I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Vadim Shishimarin, a 21-year-old Russian soldier who has pleaded guilty to killing an unarmed civilian, should be shot by firing squad in my opinion. There are rules of war and this cunt never learned them.

    • The Russians are supposed to be opposing the Ukraine Nazis, and this cunt comes out with the oldest Nazi excuse in the book – “I was only obeying orders”.

  2. If ever there was an issue that illustrated that the far left and the far right are but cheeks of the same arsehole, its their support for Russia and its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

  3. Vlad’s blocking the grain from Ukraine now😡

    No , thought of the ramifications!
    It could effect breweries,
    And what about the British Bake off?

    That’s the problem with arse bandits,

    • Egypt are getting worried, they import virtually all their wheat from Ukraine and Russia. What no bread!!

      ‘Let them eat cake’

  4. The recent threats by Russian and Russians to nuke the UK have been mentioned several times.

    The Russian far-right politician and thankfully now dead cunt
    Vladimir Zhirinovsky mentioned in early 2000s and I paraphrase:
    “there is a small island in the north sea… to show Russia’s power we should
    destroy it… there was an island now there is no island”.

    Dmitry Rogozin, head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, crowed about its capabilities to children.
    Aleksey Zhuravlyov has stated that Europe Could Be ‘Reduced to Ashes’ in Fresh Nuclear Threat.

    Well it isn’t as simple as that cunts:
    The Satan II missile is capable of carrying 15 MIRVs but under the Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty each warhead would only be able to be 1MT, unless the Russians tear that up. A 1MT bomb would destroy everything in a 6 mile radius.

    Even if targets were: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Faslane, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield would Britain be extinct?
    20 million dead, Poisoned water, destroyed infrastructure, limited
    food supplies. Down, but not out!

    By the beauty of Mutually Assured Destruction at the same time the Royal Navy
    and our NATO partners would have launched trident missiles and fucked Moscow and important parts of their infrastructure. Nobody wins.

    Don’t listen to the rantings of Putin and near-dead Russian journalists.
    Let common sense prevail and stop these stupid wars and threats.

  5. So Bad Vlad is going to hold one to one talks with Zelensky.
    Wonder if we’ll see the Ukranian leader go down with a mysterious poisoning in a couple of months of these talks?

    • Thank God this shite is almost over. Some other hysteria will replace it, though. Media has to media.

    • It won’t end-end. definitively end, like curtain comes down, that’s all, folks, it will segue into something more hysterical and horrifying. We’ll get a normal-ish summer, then in September, we’ll get our minds raped again.

      • There’s a quote Le Cunt-

        ‘Life is one damn thing after another’

        But it doesn’t mean they are connected.

        But it can seem so.

    • The question is: why is Putin risking nuclear war with his land grab?

      • Putin threatens the West with nuclear weapons and you ask why are WE risking a nuclear war”? Fuck me.

        I’ll leave you with this one observation: appeasement never works.

  6. I haven’t kept up with this war, but I understand it’s still going on.

    What then have all these sanctions on Russia done exactly? Looks like fuck all to me.

    • It feels like one of those TV shows that should have been cancelled after the first series only to be replaced with a series that is worse.

  7. I was all for taking in a Ukranian refugee.
    But when I asked for one of those sexy Bond villainess type female doctors or lawyers they have out there, I got told I was sexist….

    Ah well… Can’t say I didn’t offer….

    • You don’t have any genuine compassion for these refugees, you’re just thinking about your dick. You’re a disgrace.

      • ‘A bomb the size if a tower block’.

        America has refused to supply some bomb or other that could reach Moscow. Is that some kind of olive branch?

        One hopes that communications between the two are in order. But I doubt it.

        This is one dangerous game. We are more in peril than we were at the height of the Cold War.

        I have been reading about the Third Secret of Fatima. But also the these messages from The Virgin in a place called Medjugore. Both are warnings about Russia.

        To do with Russia.

        Lavrov said at the beginning ‘what if Russia didn’t exist’. I take that to mean there might come a point where we have to sacrifice everything.

        Good morning.

      • American should just Gorilla Glue Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Heard and Hillary Clinton to an ICBM bound for Moscow this weekend.

