Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

For some unfathomable reason the delayed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is being held in the middle of a pandemic, touring the matches through 11 capitals to ensure that England is punished for Brexit by killing off as many people as possible when they all come streaming in to the country for the finals at Wembley.

If you’re one of the brain dead morons that’s dying for your footie ( literally? ), then this page is for you. Fill yer fucking boots here instead of polluting the main site with your drivel!

691 thoughts on “Euro 2020 (well, 2021 really but what’s in a number?)

  1. I can see the complaints coming in, BBC 1 and 2 both showing football.

    BBC 1 all male panel with Linecunt.
    BBC 2 Gabby Logan, Alex Scott and Micah 😂
    Alex Scott on hand just in case Micah’s shoe laces come undone

  2. Great to see Denmark go through after their tragic start. Remember when the won Euro 1992 despite not qualifying? Yugoslavia broke up so they were no longer in UEFA and so Denmark took their place then won the fucking cup beating the Krauts! “It’s a funny old game!” It is indeed, Greavsie, it is indeed.

  3. First decent team England play and they’re going to really struggle.
    Over rated over hyped cunts as per usual.

  4. Bye bye baby, baby good…bye…..

    Don’t let the tournament door hit your arse on the way out the tournament Scotland 😀

  5. As expected another turgid performance by England. But perhaps this is big nose’s cunning plan- bore teams to death with uninspiring football until the opposition relent through sheer desperation!

    In other news: seems Boris is going to allow thousands of uefa offivials , sponsors and other VIP cunts into the country to watch either the semi finals or final. But none of them will face the mandatory 10 day isolation period us plebs have to adhere to, primarily due to money!

    Hypocrisy in action: we’ve sacrificed so much over the last 18 months and yet the elite get a free pass because of who they are, the influence they have, and the money they control.

    Boris is an utter utter cunt of intergalactic proportions!

    • This is worthy of a separate cunting.
      Aleksander Čeferin (the president of UEFA) has said to the F.A. If you don’t allow these freeloaders in to watch the game under a special dispensation. i.e. no quarantine, then the EUFA will not support the FA’s bid for the 2030 World Cup. And Budapest would get the Euro finals with full capacity.
      What’s the word I’m thinking of, ah yes. Blackmail.
      And bear in mind, these aren’t football fans, these are cunts who wear a suit to a football match AND take their bitches along. And they put their hands in their pockets for fuck all.
      And the only fucking games they ever watch are these grandstand events. You won’t find the cunts at Port Vale on a wet Tuesday.
      It fucking stinks.

    • We’re being fucking trolled. We MUST be. COBRA meetings on what they can get away with next, before there’s ‘Trouble in the streets’. I cannot fathom ANY other reason for the ongoing, blatent hypocrisy. I can’t remember the last Covid patient I went to. That’s not to say they’re not out there, but…

  6. “England aspire to ‘champagne’ football” said Gareth Wokegate. More like a can of stale Tennent’s Super.

    • Wokegate puts out the best England team to get kicked around and knackered in a game they did not need to win – to be injured and worn out when they face real opposition in the knockout stages.
      Who hired this clueless fucker again?

  7. Biggest Blue Mink Bat Flu cases rise since February. Yet these thick and rapacious cunts are letting 60’000 cunts and imbeciles into Wembley?

    Stupid cunts.

  8. Footie on the tellie…
    Footie on the news…
    Footie in the papers…
    Footie fucking everywhere…

    FFS can’t they put the fucking footie on a designated channel and give us a fucking break? It’s only a fucking game. Yes, you heard me. A fucking game. IT’S NOT IMPORTANT!

    AND it’s fucking boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.

    Take your footie and shove it up your arse. If I ran the country, I’d make it illegal…

    • If you ran a democratic country like this one, and made football illegal, the consequence would be – that the electorate would very quickly decide that you were no longer fit to run the country. And the next cunt in charge would reinstate it.
      Football is popular, maybe not with you, but it is with many people.
      I don’t like that celebrity shit that goes on, and the consequent reporting of it. Plumbing On Ice, All Star Embroidery, I just accept that other cunts do like it.
      If you don’t like something and it doesn’t affect your life, just ignore it.

      • Big Mal@ – Correct – football was the peoples game until it began to smell too much of FIFA, prawn sandwiches and brown envelopes – and isn’t banning stuff they don’t agree with the kind of thing that the nazis and communists do?

    • Whether you like football or not, you’re wrong. It’s a multi-billion pound entertainment Industry.
      Snakes and ladders is a game.

    • The eagerness for censorship is strong in this one.

      Free speech and the right to question and now games that are deemed popular amongst the proles.

      Stalin would be proud.

      You may wish to read the rules. We don’t cunt fellow cunters. Just a reminder. Have a lovely day – DA

  9. England vs Germany 😀

    Fucking excellent and the Devil must of done the draw to make all the naysayers patriots! He really is the Dark Lord and his evilness knows no bounds 🙁

      • 2 world, wars, one world cup and now this shit. Fucking krauts need a good sorting.
        Merkel this morning says that the 27 should all be subject to the same rules when dealing with the UK. Thank fuck we fort out.


