Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

For some unfathomable reason the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is being held in the middle of a pandemic, touring the matches through 11 capitals to ensure that England is punished for Brexit by killing off as many people as possible when they all come streaming in to the country for the finals at Wembley.

If you’re one of the brain dead morons that’s dying for your footie ( literally? ), then this page is for you. Fill yer fucking boots here instead of polluting the main site with your drivel!

691 thoughts on “Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

  1. Just watching the live match of Denmark v Finland and the Danish player Christian Erikson aged 29, just collapsed on the field and they tried to revive him, but he is now being taken away on a gurney to an ambulance.

    The game has stopped, his wife is on the field. Not sure what is happening. I think he is dead.

    Dear God what is going on these days?

    • Just before he collapsed his face went completely grey and looked like all the life of drained out of him! He collapsed unconscious with his eyes open so it doesn’t look good. I would have to guess heart-attack?

    • Fucking horrible wasn’t it? Thought I was gonna throw up when his wife came on. I’m a hairy arsed northerner but even I wobbled a bit there.

      Absolutely sickening. Hope the poor lad pulls through, but it didn’t look good. It didn’t look like they’d covered his head when they took him off (not sure if they’d have done that anyway had he died). Not sure but I think it looked like he had an oxygen mask as they took him away on so I’m guessing he wasn’t dead at that time at least?

      But again, I’m not certain that’s what was happening as it was difficult to see.

      And if any cunts in the crowd were filming that on their phones, they should be shot, the fucking cunts. Didn’t see anyone doing that to be fair, but wouldn’t surprise me if some cunt did it.

    • That’s what I thought I saw too. It was just for a split second as they took him away that I thought I spotted that. Hard to tell for sure though.

  2. Some good news. UEFA (European Football Association) report that Eriksen has been transferred to hospital and been stabilised. YAY!

      • He’s a lucky boy.

        Looked a gonner at one point. Let’s hope he’s ok that was a fucking sickener.

      • He was fucking dead alright, CB, and now by the sounds of it, back from the dead, get in! You don’t get many chances at that!

  3. Unbelievable that.
    Nodded off watching the game and woke up to that news.
    Fucking hell.
    One of if not the best playmaker in Europe.
    Hope he recovers fully

    • Hope so HJ as a long suffering spurs fan he was and still is a legend. Was so shocked to see that today.
      Maybe all this BLM SHIT will take a back seat for a while!!!!

      • Yeah Tottenham have missed him really badly.
        He hasn’t been replaced and the likes of Erik Lamela just isn’t in his class.
        One bad decision after the next at that club.
        The BLM crap is a fucking joke.
        Eve of an international tournament and a chance for national unity – Football Association – divide the nation by telling fans they’re racists.


  4. It will be interesting if someone can keep tabs on which teams do and don’t take the knee. I haven’t been able to watch a single game as of yet, but I would love it if the majority of teams in this tournament didn’t take the knee.

    I wonder what the FA (and others) would make of that? Would they call them racists too?

    • I would like to be of some assistance here but I am purposely missing the start of every game in case these cunts take knee!

      The only exception will be tomorrow, when I will be watching with glee as England take the knee, the whole world looks on snig-gering, and a half full stadium looks on and boos them 😀

    • Belgium did before to a chorus of Russian boos.
      Neither of Denmark and Finland grovelled to St George of KFC either.

      The Belgium players took a while to all bend the knee but of course as soon as poor man’s Emile Heskey and all round cart horse Lukaku dropped, the other cowards followed.

      • So far then

        Italy Didn’t
        Turkey Didn’t
        Denmark Didn’t
        Finland Didn’t
        Russia Didn’t

        Wales Did
        Switzerland Did
        Belgium Did

        I don’t see much media indignation for those 5 countries that didn’t BtK.

        Moving forward, perhaps if I’m not around to do this perhaps someone else can with a copy and paste and update?

      • “A poor man’s Emile Heskey”, Christ, I think that may be worst than being compared to Stan Collymore.

    • Belgium took the knee and got roundly booed by a Russian crowd.

      The loudest and most obvious booing and jeering yet.

      The flatheads don’t fuck about.

  5. How come Aizerbaijan has an “Olympic Stadium”? When were the Olympics ever held in that shithole?
    Oh……wait a minute, maybe it’s been built for a future games, the brown envelopes have already changed hands, the money has already been spent on drugs and whores…..they just haven’t told us about the “vote” yet? By that I mean the vote that hasn’t taken place yet.
    As you were. My mistake.

  6. Within seconds of the poor cunt being down anti-vaxxers were claiming this was due to the COVID vaccine. His wife is literally losing her mind in distress on live TV and that’s their first thought. Cunts.