    • Sergey Lavrov, the old St Bernard of Russia’s foreign ministry, says the Americans are escalating the conflict in Ukraine. “You in the west should not interfere” he says. “If we want to lay waste to a neighbouring country and kill thousands of their civilians then we have every right to do so. If you continue to give arms to Ukraine, then we will subtly remind you that we have nuclear weapons. Oh we already did that, did we? Well we can always do it again, so be warned. What about your school shootings? Get your own house in order before you criticize us.”

  8. Remember this is all carefully choreographed media bollox that Putin is bad and the West have done nothing wrong.

    Well visualise the populous as an angry bee. It’s Pelosi, Biden, Killary and the usual cunts with a larder full of honey and honey dripping paint brushes which they’ve painted Putin with.

    The only news we get is compulsory bollox from said guilty party. Amazing how ballot boxes being stuffed for 2020 election in USA is conveniently ignored. All school shootings done by Democrats, Slavery advocated by Democrats, and Republicans kicked to death on senate floor trying to outlaw Slavery. Amazing how Abraham Lincoln and the Union army is depicted as blue on maps in Civil war.

    History re written, nrain washing faggotory at school which no one wants.

    Tool up, tool up and resist.

      • They are not “Poundland Nazis”. The Ukrainian Nazis made the German I. WW2 look tame, second only to the Muslim Hansharr SS. The Ukrainians couldn’t betray and bump off their Jews fast enough. Fortunately my grandfather left Ukraine in 1910 due to the incessant pogroms.

    • Nah, can’t be Nazi’s as St Zelenskiy is Jewish ( or so the argument goes, Nazi Stephan Bandera bastards).

  9. Remember when this thread was wall-to-wall hysteria? It’s just another story now. The propaganda to suck us all into this monumental cluster-fuck omni-shambolic shit-show was unreal. Now it’s summer, and people just want to chill. I hope there isn’t more nonsense from the armpit of Europe. But the nutters in Yankland will be funding this fuck-fest for years, I reckon.

    • That’s another cunt to add to the list of senile old twats that think threatening the UK is acceptable:
      Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Deceased)
      Dmitry Rogozin
      Aleksey Zhuravlyov
      Evgeny Buzhinsky

      The Goons had a 200 ton guided NAAFI which could be shot to Malaya and setup in 19 seconds in the 1950s. It might not have really existed but would their Satan-II even work? They’re probably too drunk to launch the fucker.

      • The Generals responsible for launching Satan II, Laurelev and Hardiev, will almost certainly fuck up the launch causing it to explode on the launch pad or circle back on Moscow.

    • Quite frankly a few nuclear weapons dropped on certain cities in the UK could only act as an improvement!

  10. 4 months since the war started, with the West throwing a shitload of sanctions at Russia and where are we?

    I thought sanctions would bring Russia to its knees and end the war far sooner than expected. Well, perhaps for ordinary Russians sanctions has been a big problem, but one suspects for the likes of Putin and all the other rich and well-connected big-wigs its a case of business-as-usual!

    In fact it seems to be the West that is suffering more than the Ivans – apart from the rich and well-connected big-wigs of course.

    Ah, I see a connection here!

  11. The latest Russian outrage. Bombing a shopping centre. No strategic value to Russia and no threat. Just a place for civilians to shop. Utterly barbaric Russian cunts.

    • The mall is right next to the Kredmash Plant which is used for munitions storage so the mall was either collateral damage or being used for storage of munitions as well.

      Supposedly a thousand people inside killed at the time of bombing?……… but a conspicuously empty car park and the nagging question as to why a shopping mall would be open AND busy in the middle of a war….. I guess Nike shoes and flat screen TVs are a must in times of conflict.

      It seems to be the case that the centre was closed permanently in February due to ……… ya know………. the honking great war taking place.

      • Ukraine has form for using civilians as barricades.
        Azovstal being a major one and shelling civilians has been inflicted on the Donbas region for the previous 8 years. That was Putins doing too,obviously . A fucking tabloid headline.

      • @Morello Felch

        I wonder if many of the people here on ISAC even realise that the initial Russian invasion of the Crimea was in response to a CIA/USA-backed coup against the legitimate, ruling government of Ukraine.

        As Michael Caine would say…….. “Not a lot of people know that”.

  12. It seems that by his aggressive actions, Vlad has finally achieved what he was trying to avoid, specifically another couple of neutral nations on his doorstep joining NATO.

    You could almost be forgiven for thinking the cunt is doing it on purpose.
    Re-ignition of the Cold War anyone??

