Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

For some unfathomable reason the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is being held in the middle of a pandemic, touring the matches through 11 capitals to ensure that England is punished for Brexit by killing off as many people as possible when they all come streaming in to the country for the finals at Wembley.

If you’re one of the brain dead morons that’s dying for your footie ( literally? ), then this page is for you. Fill yer fucking boots here instead of polluting the main site with your drivel!

691 thoughts on “Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

  1. Zero chance of any cunts putting the knee in today. Four teams entirely made up of actual men. The Portugeezers and the Jerries in a win double?

      • (puts on Motty’s fake laugh) “A heh heh. It’s be like 1940 all over again. Jimmy Hill.”

        Just commented on that fucking splitarse on itv from the Poland game.

        Fuck me, she couldn’t keep her trap shut for more than 5 seconds.

        Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…

  2. Fucking split arse doing the commentary on BBC1. My ears!

    Martin Keown debasing himself by being her underling in the commentary. Van Horseface should’ve chinned the ugly cunt.

    • The tanned one in the studio at halftime is no better!

      “It’s the quality we WAS waiting for”, she squawked, like a semi-illiterate Eliza Doolittle extra on Eastenders!

      • That was Alex ‘Actually’ Scott.

        Yeah, thick as fuck biznatch who made a player having a cardiac arrest all about her (“I called my mum to tell her I loved her. Boo boo!”)

        That other cunt they have on is just as thick (Micah Richards).

        ‘Them’ are the sorts of crosses that keepers hate!’

        Tonight, BBC has a split arse doing the main commentary and a dark key male and a dark key female in the studio.

        This country is finished.

      • Alex Scott…oh I see 😷

        Changing the subject slightly, Wales vs Turkey and the taking of the knee…hahahahahahahaha fucking hell, the ref blew the whistle, the Welsh team dropped, and possibly a few Turks, the ref took a quick look around and before anyone really noticed or booed blew his whistle again and they all jumped up. 😂 It must’ve been a Guinness book of world records for the fastest taking of the knee and made a complete mockery of the whole empty gesture 😂😂

      • A daft tart that has never played elite level football commenting on elite level footballers who play it every week. Woke culture gone mad and the game totally down the crapper.

        I wonder what Sir Matt, Shanks and Cloughie would think of this shit?

    • I think some players and teams are influenced by their opponents.
      Switzerland followed woke Wales the other day by kneeling but seemingly followed Italy last night by not.
      Make your minds up you cunts

      • Well the sweaty socks are definitely influenced by their opponents as they are grovelling on their knees tonight just for this one match. Wankers.

        What do you call a Jock who qualifies for the second round of a tournament?

        A referee.

      • According to Technos list the jocks have already taken the knee 😷 As I wrote earlier on the Welsh taking the knee with a fucking laughing stock, up and down in the blink of an eye, empty gesture virtue signalling wankers 😂

        Didn’t Bend

        01/ Italy
        02/ Turkey
        03/ Denmark
        04/ Finland
        05/ Russia
        06/ Croatia
        07/ Netherlands
        08/ Ukraine
        09/ Czech Republic
        10/ Sweden
        11/ Spain
        12/ Poland
        13/ Slovakia
        14/ Hungary
        15/ Portugal
        16/ France
        17/ Germany
        18/ Austria
        19/ Macedonia

        Did Bend

        01/ Wales
        02/ Switzerland
        03/ Belgium
        04/ Engcunts
        05/ Scotland

      • I think what happens is this:

        England, Wales, Scotland and Belgium all take the knee no matter what.

        They out pressure on their opponents to do the same. I believe the Belgian FA asked the Russians to ttk with them. They got told to fuck right off by the Ivans.

        The Swiss team crumbled when the Welsh asked them to ttk.

        But the instigators are the home nations and Belgium. I was surprised that the Dutch and the Frogs didn’t ttk but good for them.

        I suppose this makes everyone but the Brits and the Belgians waycist then?

        I just hope the cunts get booed to fuck later at England v Scotland. I tell you what too, not seeing many England flags in cars or hanging out of windows for some reason lol.