    • I’m not trying to start a debate about the above. I’m saying show some empathy and basic human decency before you speak.

      • I avoid these places.

        Having said that, even the most ardent pro government stooge can hardly be surprised, given the current climate, that when a fit young player keels over live on TV then conclusions will be immediately jumped to. Rightly or wrongly.

        Conclusions that wouldn’t possibly have been jumped to in the past at similar incidents.

        Marc Foe
        Miklos Feher
        Fabrice Muamba
        To name 3 occurrences.

        Insensitive cuntishness but sadly hardly surprising in 2021.

    • Agreed, LB, cnuts the lot of them. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Eriksen.
      It seems the Anti-Vax brigade picked up on a false tweet claiming that Inter Milan’s medical team told an Italian radio station, Radio Sportiva, that Eriksen had had the Pfizer jab on 31 May. The radio station has confirmed that they have not spoken to the club about Eriksen’s condition (I personally would have been surprised if Milan’s medics had talked given the ethical code concerning patient confidentiality).
      A link to the denial can be found in the following:-
      However, as seems to be the way with “soshul meedja” once somebody puts porkies out there it quickly becomes the truth to those who want to believe.
      It does seem though that there may be some truth in potential heart issues with Pfizer & Moderna vaccines.
      I hope AZ can make capital of that if it turns out to be true and the EuroZone finds itself in the position of having paid over the odds for Pf & M jabs it championed (at reputational damage to AZ) that many will not now take. Up yours Macron, von der Leyen et al. Don’t come crawling back for AZ unless you’ve got the readies you were prepared to pay for Pf.

    • Admin,
      I posted a comment a while ago in response to LB which went into moderation. I think this was probably because of a couple of links I’d put in needed approval.
      The first of those links referred to an anti-vaccers tweet falsely claiming that Inter Milan’s medical team had told the Italian radio station Radio Sportiva that Eriksen had had the Pfizer vaccine hence his collapse. I think the station have been on to twitter to complain that the tweet was false and so twitter have removed it (or are in the process of doing so). I’ve found an alternative link confirming that Eriksen was not vaccinated and he didn’t have covid.
      Could you replace the old link / add the new one if the post is stuck in moderation because the original cannot be viewed and verified? Thanks.

      • Bollox! I’ve just noticed that the first twitter link I attached to the moderated post was already covered in LB’s 2nd post timed @ 9.50pm. Ignore me. Apologies LB & admin.

  7. A quick message to Team Wokeland for today – I hope you sacks of gutless kneeling snowflake racist shit get played off the park, get beaten 6-0 and have to spend the entire match listening to a deafening cacophony of boos and “Fuck BLM”!
    Right, time to dig out me Croatia shirt.

  8. Only seen clips of it, but, when he collapsed and went down, it looked like he was having a seizure. This could, in turn, led to him going into a VF cardiac arrest, hence the CPR. Was he shocked with a defribrilator? I haven’t watched enough to see if he was, as, CPR induced ROSC is very rare, (precordial thump?) and he was carried off with an O2 mask on, medium flow by the look of it. Professionally, I’d be interested to know what the history of the cause and the ‘Job’ was.

  9. After seeing what happened with Erikson, I plan to be a hero by waiting for Harry Kane to collapse in the penalty-box when a defender comes within 5 yards of him…I will run onto the pitch and stick my fingers down his throat ( clear his airways), vigorously punch him in the heart region ( touch of CPR) before pissing down his throat ( works for jellyfish stings,so why not,eh ?).

    I bet I get an award.

    • Careful DF, they’ll send Raheem Sterling MBE around to ‘educate’ you next. He’s said it’s now his mission to educate those with views not the same as his, after getting his gong off the Queen.

      I know why it’s only an MBE and not a Knighthood. If Lizzie ‘gets da blade’ out to place on his shoulders, he’d take it as a big ‘disrespek’ and put a ‘cap in her ass’ no doubt.

      Too risky.

      Chiggun and good morning.

      Come on Croatia. Beat those kneeling cunts.

  10. While I agree it was probably in poor taste to keep filming when you could see CPR going on (no simulation there then), no fucker on the telly said the coverage and reaction was the least insensitive yet to something like this.

    Marc Vivien Foe died on the pitch in a live international match (Confederations Cup) and they carried on. The commentators barely mentioned what happened after they dragged his body off the pitch.

    Even worse, I cunted Michel Platini on here once for his reaction to a Yugoslav team doctor dying on the side of the pitch. It was during Euro 84. The poor cunt went to run onto the pitch to help an injured player and dropped dead as he got out of the dugout. He was getting CPR right next to the touchline on the half way line.