  13. Vlad aims are clear. Total war and the terrorisation of civilians. No matter how many cunters here seek to defend Vlad by saying Ukraine is a corrupt place allegedly placing civilians in harms way as human shields or lying about casualties will change my views on that. There is no justifications for Vlad’s crimes. Zero. An utter Nazi cunt.

    • I can’t speak for any other cunter here; only myself, but I’m not defending Putin, I’m just pointing out that both sides are corrupt as fuck.

      Granted, Putin invaded first but he was responding to:

      – The dodgy USA/CIA-backed coupe of 2014 which lead to:

      – Aggression towards ethnic Russians in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

      and also

      – Increased expansionism by NATO, and to a lesser extent (the EU by proxy) into Russia’s post-Soviet buffer zone.

      The fact that the Ukrainian Army had the Asov Battalion (literal Nazis) embedded within it’s ranks isn’t really even relevant to the conflict in the grand scheme of things.

      • It’s always good to respond to a fallacious use of Godwin’s Law with a legitimate use of Godwin’s Law.

    • “…The dodgy USA/CIA-backed coupe of 2014 …”

      MMCM – do the nams Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland or Geoff Pyatt ring any bells?
      I’ve posted links to the full 6=hours of the N.A.B.U. leaked audio of this and Poopy Joe strong-arming Poroshnko before but it sems it bears repetition.

      • I just realised that I spelt coup as “coupe”…….. an overthrow is not a type of automobile. Derp.

  14. Watching a bit of news and the Russians are showing just how fucking evil they are, yesterday they sign a deal to allow grain shipments from Ukraine and today sling a few missiles at Odessa.

    • Could you supply a link or two to those news sources please? Thanks in advance.

      • You need to engage some critical thinking with situations such as this.

        It makes no sense that the Ruskies would agree to allow grain shipments out but then out of the blue, 2 days later bomb the shit out of one of the grain shipping ports. I call bullshit/false flag.

        One doesn’t have to be a tin-foiler to call bullshit on what is reported about a war by western media, intel services and governments considering their past records with things like the Iraq war and the debunked claims about Assad using chemical weapons in Syria.

        Because trying to get the story from both sides is hard, allow to do the job for you:

        In order to view the page, you may need to use a VPN.

        Whether it’s Palestinians hiding rockets in schools and hospitals or Ukrainians docking a heavily armed ship in a commercial grain port in violation of both the grain deal and possibly of the Geneva convention, it’s basic human shielding and a scummy, cowardly thing to do.

        It says a lot about western institutions when I’d much rather trust Russia Today than what western journos and governments say.

      • I used to enjoy reading/ watching RT for an alternative spin on world news.
        Until the western media decided to censor it for our own good that is.

        Who needs two sides to a story when one will do.

      • If there’s one thing that we should have learned collectively over the last 10 years or more is that it’s not the media are telling us: it’s what they aren’t telling us.

      • @Sick of it

        So you’re now finally responding to my response with an almost-exact duplicate of my response by posting a link which is conceptually identical to what I originally posted? …. Mmmmokay!

        Well done knob-end. You winz teh prize.

      • @Sick of it

        I notice you used the term “alleged” when posting links to articles positive of Russia. You didn’t do that in your original post about alleged Russian aggression though. Funny that.

      • @TITS All I did was post a comment about a report on the TV which turned out to be true, I have no idea what the Russians hit but they hit something. they claim it was a legitimate target which could be true

        Calling me a knob end doesn’t really help because I couldn’t open your links, maybe you should tune down your name calling.

      • @Sick of it

        If you can’t open the links then feel free to use a VPN. I use a browser VPN called Browsec.

        There are only 3 free locations but I was able to view the links I posted by opting for Singapore.

        You are welcome… but also still a knob-end. Sorry, I can only do so much.

      • Thank you for the information TITS but I will pass on your VPN, I ain’t that bovvered

  15. Just saw that Zelenskyy and his wife were interviewed by Vogue magazine (no, I’ve never met someone who reads Vogue, either) and with a glamorous photo-spread. Well, his wife looks great, he’s still dressed in his ratty green T-shirt. They both look happy as Larry. War is Hell, but let’s do a Vogue interview like we are Ben Affleck and J-Lo.

    Putin holds all the cards. He’s just sitting back watching his opponents destroy themselves in myriad ways.

      • War is hell but there’s always time for a Vogue magazine photo shoot. Obviously.

