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By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

288 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. The Georgie Peorgie Floydie trial starts tomorrow and I see the BBC are getting their bias in nice and early.

    It seems every report, online or otherwise, starts with ‘George Floyd, an unarmed black man’.

    Well, Ted Bundy was unarmed when he was nicked. He was fucking guilty though. As was Floyd it seems. Who then proceeded to resist arrest while off his tits on class As.

    I could go on, but I’m waiting for the trial. You’d think the BBC would do the same…who am I kidding lol?

    Thing is, the media bias gives Chauvin’s lawyers the opportunity to say he has no chance of a fair trial, due to narrative set by the media (and their promotion of knee taking etc). They even filmed Floyd’s funeral for the entire fucking day lol. In the UK!

    This trial will be interesting (particularly if Chauvin was trained and ordered to kneel on necks of big fuckers resisting arrest).

    If so, he has to walk. And the BBC will be among those to stoke the fires to create riots…by thick cunts in the UK.

    They need reigning in during the trial.

    • This will be the most one sided trial since that one that Pilate bloke was involved in 2000 and odd years ago. Chauvin is fucked already.

      • I agree. The jury’s names end up public knowledge so no cunt wants to be part of a jury that doesn’t convict. The mob would be coming to your house.

        I’ve just heard that the other officers (newbies) who were just observing an experienced officer face a maximum 40 years in jail.

        That’s fucking mental, and the judges will probably dish that out because they’re scared of the country being set ablaze (and their own lives put at risk).

        Seems threatening riots will get you what you want…as long as you’re not white, of course.

  2. I am far from racist but all this George Floyd stuff is getting on my tits, I am fed up of hearing people moaning and complaining about how unfairly they’re treated because of their skin colour ALL THE TIME. Yes racism is completley wrong and has no place in society, but how is starting riots that vandalise and cause more injury to harm going to solve the problem? You can’t fight fire with fire, and that’s what all this is about. All the other people in the world who’ve been attacked and killed for their skin colour, sexuality etc never get a mention, but one bloke is captured on video and it goes viral and now they’re turning him into a fucking martyr

  3. I keep hearing on various media outlets about the “murder” of Chicken George. Fuck me, I thought a jury was supposed to decide that!
    Well, if we’re rushing to judgement I call it the righteous flushing away of a low life, good for nothing, worthless junkie piece of shit.

  4. It’s as regular as one of those electronic picture frames, you know, the way the BBC “news” web site rotates headlines, fiendishly crafted by prime woke cunts for their maximum incitement of pure vitriol in any cunt with two braincells to rub together. I often wonder if their headline generator is actually a Microsoft AI machine, programmed with all the most irritating, nonsensical, infuriating cunt fodder of all the world’s most prominent vile cunts combined. You know, like Jimmy Savile, Keir Smarmer, Tony Bliar et al. BBC you bunch of festering cunts burn in hell.

  5. Complain to the BBC and although a reply is usually forthcoming it never addresses the issue satisfactorily and is signed off by The Complaints Team. Back in January I managed to get a response in less than a day, signed off by a person despite the claim that due to the pandemic only serious issues were taken into consideration. I complained about gender awareness in an article about Kamala Harris pointing out that the BBC were not using gender-neutral terms and finishing with the following:

    ‘In the interests of diversity and inclusion I suggest your broadcasters and journalists refrain from using gender pronouns when referring to people unless it can be stated that they (the potential victim(s)) have identified with that gender label, communicating acceptance to the BBC in writing.’

    Would you believe it, they actually researched the matter to discover whether Kamala Harris is a ‘she’ and not a ‘zie’ and assured me that ‘Kamala Harris uses she/her pronouns as indicated on her personal Twitter profile.’ Relevant links were sent to assure me that the BBC didn’t ‘misgender’ the vice-president.