    The game just continued while this went on. The cameras were right in on the poor cunt dying with his eyes bulging out. The game didn’t stop for a second and players were within a few yards of the poor cunt at times. There is no way they couldn’t have noticed it.

    Still, Platini then scores a hat trick and celebrates like a madman. What a fucking bellend. Then at the end of the game, he booted the ball deliberately and as hard as he seemingly could towards the Yugoslav dugout.

    The cuntishness of this left me astounded when I saw it a few months ago.

    If you don’t believe this, the only place online to see it would be ‘footballia,’. Euro 84. France v Yugoslavia it went off after about 50 minutes or so.

    And Platini ended up head of Uefa ffs lol.

    Maybe all this shows people are more sensitive nowadays or maybe less cuntish with shite like this?

    Fuck knows. But by staying on it we did get a glimpse of him being taken off with his eyes open and with an oxygen mask on which would’ve settled a few down I suppose.

    But yes, the cunt could’ve croaked I suppose.

    • The camera was careful not to show that Croatia didn’t ‘’take the knee’ 😂

      That fucking dipshit Ferdinand will be crying at half time, cunt.

    • DCI@ – yes they did – and the propaganda wing of the FA stated “the boos were drowned out by people applauding” – but “forgot to mention” that the “applause” was created in a studio some time ago.
      Goebbels would be proud.

      • Yes, there was definitely a dubbed clapping track but you could hear some boos for a second or two.

        Wasn’t as obvious as it was in Russia though lol when they played Belgium. The Ivans were having none of it

  11. Croatia showed their age today. England will get through the group but after that…?

    It’s a shame I find it hard to get behind them, but ttk and you can fuck off.

  12. New pundit on ITV….a real coup for them…….the ” Chelsea Manager”….must say it came as a surprise to me to discover that the “Chelsea Manager” is actually a rather unconvincing female impersonator going by the name of “Emma Hayes”

    • Plus we’ve now got 2 ladies at pitchside banging on…one is a Dark-Key so I assume the other will be a Lezza. The Sooty lady is telling us how England can improve as the tournament goes….fair enough,she had a highly impressive England career so she’ll know what she’s on about.

  13. On ITV just now, three ‘pundits’ discussing the England win. One dark key woman, one dark key man and one Asian woman.

    This country is finished.

  14. Fuck me on ITV, they’ve got some fat manly looking housewife called ‘Emma’ talking about ‘transitions’ in the studio.

    No comment lol.

    How long until the mongs are wheeled out to dribble their opinions in the studio?

      • We share the same sense of complete bafflement at what goes on these days I suspect,CB.

        🙂 .

      • As I say, it’s not me that’s mad. It’s everyone else, and that bloody talking zebra living in my shed that tells me to do things that’s to blame.


  15. Didn’t Bend

    Czech Republic

    Did Bend


      • Didn’t see the start, but I know the Netherlands and the Ukraine didn’t take the knee.

        (Updated on behalf of Techno – DA)
        24 teams in total

        Didn’t Bend

        01/ Italy
        02/ Turkey
        03/ Denmark
        04/ Finland
        05/ Russia
        06/ Croatia
        07/ Netherlands
        08/ Ukraine
        09/ Czech Republic
        10/ Sweden
        11/ Spain
        12/ Poland
        13/ Slovakia
        14/ Hungary
        15/ Portugal
        16/ France
        17/ Germany
        18/ Austria
        19/ Macedonia

        Did Bend

        01/ Wales
        02/ Switzerland
        03/ Belgium
        04/ Engcunts
        05/ Scotland

    • (Updated on behalf of Techno – DA)
      24 teams in total

      Didn’t Bend

      01/ Italy
      02/ Turkey
      03/ Denmark
      04/ Finland
      05/ Russia
      06/ Croatia
      07/ Netherlands
      08/ Ukraine
      09/ Czech Republic
      10/ Sweden
      11/ Spain
      12/ Poland
      13/ Slovakia
      14/ Hungary
      15/ Portugal
      16/ France
      17/ Germany
      18/ Austria
      19/ Macedonia

      Did Bend

      01/ Wales
      02/ Switzerland
      03/ Belgium
      04/ Engcunts
      05/ Scotland

      Thanks for the updates, admin.

      So only 5 teams grovelled on their knees (3 of which are from the UK), while the other 19 stood tall. So why isn’t the MSM, the BBC and smug cunts like Lineker, Ferdinand. Rashford et al not calling those 19 countries “ignorant, racists that need educating”?