        Just can’t put my finger on why that might be the case…

      • It was really quick but I think a few of the Turks dropped when Wales took the knee too but it was over so fast the camera never even got a chance to do a sweep of the whole team 😂

        Anyway my point is it may well actually be depending on who you’re playing with you take the knee or not. If the other team have stated they definitely are then perhaps the opposing team get the option to join them. So some of the teams on the list that are down as not taking it may well take it later in the tournament 🤔

      • Sweden vs Slovakia….didn’t see the knee taken and I have never seen so many white faces on the pitch, or in the crowd 🤓

        How do you like them apples Jon Snow you wanker 😀

  3. I was going to watch day 1 of the cricket test world final instead of the kneeling cunts, but it’s pissing down so no play all day by the looks of it.

    Never mind though, Sky are showing the England women’s cricket team playing instead. I’m convinced wimmins playing men’s sports are playing out fantasies of being a male. They talk and act manly – but the best is the ‘fast’ bowling. At the moment, England’s ‘fast’ bowler is delivering it around 60 – 65 mph. About the same as spin bowling in men’s cricket.

    However, I’m confused why the wimmins are polishing the ball. Without getting too technical, it’s done to help the ball ‘swing’ (curl) while it’s in mid air. However, you need to bowl at around 80 mph for that to work (and you need a great technique which takes years to master…some professional bowlers never manage to do it and rely on seam bowling, which needs to be delivered even faster really).

    The silly tarts are polishing the ball like mad trying to make it swing at 60 mph lol.

    Stop fucking pretending.

    It’s like me when I was 7, pretending to be Liam Brady by wearing my shirt outside my shorts and rolling down my socks. I may have looked like a mini Liam Brady, but I was fucking shite.

    Also funny was the kid I tried not to laugh at a while back, who (while playing alone on the field near my house), put the ball down pretending to be Ronaldo copying that strange free kick build up he does (paces back, paces to the side, deep breaths and bang). The little fella kicked a pea roller to the corner flag after all that. Shouldn’t laugh, but couldn’t help it.

    Wimmins polishing the ball is the same thing. Pretending.

    Fuck off.

    • Good one. There’s also the Wimminz footballers who line up in a defensive wall and put their hands over their non existent bollocks. That always makes me 😆 laugh.

    • The only time I’d watch wimminz cricket (or any other sport come to that) is if they were all wearing very short pleated skirts, white cotton knickers, tight t-shirts and no bras!

      Now that would give me the horn!

      But since that’s never going to happen they can all fuck off.

  4. I’m having a right tour of European beers during this tournament. For example when i’m watching Germany I drink Bitburg because it’s German, when I’m watching Italy I drink Peroni because it’s Italian and when I watch Scotland I drink Carlsberg because it’s shit.

    • I’ll drink any old piss that gets me drunk lol. I like a good stout now and again though. London Pride is a nice tipple I find.

      If there was a beer called “Get off your knees you cunts”, I’d buy gallons if the stuff.


  5. I do hope the Scots beat Engcunts later today.

    Obviously it would give Jimmy Krankie multiple orgasms, but I could stand that just to see Southgate whimper and whinge about some bullshit he overlooked.

    I never thought I’d see the day when I didn’t want England to win a game or qualify into the next round of major tournaments. I’m surprised fans are even allowed to fly the flag of St George (or the union flag) for fear of causing offence and perceived racism.

    That said, I’d love to take Alex Scott up the penalty box!

    • If Alex Scott is there, I wonder how many times she uses the wrong pronouns? Not in a libtard gender way, but in a thick illiterate cunt way. Micah Richards is as bad. They’ll use ‘them’ instead of ‘those’. They like to use ‘was’ instead of ‘were’ too. Keep score and see who wins out if the two morons

      I’m just hoping the booing is loud as fuck when the shitheads ttk. BBC might drown it out with fake applause though.

      • Knowing the BBC they’ll be bigging up the Scots purely because they (the Scots, but probably the BBC also) dislike England

        So its okay for the Scots to be nationalistic – the BBC love that, and will support it to the hilt.

        But if you see England fans do anything remotely nationalistic, then its overdub the offending audio, and shift the cameras well away from patriotic England fans, followed by lots of gnashing of teeth from the virtue signalling cunts in the studio.

  6. Ok, well after a week I’ve changed my mind (a bit) on potential winners.

    Top eight choices in order (winners)

    1. Italy
    2. Belgium
    3. France
    4. England
    5. Netherlands
    6. Spain
    7. Portugal
    8. Sweden

    Germany? They looked really, really average.

