Lionel Messi [2]


Lionel Messi is a greedy cunt.

Just been landed with a 21 month jail term for tax evasion in Spain although unlikely to do any time.
When you’re getting €40m a year do you really need to fiddle.

Stupid thick greedy Argie cunt.

Nominated by: J R Cuntley

Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Semi Final First Leg

Lionel Messi is a cunt…

I’m not disputing the lad’s talent, but the hype he gets is absurd… Not to mention him being FIFA’s favoured child (how he won player of the 2014 World Cup, I’ll never know)… Sure, he’s good with the ball, but opposition defenders aren’t allowed to touch him, he plays on pitches that are like carpets, he plays with a lightweight ball and boots, and players are always so respectful to him (ie: they kiss his arse)…

What Messi does not do is play on pitches that are frozen rock hard or mudbaths, play against the hardest and dirtiest players (Hunter, Yeats, Bremner, Chopper Harris etc), he doesn’t play with a heavy duty leather ball and with heavy boots, and he’s also never shagged a Miss World…

Messi better than George Best? My arse…

Nominated by: Norman