Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

For some unfathomable reason the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is being held in the middle of a pandemic, touring the matches through 11 capitals to ensure that England is punished for Brexit by killing off as many people as possible when they all come streaming in to the country for the finals at Wembley.

If you’re one of the brain dead morons that’s dying for your footie ( literally? ), then this page is for you. Fill yer fucking boots here instead of polluting the main site with your drivel!

95 thoughts on “Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

  1. Good idea. There’s gonna be plenty to talk abaaaht over the coming few weeks but judging by the newspaper coverage Southwoke and his fellow-cunts aren’t gonna get away scot free on the Taking the Knee Ceremony and their entrenched views are gonna rebound on them.

    Today’s topics-
    1. Foden thinks he’s Gazza just for a stupid haircut
    2. Near-100% Anti-knee protests at the Irish making their statement in Hungary last night
    3. Laurence Fox continues on his path for an ISAC Hero medal. (Greetings Larry if you’re reading this!)

  2. There is not an England team, just a bunch of weak is piss cucks, managed by a woke cunt and boardroom arse licker!

    I hope Cuckland go out first round!

    Fuck off!

    • If premier footballers and lower league footballers want to shame themselves in England, that’s bad enough!

      To start pulling this taking of the knee shit, in what is widely seen as supporting burn loot murder, a political marxist terrorist organisation, in the Euros and shame England in front of the whole world is a fucking disgrace!

      A little country like England has come from ruling a quarter of the world to becoming a fucking laughing stock…the shame of it all!

  3. The other day I saw that French footballer who was at Arsenal and he was playing on a games console, Thierry on Wii….

  4. The people booing England players ‘taking a knee’ are an “ignorant minority” who need “educating”, says Rio Ferdinand.

    Once a Wobbly Gobbed Tosser, always a Wobbly Gobbed Tosser.
    People in Manchester still remember him as an above his station thick cunt.
    The great thinker and scholar that is Rio Ferdicunt, saying people need educating?
    Oh, my fucking sides!

    • I’m sorry to say Norman that much of the political comment about BLM is coming out of Old Trafford. That fuckin’ Rashford is a political agitator.

    • The cunt has the mental capacity of an ant and he says people need “educating”. He also said that half the people didn’t know what they were booing for. No, Einstein, the fucking reverse is true. The brain dead footballers haven’t a fucking clue what they’re kneeling for. And all this from a cunt who got fined £45,000 by the F.A. for calling that other cunt Ashley Cole a choc ice on twatter.

  5. I don’t think away supporters are allowed but , as there are cunts from every shithole in the world living here, who can say who are the “visiting supporters”?
    Of course there is the new vaccine passport to keep any unwanted cunts out of Wembley. But what if they turn out to be foreigners, who happen to live here, or BAMES?
    That’s sheer bloody raaaaaay-sism and there’s no denying it.
    Cognitive dissonance I think they call it.
    The wokies really haven’t thought this one through have they?

  6. I’m not overly bothered about the Euros these days – just background noise to having a few drinks in the local boozer to be honest.

    However, I will be watching some of the games that don’t involve the home nations, and in particular whether any of the teams BtK before the game starts.

    I’d laugh my bollocks off if none of them did. Which will put those MSM cunts on the spot, especially the BBC wankers. Will cunts like Duckface Rio try to “educate” them I wonder?

  7. I see the BBC pundits/wankers predict a France win! Ha, ha, ha. Les Miserables will be in for an early bath going on Linekunt and his bum chum’s past predictions – Man City to win Champions League, Man City to win the FA Cup, Man Utd to win the Europa League…

    One thing is certain, England will win fuck all on their knees.

  8. I imagine every single “supporter” will be drawn directly from the ranks of Labour, Oxford University and the Guardian and very, very carefully vetted for “correct thought” at the matches.
    10,000 real supporters wearing “Fuck BLM” t shirts would send a more realistic message.

    • They will all be NHS ‘heroes’, Vernon. What better way to say thank you than force them to watch England!

      • I’m NHS and I’m fucked if I’d go to watch those cunts kowtowing to a racist organisation. I’d rather fucking work.

  9. Instead of being focused on the games, the ‘manager’ (social worker more like) is spending his time focusing on keeping his chippy and thick players happy, by letting them do the knee shite.