  10. Fucking hell, the fucking Krauts next, kiss that goodbye. Besides the fact that they are a much better team than us they’ve got that Loew cunt in charge. He may look like he should be playing in The Jam but he’s been there for donkeys years and he’s won the World Cup for fucks sake. Up against him is the giant tactical brain of Gareth Wokegate, the world’s biggest arselicker who couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag.
    I just hope the square heads take the knee so I can continue to hate the cunts after they have made us look like a Wimminz team.

    • I really want the Krauts to do to us what we did to them back in 2001 and fuck us over with a 5-1 win.

      Not only that but I want the Krauts to run rings round our defence, midfield and the cunts up front!

      I want them to hit the post a dozen times, hit the crossbar, kicked off the goal line and miss a couple of pens so that the final stats look like:

      Engknees – Shots on Target 1, Goals 1, Possession 5%

      Germany – Shots on Target 15, Goals 5, Possession 95%

      And then they interview Big Nose, and he’ll blame the crowd for the Booing of the Knee, and then he’ll blame too many games = tired players, and then he’ll blame that it was a bit chilly with some unexpected rain showers!

      And despite the embarrassment the FA offer Big Nose a new 10 year contract. Hopefully by the end of it he will have found a way for Kane to touch the ball more than 3 times in 90 minutes


      • Imagine if it went to a penalty shoot out 25 years after Southgate bottled it. He’d have PTSD for years.

      • Nah, he’d just laugh about it, do a pizza advert, and hoover up the money like the cunt that he is.

      • Forgot he did that. Still not as bad as cheese and Owen crisps, they’re loved in Newcastle.

      • I loathe this current England side and their knee taking only play when we can be arsed bunch of overpaid cunts. Sterling is fucking useless. He’ll dive like Franny Lee on a springboard and try to ‘win’a penalty and cry to the referee. While that twat Marcus Rashcunt will do his Eldridge Cleaver salute and miss several sitters that even Garry Birtles with a blindfold on could put away. The rest will be totally inept at penalties and that monumental woke knobcheese, Gareth Southcunt will blame the fans for booing his team’s knee taking grovelling and moan about tired his little darlings like Sterling and Rashcunt are after playing 90 minutes, but doing fuck all.

        I hope the Krauts get a cricket score against the virtue signaling shithouses.

        Germany 85 Chicken Floyd George Fan Club 0

  11. Anything less than the final is a failure.
    We face a weak Getman side in the next round, then either Sweden or Ukraine in the qtrs and Wales/Denmark/Netherlands in the semis.

    Time to earn your money, you lazy overpaid cunts.

      • Wales looked mediocre this time around, unlike 2016 where they were on fire. Denmark looked like they were out after that first match doom, but now they look pretty tasty.

  12. They shit ’em. Men v Boys.

    Vikings 4 – Knee taking taffy cunts 0. Should’ve been ten.

    Get to fuck and get in.

      • Giggs fucked up a lot of this. He’s been “cancelled.”
        He must have started paying his debt to society.
        He can kiss goodbye to any Old Trafford statues.

      • Fuck those grovelling, sheepshagging taffs. Just because George Floyd had a black face that doesn’t make him a coal miner you cunts.

      • Italy just have too much speed on the break they can’t handle it. Come on Austria.

      • How is Klinsmann the most logical commentator? He may be a diving cunt but he makes sense.

      • I wondered what made the BBC employ him, out of all those famous German players. He played in England for a brief period, of course, but so did others (some for longer, like that Ballack cunt).

        Then I remembered a story about Jürgen going to live in San Francisco. He was regularly seen out and about in his pink VW Beetle. Have you heard him talk. And that laugh?


        Perhaps he got hired by the BBC because of the gayness?

      • Although he is a good pundit. Wasn’t it him who said a team (can’t remember which one) would score a couple from the 70th minute with it being 0-0 until then? He said at the start of the game that this tactic would be used (wear down the opposition and then the class would tell as space opened up).

        The panel looked at him like he was a mental.

        And everything he said happened when he said it would.

        He seems like a soppy dithering idiot, but he knows his stuff, I’ll give him that.

      • Klinsmann was a diving cunt, but he was also the first “superstar” foreign player in the league. He also could take a joke and is widely regarded by Spurs fans.

        I kind of think of him in the same way as Boris Becker. He’s German, he’s a cunt but he knows he is and takes the piss out of himself. Plus he somehow got the USA to the World Cup.

      • Jurgen is alright. He spoke sense in the aftermath of the Selhurst incident. When cunts like Lineker and Crooks were calling for Cantona’s head. Klinsmann was a diving cunt, but he was an exciting player. A bit Like Francis Lee at Man City, a player you hate to love. Franny was a cheat, but he was also a goal poacher and a terrier who loved a rumble. A game featuring Lee Won Pen was never dull, and Jurgen brought something similar to the English game when he played for Tottingham.

  13. One less team of George Floyd worshippers in the tournament.

    England and Belgium hopefully next to go then we can enjoy the rest of the tournament hopefully.

  14. Who is this dozy bint on ITV? Her startling insights include footballers get tired throughout the match. Who knew?

  15. Apparently the Dutch captain will be wearing a rainbow armband and will not hesitate to lead his team off should they hear any nasty comments from the capacity crowd in Budapest.


    • Reminds me of the Harry Enfield Dutch Coppers sketch.

      ‘No, he’sh my lovar!’

      Orange shirted fairyboys. Glad the Czechs pissed on them.

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