EU peacekeeping


The fact that the UK and the United States has hundreds of Thousands of troops stationed in western Europe had shit all to do with the peace then? Or that Russia didn’t fancy a hot war with nukes, or that in the late 80s the Russians were in no state to fight war.

Nope. It was the EU that kept peace in Europe, except for Kosovo and Cyprus and Ukraine.


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

The Fourth Reich


Now I am the first to admit that Nick the Gwik is a lazy conniving type orf cunt but this whole Grexit hoopla is beyond the pale.

Why should the fucking krauts decide who should be in or out orf the Euro. We fought and allegedly won two world wars to keep those cunts in their place. What we joined was the Common Market and not a Nazi old boys club run by Merkel and Juncker.

All the german domination of Europe has achieved is a dose orf salts through the markets which now resemble the doorway of a Hamburg knocking shop on a Friday night – piles orf piss wet knickers coated in beer and shite.

So the krauts got tough with the Greeks. How joyful that they have only managed to destabilise the Euro and the EU.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

EU immigrants


Generations have given their blood in defence of this once great nation just to see it all pissed away in the most heinous act since Adolf and Heinrich.

Got a maturing population? Flood the U.K. with tsunamis of young Poles and thieving Romanian Bulgarian & Slav sewage and pay them benefits to fuck each other. Then load benefits on their brats. Sheer fucking genius.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

The European Union


The European Union is an organisation of first rate cunts.

They have systematically destroyed the lives of millions of people in the name of cuntish ideology. These self-serving bureaucratic cunts don’t give the slightest fuck about democracy or the harsh cuntish realities they are creating.

These cunts are destroying Europe and should be fucked off into the political wilderness.

Nominated by : Alf Garnet