    The players are pig headed morons. Spoilt cunts (with real actual fucking privilege) who don’t like being told ‘No’.

    So now they’re sticking their fingers up at the fans in a big ‘fuck you I’m kneeling anyway!’ And saying fans who don’t agree with them need educating. Educating? Fuck me, there are about 8 brain cells between the entire fucking squad.

    But they are free to take the knee (UEFA are too scared to tell them not to make political gestures for fear of the ‘r’ word).

    Which is fine. Just don’t expect the fans’ support then. Wokegate has spent so much fucking time trying to keep these spoilt chippy cunts happy, that he’s forgotten about the fans’ support and a thing called tactics and studying the opposition.

    I hope we get stuffed in every game.

    Well done you stupid cunts.

  10. Just tried an online predictor thingy. I had England going out in round 2 to the Netherlands.

    At 28-1 for the Netherlands to win the tournament, I’d take a punt if I still gambled. Portugal have Ronaldo who can win any game for a team but Spain look a decent punt too at around 10-1.

    The frogs have peaked. Zee Germans will go close as usual, even if they’re shite. The eye ties will bottle it. Croatia are just not the same team as 3 years ago. All the blockhead countries’ teams are a bit shite this year. Denmark seem to be fancied. Not sure why.

    England will bore and scrape through in 3rd from the group. They’ll annoy with the knee shite. Then crash out 4-0 in round 2 like a bag of cunt.

    Sweden 125-1 ish an’ all. Not an easy team to beat, Sweden. Doubt it of course, but those odds are favourable.

  11. So the Jocks have announced that they will be standing up like men instead of grovelling like fa**ots. Good on them! I never dreamed, in my worst nightmares, that I would ever want to lose a game of tiddlywinks to the pisshead hordes let alone a game of football. But that day is here and it’s fucking real.
    And we know who to blame don’t we?……..the old white men at the FA, BBC and fucking Sky.
    Oooooooh look at me! I sound like a right wokie dokie.
    It must be contagious.

    • I heard someone today say the booing fans should instead sing “Stand up if you hate racism” while Wokegate and his team of cucks are grovelling.

    • If the Scots are true to their word I really can’t wait for the England Scotland game, and wait for the reaction of those BBC pundits as the Scots plays stand while England grovel.

      Does that mean the Scots players are “uneducated”, “racist”, “ignorant”, because that’s the same accusation Mings, Lineker, Rio Duckface and others threw at England fans!

      But I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t say anything for fear of upsetting/offending the Scots nation.


  12. Fucking brilliant idea! I hope that gets round on soshul meeja and actually happens. Wouldn’t that make them look like the out of touch pricks they really are.

    • “We will beat you weak Western imperialists, four, maybe five nil and then annexe the shithole you call “London”. President Putin will be wrestling bears in London Zoo by teatime”.

  13. The World Cup in 2022 will be held in Dubai. A country where it is illegal to be gay, where victims of rape are stoned for adultery, where human rights abuses have been well documented.

    Many people building the fancy new stadiums these privileged millionaires will be playing in have been oppressed into modern slavery.

    Many have died because of poor health and safety practices. But where’s the outrage for them? Where are the marches? Where are the banners and slogans? Where are the patches worn on the shirts? Where is the show of solidarity for these poor cunts?

    Fucking hypocrites the lot of them from FIFA, UEFA, The FA, and each and every person involved in the England team both players and staff.

    Take the knee for some fucking low life thieving druggie scum yet do nothing for people who really need help.

    Happy to turn a blind eye and take the pay cheque when it suits.

    Shame on you all.

    Come on Rio Ferdinand and Tyrone Mings. Let’s hear from you on this subject, what’s that? Silence. I thought so.

  14. This is even better.

    England’s £160 World Cup football kit ‘made in Bangladeshi factory where workers are paid as little as 21p-an-hour’

    The official Nike shirt and shorts are reportedly made at a factory inside a government-controlled zone where female garment workers are paid as little as £1.68 a day

    Going to take a knee for these poor fuckers?

    • Muslims forced to work in awful conditions for terrible pay?
      When did they start working in DW Sports warehouses then?
      Fuck them, do they do cheap Croatia shirts?
      If so put me down for one.