    The eyeties look fucking good, have to say. No knee taking. No dark keys.

    And tactically perfect almost.
    Italy for me, but I did say a week ago Sweden at 125-1 were a great price. Still 94-1. Probably not, of course, but they’re hard to beat and just a few games from the final.

    But the pizza munchers look good.

  7. Sounded like huge booing when both set of cunts took the knee. It was instantly overpowered by clapping and cheering.

    How real was the clapping? Possibly very real, with a specially selected crowd (random lol – it looked like gay and soy central in that crowd).

    They can’t hide from this shite when the grounds are full.

    I hate not being able to just support England due to the ttk shite. I noticed that the team sang the national anthem for once. Even Sterling sang it for the first time, after getting his MBE. With a big grin on his face. Watch it back.

    This country is finished.

    • Ticket holders are all members of the official England Supporters Association or whatever they call them. They’ve probably been given a subtle warning that CCTV can easily pick them out in such a small crowd. Booing is not against the
      law but it’s not against the law to refuse to sell tickets to so called raaaaaaay-sists either.
      I think the PA system was also in play here.

      • When the camera went to the crowd pre kick off, I spotted a few soy grins and ‘hipster’ beards. And some lezzas.

      • Yeah they sound like the sort of posh cunts who can get their hands on tickets when they are in short supply. You’ll probably see the same wokie bastards At Wimbledon.

    • Can’t believe that England are 4th in the FIFA rankings. They aren’t average but they don’t play like Belgium, France, Brazil, or even the top African teams. I’m Scottish and they are playing well, a draw would be fair, but a goal would be epic!

    • A lot of players these days have the most comical haircuts. Remember Jason Lee’s “pineapple head” and the ripping he got on Fantasy Football with Baddiel and Skinner? Fuck me, the episodes would be three hours long these days with the amount of man-buns and hipster hairdos. There were bad barnets in the past, Keegan’s perm for example, but it all started with Beckham morphing into a metrosexual mincing mug in a sarong so Fergie had to bin the cunt to Yank Land.

      • That cunt beckham was in the crowd with his weird looking son. Freak. Like it’s doggy mother

    • Fucking hell this shit kicked off at 5am in Oz didn’t it? You must have your eyes propped open with matchsticks.

      • That’s hardcore! The kick-off in Japan and Korea in 2002 were fun. Next year it will be the World Cup in Qatar. In November. They are only 2 hours ahead of Britain, thank fuck. Some group games are 10am kick-off British time, though. Winter World Cup in a country with 40 degree heat, magic.

      • I went to bed at 9pm, after a few drinkies, and got up at 4:55am. All second round games kick off at 2am here.

    • Harry Kane subbed again

      What a waste of fucking space he is at international level. Don’t even think he’s touched the ball more than a couple of times.

      But now they’ve brought on St Rashford of Virtue Signalling. I suppose if he has a bad game any booing from the fans will be dubbed out.

      • England were playing for a draw, Scotland for a win. Tuesday will be a mental!

      • Another unconvincing bland performance by the multi-millionaire England players!

        Well played Scotland, should have nicked it really

        Just waiting for Southgate to be interviewed – no doubt he’ll find some shite excuses, including blaming fans booing the knee and thus mentally upsetting the team’s morale

        No doubt Engcunts will still qualify, but how the fuck FIFA can say they’re the 4th best team in the world is beyond my understanding

        Would love to see Scotland qualify but I think they have too much to do

      • At the start of the game after the booing of the knee, he was stomping about, shaking his head and looking well pissed off.

        It’s probably true. Taking the knee can fuck off England, you pathetic cunts.

      • There’s a lot of teams in the top 50 FIFA rankings that would HUMP England. Senegal are an amazing team, can’t wait to see them next year.

      • Good grief! Are you suggesting it was a fix? An interesting idea but I don’t think these cunts are that smart.
        On the other hand when there’s shitloads of money involved…………….

      • Aye. I bet they’re also pissed off still about this.

        That team (Algeria 82) could run all day I recall. We now have a good idea why. Seems the cunts were being injected with shite which made them have spacca kids and fucked them up too.

        The second half of West Germany Austria was indeed scandalous, but you have to blame FIFA for allowing the game to be played after Algeria’s final game. The previous world cup in ’78 had an issue like this with the Argies knowing they had to win by four goals in their last game to get to the final at Brazil’s expense.

