I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Vadim Shishimarin, a 21-year-old Russian soldier who has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian, should be shot by firing squad in my opinion. There are rules of war and this cunt never learned them.

    • The Russians are supposed to be opposing the Ukraine Nazis, and this cunt comes out with the oldest Nazi excuse in the book – “I was only obeying orders”.

  2. If ever there was an issue that illustrated that the far left and the far right are but cheeks of the same arsehole, its their support for Russia and its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

  3. Vlad’s blocking the grain from Ukraine now😡

    No , thought of the ramifications!
    It could effect breweries,
    And what about the British Bake off?

    That’s the problem with arse bandits,

    • Egypt are getting worried, they import virtually all their wheat from Ukraine and Russia. What no bread!!

      ‘Let them eat cake’

  4. The recent threats by Russian and Russians to nuke the UK have been mentioned several times.

    The Russian far-right politician and thankfully now dead cunt
    Vladimir Zhirinovsky mentioned in early 2000s and I paraphrase:
    “there is a small island in the north sea… to show Russia’s power we should
    destroy it… there was an island now there is no island”.

    Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, crowed about its capabilities to children.
    Aleksey Zhuravlyov has stated that Europe Could Be ‘Reduced to Ashes’ in Fresh Nuclear Threat.

    Well it isn’t as simple as that cunts:
    The Satan II missile is capable of carrying 15 MIRVs but under the Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty each warhead would only be able to be 1MT, unless the Russians tear that up. A 1MT bomb would destroy everything in a 6 mile radius.

    Even if targets were: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Faslane, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield would Britain be extinct?
    20 million dead, Poisoned water, destroyed infrastructure, limited
    food supplies. Down, but not out!

    By the beauty of Mutually Assured Destruction at the same time the Royal Navy
    and our NATO partners would have launched trident missiles and fucked Moscow and important parts of their infrastructure. Nobody wins.

    Don’t listen to the rantings of Putin and near-dead Russian journalists.
    Let common sense prevail and stop these stupid wars and threats.

  5. So Bad Vlad is going to hold one to one talks with Zelensky.
    Wonder if we’ll see the Ukranian leader go down with a mysterious poisoning in a couple of months of these talks?

    • It won’t end-end. definitively end, like curtain comes down, that’s all, folks, it will segue into something more hysterical and horrifying. We’ll get a normal-ish summer, then in September, we’ll get our minds raped again.

      • There’s a quote Le Cunt-

        ‘Life is one damn thing after another’

        But it doesn’t mean they are connected.

        But it can seem so.

      • Putin threatens the West with nuclear weapons and you ask why are WE risking a nuclear war”? Fuck me.

        I’ll leave you with this one observation: appeasement never works.

  6. I haven’t kept up with this war, but I understand it’s still going on.

    What then have all these sanctions on Russia done exactly? Looks like fuck all to me.

  7. I was all for taking in a Ukranian refugee.
    But when I asked for one of those sexy Bond villainess type female doctors or lawyers they have out there, I got told I was sexist….

    Ah well… Can’t say I didn’t offer….

    • You don’t have any genuine compassion for these refugees, you’re just thinking about your dick. You’re a disgrace.

      • ‘A bomb the size if a tower block’.

        America has refused to supply some bomb or other that could reach Moscow. Is that some kind of olive branch?

        One hopes that communications between the two are in order. But I doubt it.

        This is one dangerous game. We are more in peril than we were at the height of the Cold War.

        I have been reading about the Third Secret of Fatima. But also the these messages from The Virgin in a place called Medjugore. Both are warnings about Russia.

        To do with Russia.

        Lavrov said at the beginning ‘what if Russia didn’t exist’. I take that to mean there might come a point where we have to sacrifice everything.

        Good morning.

      • American should just Gorilla Glue Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Heard and Hillary Clinton to an ICBM bound for Moscow this weekend.

    • Sergey Lavrov, the old St Bernard of Russia’s foreign ministry, says the Americans are escalating the conflict in Ukraine. “You in the west should not interfere” he says. “If we want to lay waste to a neighbouring country and kill thousands of their civilians then we have every right to do so. If you continue to give arms to Ukraine, then we will subtly remind you that we have nuclear weapons. Oh we already did that, did we? Well we can always do it again, so be warned. What about your school shootings? Get your own house in order before you criticize us.”

  8. Remember this is all carefully choreographed media bollox that Putin is bad and the West have done nothing wrong.

    Well visualise the populous as an angry bee. It’s Pelosi, Biden, Killary and the usual cunts with a larder full of honey and honey dripping paint brushes which they’ve painted Putin with.

    The only news we get is compulsory bollox from said guilty party. Amazing how ballot boxes being stuffed for 2020 election in USA is conveniently ignored. All school shootings done by Democrats, Slavery advocated by Democrats, and Republicans kicked to death on senate floor trying to outlaw Slavery. Amazing how Abraham Lincoln and the Union army is depicted as blue on maps in Civil war.

    History re written, nrain washing faggotory at school which no one wants.

    Tool up, tool up and resist.

  9. Remember when this thread was wall-to-wall hysteria? It’s just another story now. The propaganda to suck us all into this monumental cluster-fuck omni-shambolic shit-show was unreal. Now it’s summer, and people just want to chill. I hope there isn’t more nonsense from the armpit of Europe. But the nutters in Yankland will be funding this fuck-fest for years, I reckon.

    • That’s another cunt to add to the list of senile old twats that think threatening the UK is acceptable:
      Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Deceased)
      Dmitry Rogozin
      Aleksey Zhuravlyov
      Evgeny Buzhinsky

      The Goons had a 200 ton guided NAAFI which could be shot to Malaya and setup in 19 seconds in the 1950s. It might not have really existed but would their Satan-II even work? They’re probably too drunk to launch the fucker.

      • The Generals responsible for launching Satan II, Laurelev and Hardiev, will almost certainly fuck up the launch causing it to explode on the launch pad or circle back on Moscow.

  10. 4 months since the war started, with the West throwing a shitload of sanctions at Russia and where are we?

    I thought sanctions would bring Russia to its knees and end the war far sooner than expected. Well, perhaps for ordinary Russians sanctions has been a big problem, but one suspects for the likes of Putin and all the other rich and well-connected big-wigs its a case of business-as-usual!

    In fact it seems to be the West that is suffering more than the Ivans – apart from the rich and well-connected big-wigs of course.

    Ah, I see a connection here!

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