      And how can Rashford and Sterling have the affront to bang on about colonialism while accepting MBEs? I mean the clue is in the fucking name!

      But no one takes these cunts to account, and if you don’t agree with the narrative you’re branded part of the problem – at least within the UK you are anyway.

      And as for the wimminz commentary! I just can’t stand it anymore. So on goes the mute button – kills the atmosphere, but stony silence is better than the constant squawking from those token bints

  16. I hear Wayne Rooney visited Erickson in hospital today.

    “He looked quite well and even managed to string together a coherent sentence” said Erickson.

  17. I remember Malcolm Allison throwing 70s porn star, Fiona Richmond, into the team bath as a ‘reward’ for his players for winning a big game.

    I wonder if Gareth Wokegate did the same for the England team after the win against Croatia?

    • She’d be about 70 now so it’d be a fucking laugh if he did do that lol.

      Mind you, he’d probably make the team give her one if she wanted, so as not to be ageist (and probably racist or something too).

    • One of the best goals I’ve seen at a major tournament that. Brilliant goal.

      Mind you, the Porridge W o g commentator wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it lol.

      Scotland just being Scotland again.

      • That goal against Scotland took me back. It reminded me of that useless cunt, Slippery Jim Leighton. Those were the days.

    • Tremendous effort, esp. when you see it from behind the Scotland goal. Begs the question tho; what the fuck was the keeper fannying about at?

  18. Both channels, both have wimminz on them, two on the BBfuckingC. When I want your opinion on football, love(s), it’ll be how many sugars I want in my tea at half time. Kneeling, wimminz pundits/commentators? It’s a disgrace.

    Fuck. Right. Off.

    • Am watching the Poland game on ITV and there’s a gawd blimey cockney wimminz co-commentating, and my god it’s like finger nails down a board of colour!

      • Like the fast show sketch, whatever you do don’t say b…k

        July19th is the New Freedom Day 😂😂😂

      • Had to skip through to the goals she wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

        Co commentators are supposed to chime in when the main commentator says (remember Motty or Bazza saying ‘That’s his third of the tournament. Jimmy Hill.”)

        She blabbed fucking constantly and the wimpy ‘male’ commentator said fuck all. He should’ve told her (away from the mic) to stop talking do fucking much. Or the producer in her earpiece should’ve told her. Pair of fucking wimps.

        Fuck me she was ridiculous. And that put on ‘tough cockerney bloke’ type voice too lol.

        Just fuck off.

        Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

  19. Any truth in the rumour that Jimmy Krankie and the SNP want the match replayed until they get the result they want?

    • Why can’t the Scots just accept the fact that they’re crap at football?
      When global warming gets established, they’ll also be crap at skiing, curling and ice hockey.
      Uk News is fuckin’’ great!

    • I heard that she blames ‘a Boris Johnson Westminster government’ and if Scotland were an independent country they would have won.

    • sTURDgeon : Friends, I take no pleasure in saying this to you today but the result reinforces that Scotchland needs independence and I am in no doubt that a team generated in an independent Scotchland would have won the match easily. My trusted experienced sports advisor (who also like all matters health has no relevant qualifications to advise in sport) Professor Devi Sridhar has assured me the science proves this to be irrefutable

  20. Wimmin Commentating and Analysing mens football.

    Having failed to reach the standards of a 7th team player on Hackney Marshes, what the fuck qualifies these assorted unknown Dyk Van Dyk es and Sooties to comment on the beautiful game? The TV has positively been awash with these cunts since the Euro 20 21 has come about.

    Ah yes, they woked a box ticker at the BBCunts.and ITVacuous.

    Now fuck off back to the kitchen and get the dinner on you absolute cunts. And dont forget the fucking biscuits !

    No links required in my humble opinion.

    (Thank you – DA)

    • Sad to see that DCI Gene’s seconding has evaporated between DA and NA. No matter, thanks anyway!

      (DCI did comment about this very issue a little earlier today on that thread – DA)

  21. Yeah, sick and tired of this shit…..some lezza I never heard of who has “96 England caps” or played “12 seasons for Arsenal.”
    These bitches wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a Sunday morning pub League.
    Now if they are having male journalists commenting then I see no reason why you can’t have female journalists. I don’t have a problem with that.
    But let’s not pretend you can compare, even cunts like Rio and Wrighty, with some rug muncher fucking bitch. They haven’t got a fucking clue. Just wokie box ticking and every cunt knows it.

  22. The BBC coverage of the Spain – Sweden game, no split arses to be seen and no fucking knee bollocks, shame it ended 0-0 😂

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