact that whatabouters always leave out. If it had been allowed to join NATO, it’s doubtful that Russia would have considered invading.

      And yet, some people see them as the good guys!

      • There’s hypocrisy on both sides Gutstick. I’m sick of politicians full stop. Self serving bastards. Interesting the other day. Interview with a ordinary Russian with a good job in IT. He said “I just want to live an ordinary life, to live a quiet life and to enjoy it”. A sentiment I expect most decent Russkies and most decent folk around the world to have. All the major trouble in the world caused by about ten cunts in power.

      • Can’t argue with any of that Bob, but I would add that only one of them can end that war peacefully, and he’s in the Kremlin

      • Evening Gutstick, I’ve got a nagging feeling Gutstick that his own Military might take Putin out. It could be a double edged sword though, replace a madman with a lunatic. Hopefully there’s discussions between the western powers and Putin to give him a way out, a loss painted as some kind of victory for him to save face. For fucks sake, he’s 70 soon, a billionaire with a 25 year old woman on his arm. Why would you want all this aggro?

      • Evening Bob.
        It’s possibly one of the reasons the west has given Putin so much leeway before the full scale invasion of Ukraine, that he is seen as the lesser of many evils.
        A scary thought.
        And, it is baffling from a normal human being standpoint why the fuck these megalomaniac types can’t just fuck off and enjoy the wealth they have accrued/looted.

  17. I can’t see why Russia blowing up its own pipeline would be beneficial to Russia either militarily or financially.
    Can someone explain?

    • ‘If Russia invades — that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine, again, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2,” Biden said at a joint press conference with Scholz. “We will bring an end to it.”

      “But how will you do that exactly, since the project and control of the project is within Germany’s control?” asked Andrea Shalal of Reuters, who had posed the original question to Biden about Nord Stream.

      “We will, I promise you, we’ll be able to do it,” Biden replied.

      What are we to make of that?

      Just speculating. Dont jump down my throat.

    • Makes me wonder Miles if it’s Putin’s Reichstag Fire moment. Waiting for the “Bad, vindictive and decadent Western powers are to blame” speech to come from him. Another pretext to go nuclear in Ukraine.

      • Evening Bob,

        I honestly do wonder if the Russian military (the way they have performed) could actually achieve such such logistically-challenging sabotage.

        I keep geeting the feeling of a possible ‘double bluff’.

        I do think it is probably Russia but though not 100%.

      • Evening Miles, very strange happenings to say the least. I can honestly see further incidents like this occurring, industrial sabotage that both sides will use for their own advantage. Would either side be crazy enough to sabotage a nuclear plant? God help us if they do.

      • Well Russia has been utterly reckless around the unpronounceable nuclear plant.

        I think they are way past them giving a fuck.

        I mean the Russians are past caring what the international media says when they are ALL against them.

        See I was reading about these ‘sham’ elections in the East. The word ‘sham’ was prefixed in nearly every news outlet.

        I think one (maybe Aljazeera) said ‘disputed’.

        Anyway this links into my worry. Which is whatever is happening Russia feels ‘cornered’.

        And you know what s cornered wild animal can do.

        It seems a ‘perfect storm’ of events leading to Russia feeling that it has no other option but the nuclear button.

      • “Why do we need a world if Russia is not in it?”

        That quote really relates the ‘Dignity’ of Russia.

    • Beggars belief that any U.S. citizen in their right mind would even consider travelling to Russia right now unless it was absolutely essential.
      Or any Western citizen for that matter.

      • How often do we hear of stupid hipsters and other attention seeking twats from the West venturing into war zones and looking for the ultimate selfie, to post on their social media page, only to end up captured, tortured and/or dead.

        And if they survive and released they then go onto whinge about the lack of support from their government about the dangers of travelling to …yep, those damned warzones!

  18. If Zelensky gets arrested, removed, or ‘Mussolinied’ then I expect his slapper will go digging for gold elsewhere.

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