  6. I was child in the 1960s, and was nearly eight years old before we got our first telly (World Cup 1966). Even before that I remember sitting round the family gramaphone listening to to “Hancock’s Half Hour”. So I remember all the great shows of the day – Steptoe and Son”’, “Not Only But Also”, “Till Death Do us Part”, “Monty Python”; “Doctor Who”; “I Claudius” and so on. Also, as a young boy, I remember sitting through all 13 episodes of Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation” and being a little bit bored but nonetheless somewhat informed.
    It went on. ”Not the Nine O’Clock News”, “The Singing Detective”; “Edge of Darkness”. The BBC was the world’s best television station.
    Now? What a shower of shit. Utter fucking cuntery. Low grade talent-free ‘ethnics’ telling us how evil all whities are. Doctor Who a ridiculous soap actress virtue signalling her talentless arse off about how all white people are evil. Gary Fucking one point three million Lineker telling us plebs to love our illegal immigrant child rapists, no mention of the Rotherham multicultural bonanza obviously, as that wouldn’t fit the ‘Diversity Agenda’ and so would be ’racist’.
    Fuck the BBC. If you are still paying your license stop immediately. What was a core component of ‘Britishness’ has become the enemy. Fuck ‘em. What a bunch of (overpaid) cunts.

    • I withdrew from the loicence scam and tbh there is little that I could find worth watching on BBC if I tried. I gave up post brexit following their continued remain and anti trump rethoric. At the end, I only watched question time and this week until QT became unbearable with its planted remain audience and when Fiona Bruce wrecked it even more and they axed This Week.

      Subscription is the only way given the tripe they churn out. There was either a petition previously or it was a public consultation which I didn’t partake in as it was geared at a choice of ‘leaving as is’ or moving to taxpayer funded. I absolutely object to the latter, case TS bad enough they currently scare old & vulnerable people into paying for it with their letters of fear and capita door knocking goons. I don’t want to give them a single penny ever.

      • I was arrested years ago for not paying my TV license fee. They locked me in a cold damp cell with a bucket to piss in and a TV streaming BBC news (interrupted with their own adverts for strictly) for48 hours……Fucking orrible. Never missed a payment since. CUNTS!

  7. Another dollop of shite from their news website ‘ I got PTSD after witnessing the birth of my daughter’. A person of colour then goes on to talk about.. I was to busy laughing to continue reading.

  8. Reply to the latest petition to scrap the TV Licence (these petitions really are a waste of time):

    The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV licence.”.

    Government responded:

    The government has committed to maintain the licence fee funding model for the duration of this Charter period, until 2027. The licence fee model will be reconsidered ahead of the next Charter Review.

    9 long winded, pompous and ambiguous paragraphs follow out of which I picked out the following:
    “It is not a fee or charge for BBC services and is payable regardless of whether the licence holder ever watches the BBC. Licence fee revenue is not just used to fund the BBC, it is also used for other strategic public service objectives including funding the Welsh language broadcaster S4C.” [Rub some salt in the wound why don’t you!]


    “The Prime Minister said in 2019: “Funding out of effectively a general tax bears reflection…you have to ask yourself whether that kind of approach still makes sense in the long term, given the way other media organisations manage to fund themselves”. [IIRC meaningless words uttered before a GE and most probably intended to garner some extra votes from people mistakenly thinking they were voting for change”].

    There is only one solution to the B Bloody C – stop watching live TV and iPlayer and stop paying the tax.

  9. Not just the BBC but they are leading the charge in the Euro’s….England qualified and “could meet Wales in the Quarter Finals”…..How about we beat Germany first you giddy cunt Mike Bushill! CUNTS!

  10. I renamed them years ago as the Pedo-C. Breeding ground for em and left wing woke privileged middle class cunts!! Never report anything correctly and full of sanctimonious shit!!

  11. Biggus Cuntus – agreed wholeheartedly although Doctor Who is now fucking gay!! I’m not homophobic but really!? The garbage they throw out now is criminal and utter shite!! Cunts the lot of em!

  12. Unfortunately DCI Gene Cunt it’s true some bender called Olly Alexander!! I wonder what he’ll do with his sonic screwdriver!! Ooooer Missus!!

  13. Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness is to replace Sue Barker as host of BBC game show A Question of Sport.

    But he’s not black, gay, trans, peaceful or a woman…
    Must be some sort of clerical error.

    • He is not a sports person either, David Coleman was a sports commentator and Sue Barker a tennis player.
      He might be OK but I always Mo Farah would have been a shoe-in for the job now he is off the Salazar training regime and can’t win any races. Maybe the BBC are trying to distance themselves from him.

  14. It will come as no surprise that the BBC is proclaiming that Lewis Hamilton was racially abused on social media after his taking out of Max Verstappen in yesterday’s F1 GP.
    No evidence is offered to support their claim.