      • Ukraine is old news now. China’s invasion of Taiwan will make Ukraine look like the 1969 Honduras-El Salvador war. World’s second largest military versus a country of 29 million people who kinda don’t have a proper military, but will fight to the last child soldier with a shovel? That’ll be fun. I reckon China wants to control all of Asia. They feel the need for Lebensraum, shit’s gotten crowded in the Middle Kingdom. Everyone is expecting World War 3 to begin with nukes, but it will be a naval war, that’s why China built the world’s biggest Navy, have a naval base in south-western Africa, in Djibouti and are seeking one one in Equatorial Guinea. These are the moves you make when preparing for a huge future war. These people have been around for 5,000 years, they are patient, ultra-organised and wily motherfuckers.

        I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will stop all of this when she jets over to Taiwan. The woman is eloquent, in no way drunk or mental, look at this…

        Wow. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, those are the leaders of America right now. Russia, China, anti-American Muslims, they will never have a better opportunity to attack America than this year or next year.


    Here’s an opportunity for those that think Putin isn’t the problem, or has been forced to invade countries by the evil west.
    Why not fuck off there, and live the dream. No cancel culture they say, unless you show the slightest dissent for any Russian policies, then you will either fall out of a window or be poisoned.
    But please, don’t let that put you off, go, you know you want to.

  17. Die Welt (Germany’s biggest newspaper) is publishing extracts from a new biography on Zelenskyy that exposes his corruption. It’s a paywall site, so no point in linking it. It’s over for Zelenskyy and his degenerate cronies.

    Here’s a 55-minute documentary on Zelenskyy from October last year that exposes him. English subtitles play automatically…

    Obviously Russia invading Ukraine with brutal, but it could have been avoided. Zelenskyy has prolonged this war via the insane amount of billions from Joe Biden. Putin holds all the cards. The corporate media has put aided in this too. So millions have suffered because of ego and hubris. Is it over? No. Russia-Ukraine will always be a clusterfuck. Time to be pragmatic and get the oil, gas and grain flowing again. Otherwise the poorest people of Europe and Britain will face unimaginable, unprecedented hardship this winter and beyond.

    • Hey Le Cunt,

      Your point about Zelensky being corrupt is spot on. He has millions stashed off shore for himself, his friends and his family. He arrests and silences his opposition…as recently as July another 650 “traitors were arrested…and yet, despite the war, he has plenty of time for magazine articles portraying him as the savior of western style democracy. It’s all a load of crap.

      The Biden Crime Family…long associated with Ukrainian corruption…has sent this crook more than $54 Billion (according to the most recent report from the US Dept. of Defense) since the fraudulent President took office.

      But no matter the facts…you’ll never convince the flat earthers. As evidenced by their vitriolic responses you’ve challenged their orthodoxy and disputed their dogma.

      You’d have more success explaining quantum mechanics to a community of chimps than you would trying to reason with these medieval cultists. Because to them:

      If the woman weighs the same as a duck…


      • 😂 Oh the irony!

        Le Cunt (aka Cunty Gordon) genuinely does believe the Earth is flat.

        Well gone General, best laugh I’ve had in yonks! 🤣

      • Well done, not gone… although gone is good too.

        And come to think of it, your post is actually the best laugh I’ve had since Fiddler called you out – cheers! 👍

      • Funny thing is, nobody is saying there wasn’t corruption there, it was stopping them joining NATO, another of those excuses that Putin used for his illegal invasion.
        Putins useful idiots.

      • @RTC…The General really is the gift that keeps on giving…

      • I don’t know anything about Le Cunt being Cunty Gordon.

        The facts remain:

        1. Putin is a cunt. But he is not Satan Incarnate nor is he the root cause of all evil.

        2. Putin would never have invaded Ukraine without (a) the approval and support of his Chinese allies or (b) with Trump there to deter him.

        3. Zelensky is a crooked and corrupt cunt who is exploiting this war for power and personal gain.

        4. The fraudulent and corrupt Biden puppet show has been and is still involved with the corrupt Ukrainian state.

        5. This war is a farce. It is being perpetuated by those who do not have our best interest in mind.

        6. Food and energy costs will be significantly higher as a result of this farce.

        7. Innocent people will continue to be killed by cunts on both sides of this farce.

      • Trump deter him? That’s a laugh, that turd thought he was a genius and praised his invasion until someone read the room for the stupid fat orange cunt.

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