        The teams were cunts but I’ve always blamed FIFA for the ‘fix’. And I bet the Algerian players now wish they’d never fucking qualified, the poor bastards.

      • There were given dodgy yellow pills off a Russian doctor, not injected by all accounts.

      • No no no! Just making a joke about how awful it used to be before they made great rules like 3 for a win (did Jimmy Hill come up with that?) and simultaneous matches.

    • I’ve said it before and I shall say it again. Rashford is shit.
      Has never scored 20 goals in a season, and he never will.
      A striker that doesn’t score goals? He’s a joke.

    • The Algerians are indeed still pissed at that scandal. Austria knocked out Germany in the 1978 WC (amazing volley by the great Hans Krankl) and they still talk about that win, so why they didn’t try to hump them again in 82 is weird.

      Oh and some matches are fixed in various ways. Some of these 7-3 type wins in the Premier League are suspicious. Players in lower leagues have been caught fixing matches in stupid ways (getting sent off near the end) to win at the bookies. Cunts in China betting on a Highland League match in Scotland that ended 6-0 and loads of cunts won big money for predicting 6-0 Huntly? Yeah, it’s a small world these days, but money is still KING.

  8. Best result. The wokeist knee takers and overpaid wankers of England and that ‘man of letters’ Gareth Wokegate roundly booed and the jockaneese didn’t win so no crowing for wee Jimmy cranky sturgeon the wicked witch of the north.

  9. So what has happened to all these exciting young attacking players under the guidance of the great sage Beaky Wokegate?
    One fucking lucky goal in 180 minutes! Fucking Scotland mugging us off! On your knees Wokegate…..and drink my piss.

  10. At least the sweaties has an all white team, once they subbed off the token.

    I was actually cheering on the jocks-anything to see wokegate fucked out of the job👎

  11. The Germans are singing their national anthem with gusto tonight. Don’t often see that.

    Don’t think they’ve sung it with that much passion since 1938.

  12. Southgate in the dressing room :
    “Now listen up you blokes. We don’t want to get beaten by the fucking Jockstraps when we only need a draw so I want you all to pay close attention to this video of Leeds vs Arsenal back in the 70s.
    Leeds do all the attacking while Arsenal back pass and play possession. See. Piss simple. 11 man defense. That’s why they where so successful – they never got beat.
    Meanwhile Leeds break their bollocks beating their heads against a red brick wall.
    So remember – you Arsenal, Jocks are Leeds. Boring as fuck, but it works.
    Oh, and don’t forget to take the knee or you’re dropped… “

    • Best game so far.

      Portugal taking the lead, but now the Germans are 2-1 up, and there’s still the 2nd half to come.

      very attacking football – something that BigNose should take on board, the cockwomble!

  13. Well I told you my predictions are shite.

    ‘Never write off zee Germans’ is said for a reason.

    Ronaldo is a fucking machine though. I think they said that’s 105 international goals, just two goals behind some Iranian cunt, apparently.

    Fuck off lol!

      • Ronaldo will be still be playing when he is 46, I reckon! Absolute machine.

      • I bet the cunt is still playing at 40 to the highest of levels. The mad cunt does thousands of sit ups on his day off. Messi is slightly better, I agree on that, but I think he’ll be done at 36 (he’s 33 now and is definitely not the player he was at 25, but still great of course).

      • If you believe Wiki, Ronaldo earns 31,000,000 euros (£27m) per year, compared to Messi’s 71,000,000 euros (£61m, or £5m per month, or just over £1m a week)

        Insane amounts of money, but when you compare it to some of the over rated cunts in the Premier Leagues its excellent value!

    • Yup, I never liked them. That “ticky-tacka” shite is mind-numbing, it’s like watching a pinball machine. But now they don’t even have a style. There aren’t really any teams that have a distinctive style anymore, like how Brazil once played from 1950-1986, Hungary in the 1950s, Holland’s Total Football. Nothing really dazzles these days, despite the “superstar” players who often nod off in internationals or shit the bed.

  14. Moratta couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo.
    When VAR is providing your assists then you know you should give it up.

    Spain have stunk the tournament out so far.

    • So despite some fairly uninspiring performances I think they’re into the next round. Cunts!

      Still hoping England fail, but you just know they’re gonna squeak through either on goal difference or yet another boring 1-0 win.

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