  15. Again , the BBC choose to highlight Dominic Cummings claim that in January 2020 he discussed replacing the Jellyfish. The cunt is careful not to divulge with whom the conversation (s) took place.
    Did they take place? Who gives a fuck, the next turd in line would have been as useless as Boris; which ,I grant you would take some doing but the days of a real leader in this country are long gone.

  16. The football podcasts are unlistenable. Semi-bender cunt Steve Crossman presenting it. People like him wouldn’t even enter a football ground 20 years ago. Always on about footballer’s “mental health” as well. I’m pretty much off football now after this summer. Not because of VAR, or even the Super League nonsense, it’s all the women presenting it, and the femme men, the fucking campaigning and wank all around it, all the post Euros bullshit too. Fuck it.

  17. It would appear that no white children passed their A Level exams! Every photo on the BBC news website has darkies celebrating their non examined A Level.
    One chap in particular looks like one of those that Michael Caine and Stanley Baker fought off half a century ago with the help of a bunch of Taffies.

    • Only repeats of Catherine Tate show, and there’s NO way Al-Beeb would make that today. Am surprised they risk the wrath of the woke cockwombles by repeating it.
      I might watch Shetland tonight, ni e scenery, and Tosh is rather alluring. I think she might even be straight.

  18. More laughable BBC shit…

    More laughable BBC shit…

    The BBC are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Aussie soap Neighbours being first shown on British TV with a three hour special tribute on Radio 2.

    Yet the 40th anniversary of the start of Only Fools and Horses has been ignored. A programme that was genuinely good in its prime and has generated millions for the BBC is being blanked and blanked on purpose. Only Fools is now seen as an embarrassment to the ‘Beeb’. It’s now viewed as not woke enough, and racist, sexist and – quite simply – too British. And according to the BBC it’s shameful to be British and white. A fucking disgrace.

  19. Tim Davie has appeared before a House of Commons media select committee attempting to justify the BBCunts’s existence. The lying bullshitting cunt apparently said that impartiality is “sacrosanct” to the BBC. He went on to say: “The BBC is “nothing if it’s not a good facilitator of proper open debate and diverse views”. How the fuck did the twat keep a straight face when spouting that load of bollocks? Move over, Pretty Fat Patel, we have a new master of the BS. Presumably as an example of their ‘impartiality’, he has recently hired arch anti-Brexiteer and all round cunt Jess Brammar. I implore everyone to stop paying the licence tax as I have, it’s the only way these cunts are going to get their fucking heads out of their arses.

  20. Mr Q de Kock refused to take the knee as instructed in today’s game against the West Indies. He did not play in the match.
    The BBC HYS is remarkable in that of the 400 or so comments a very large percentage have been deleted for ‘breaking forum rules ‘ or some such tosh.
    Hitler would have allowed more dissent!

  21. LOL what channel/network are we comparing BBC to, and judging it to be inferior to? No one has said.
    I have the intelligence to take any facts provided to me by television with a pinch of salt – not that any of them actually affect my life. If an issue is impacting my life I will look into it myself, and not wait for someone on TV to educate me. Also, my opinions and beliefs are based on known facts, logic, or experience – you don’t watch an episode of Songs of Praise and then suddenly believe in God, do you?
    If you pick and choose what BBC programmes to watch, and use the iPlayer, it’s easily the best television/radio provider in the world – but if you are just talking about one or two areas of the service obviously not.
    But, people are saying it’s worse than brain dead ITV, tabloid Channel 5, the looney left Channel 4, or Sky’s overpriced efforts? All of which are 25% adverts about debt and funeral plans.
    The BBC is the greatest television broadcaster and maker of programmes in many genres.

    • Is it fuck it’s a load of shite last decent thing they did was line of duty season 3 after that Jed was on the piss with his BBC coin and wrote all the rest on the back of a fag packet including that utter shite bodyguard and submarine crap.

  22. Amazing, how an oversensitive Parkin Stan Lee and his blubbering bringing the ‘racist’ Yorkshire County Cricket Club to a halt has gained more BBC coverage and shock than the murder of the late Sir David Arness (RIP). As usual, it’s all about them…

    The ‘British – Parking Stanley Community’ chirping in unison with the BBC that ‘racist insults’ are not banter and are not right.

    Neither is murder, you fucking cunt trumpets.

      • Horrendous stabbings in France. But the BBC are headlining with someone saying something innocuous years ago about their beloved P@k!s while playing cricket. Not surprising, but still astonishing.

        It really is time for the BBC to go…

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