  15. So fucking Scotland have shit themselves and will now go down on their knees just for the game against England to show “solidarity.” Obviously pressure has been applied in high places and the Scottish FA have bottled it. Fucking wankers, fucking pricks. Fuck Wokegate, fuck the Jocks, fuck the fucking lot of them.

    • as a scot i am fucking disgusted to hear this. fuck the pussy cunt bastards. first time i will be supporting whatever side does not take the knee, hope scotland get fucked 20 -0 and every player goes off with a broken leg, the cunts

      • Same with me and England, WCM!

        A first round exit and then they can stick their knee up each others arses and fuck off as they go!

  16. I just laughed my cock off, watching the build up to the Turkey/Italy game and Fabregas was on the studio panel, he had picked his choice for the starting line up for England, it was all white …. Raised a few eyebrows 😂

    • Lol

      He’s a good lad is Cesc. As a former gooner fan I can tell you he likes birds, cars and us definitely not woke.

      Good lad.

      I bet the BBC won’t have him on again lol. To be honest, he picked a good team too

      • We have enough good white players to make a team capable of winning the tournament, but that would be racist and divisive, better to loose with a load of blick types in the team.

      • Pickford

        All white!!

  17. Right cunters, my prediction for the opening game. Don’t trust my predictions, I was a fucking awful gambler once upon a time.

    But anyway…here is my prediction.

    Italy 2 Turkey 0

    Let’s see how bad that was in a few hours.

  18. Fantastic opening ceremony. Some woman lifted into the air as they shot fireworks up her dress. This while Andrea Bocelli sang Nessun Dorma – magic. Only thing that spoilt it a bit was that mega cunt Bono. Matchball delivered to ref by a toy car. Brilliant. Can only go downhill from here.

    • I didn’t see Bono (thank fuck).

      Yeah that pre game fireworks woman lifted by balloons Nessum Forms shite was very impressive.

      Eye ties all over the dirty Turks but still 0-0 somehow.

    • It’ll just be British teams doing it (and embarrassing us in front of the entire world, the dickheads). Perhaps Africa, I mean ‘France’ will ttk too. Lots of dark keys in their team etc.

      Today’s score predictions:

      Wales 0 Switzerland 1
      Denmark 2 Finland 1
      Belgium 1 Russia 1

      • I would normally back Belgium. I’m going for a draw as the game is being played in Russia.

        Don’t trust my tips though -even though my record here is 100% so far in choosing the right result, if not the exact score,…Chelsea to beat City in CL final and the eye ties to beat the Turks do far.

        I’ll gloat while I can, it’ll all be downhill from here, I’m sure.

  19. When I was a teenager living at home, my next door neighbour was George Cohen (England right back 1966)

    Later in life at around 20 I seem to remember, Ron Harris owned a paper shop at the end of our road.The sign over the shop read ‘Ron Harris, Chelsea and England’. I drove past one morning and somebody had written ‘CHOPPER’ across the window in whitewash. Chopper Harris was not amused and spent some time scraping it off.

    Next day they’d done it again. Off it came. Back it came. In the end Ron changed the sign to read ‘Ron “Chopper” Harris, Chelsea and England’. A few days later the graffiti artist had painted ‘RON” across the window. Happy days!

    The point of this little missive is to point out that a successful England world cup winner had a perfectly ordinary 4 bed detached house next door to us. Harris retired from the game to run a corner paper shop.

    Honestly can’t the cunts that play today retiring to that sort of ordinariness. Football isn’t about the game and representing your country. It’s about who’s got the biggest houses and the best Lamborghini.

    Personally, I’ve just lost interest in football. Ironically, the local town team has it’s ground a couple of hundred yards from where I live. I’ve never been to watch a game there in 15 years and frankly doubt I ever will…

    • Sammy McIlroy used to live us when he played for Man United. He was a top bloke and not flash at all. Stuart Pearson owned a newsagents near Heaton Park, and my dad would occasionally drink with Brian Kidd, John Fitzpatrick (RIP) and – from time to time – George Best. Now, there’s more chance of seeing a Unicorn in Manchester than a Manchester United player. That’s the thing though, Dio, The modern players think they are special and all that, yet they don’t put in anywhere near the same same effort on or off the pitch like lads like Sammy, Chopper and Pancho did.

    • I’m sure the locals were really excited for the game of two international juggernauts being played in their footie mad town.

      A bloke chasing a pig probably got a bigger crowd.

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