Cunts on roads


I would like to nominate people who use roads as leisure and recreation facililties, as Cunts.

Lets start with the Cyclists, not the ones who cycle to go somewhere, but the ones who prefer to cycle alongside other men in equally tight clothing, riding 3 abreast so it makes it difficult to overtake. Newsflash to your wife, he is a closet gay. Then said wife turns up on a news programme whinging you got run over, and demand more action to make the roads safer (gonna come back to that at the end)

Then we have the joggers who jog along country roads, facing the traffic, as they sensibly should, so they can see and get out of the way of oncoming traffic. However, If you just stay in the road regardless of what is coming, you may as well run away from traffic, as is reduces the closing speed, and you won’t see your death coming.

Finally we have horse riders. Why the fuck are you even in the road? Just fuck off into the fields and bridleways, you are the dumbest cunts of the lot.

Roads were built for, and paid from motorists tax, for the safe and expedient access to town and cities. They pretty much contain vehicles that are capable of at least 60mph driven by people who have had the most basic training. So if you think you still want to jog, cycle ride a horse on these roads, don’t fucking whinge if you got scared, injured, lost a loved one, because that is evolution at work, you dumb cunts! Rant over

Nominated by : Angry Motorist