Prince Andrew (8) – Manbaby and Cunt

Now, I have to say that I think the source is a bit dodgy, but if there is even a grain of truth in this, wtf?

In what Universe would it be better to be labelled as a paedophile, as opposed to a cancer sufferer?

Is it just that, seeing the sympathy being shown to the King and the Princess of Wales, he thought “I’ll have some of that”, or is it just a made up story?

Whatever, this has done him no favours, just dragged the old bones out of the cupboard for another rattle, and at best, emphasises what a whinging cringe fest he is.

I’m sure there’s an empty oubliette in the Tower.

The Onion

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

47 thoughts on “Prince Andrew (8) – Manbaby and Cunt

  1. Something tells me that story is fake. I am sure if the did have cancer, the BBC gossip mongers would have bought it up.

  2. As he obviously isn’t very good at making excuses then he should have just told the truth.

    “I’ve been to parties where there are girls on offer.
    That’s what happens sometimes.
    What the fuck am I supposed to do?
    Ask to see their birth certificates?”.

    • Driving licence is a better one I think Artful, has a photograph and date of birth encoded in the licence number. You can also check whether they are the sort of inadequate who can only drive an automatic. Most people carry their licence but I don’t know anyone who carries their birth certificate.

      • I suppose that if you were a public figure who would get into deep shit you might ask to see photo ID, but I very much doubt it.
        You would probably expect the host of the party to have taken care of that.

        When I was younger and out on the pull I probably made a few mistakes.
        Asking for ID would have ruined the moment I think.

        But there again, I was not a multi-millionair.
        So any sluts who were willing putting it about would not have come after me.

  3. The Onion is similar to Pop B穫tch. Just made up stuff for entertainment purposes only. As if the palace would use THAT as a cover up for keeping a illness quiet. Sorry Andrew lad, you’re a n簷nce and that’s that.

    • Say what you like about Prince Andrew, but I think he’s a very brave man.
      Going down on Sarah Ferguson’s fanny, with its giant mound of bright red brillo pad fur and liver-spotted mismatched lips, one side hanging a couple of inches lower than the other, would take a great deal of courage.
      It was so traumatising that it forced his face into underage clams. At least, that was his excuse.

      • Andrew has a miniscule cock covered in strange warts….. Allegedly.

        Nevertheless Sarah was bound by an act of Parliament to give him regular gobbles, and swallow.

        A Royal Prince would never demean himself by licking a minge, especially when it looks like an orangutan’s breakfast.

        That’s what corgis are for.

      • Fanny like an Orangutan that swang too close to a bandsaw.

        Wasn’t Princess Di’s fanny the otiginal ‘Duchy Original’.

  4. Come on now, we have all done it..

    I was once accused of stealing tipp-ex from the stationary cupboard.
    So I put out a story that I was a cross dressing serial killer..

    Cost me a fortune in dresses from M&S but it was worth it for the 3 bottles of tipp-ex.

  5. As sex cases go he’s got no redeeming features.

    Stuart Hall? Bubbly personality
    Rolf Harris? Artistic.
    Fred Talbot? Knows if it’ll rain.

    Andrew is utterly charmless.

    Sat Sulking watching Grange Hill on his spunk splattered laptop,
    He feels hard done by.

    Cheer up you dodgy cunt!
    Go get a pizza.

    • Sarah Fergusons verdict:

      hes a kind, good man, and hes been a fabulous father to the girls.

      Yeah, right.

      I wouldnt be surprised to read that Fergie had tried to pimp those girls of hers out to rich Arabs but even they werent hard up enough to pork those pigs or their sow of a mother.

      • One of the pig daughters sat behind me on a flight from LAX -LHR ,fucking cunt upgraded from Y-F. My Mrs was furious when we pulled up to a remote stand to off load the cunt into her limo..

  6. He is known ad Andy “two cocks” Windsor to hos mates. It is a rare genetic deformity that allows royals to go for twice as long. It is both a blessing and a curse as it helps get partners, but also gets one into a lot of trouble keeping both gentlemen satisfied. His poor old Dad (aka Phil the Fluter) had the same affliction but he got lucky because, as we all know, Her Maj was an inexhaustible nympho. Fact.

    Good morning. everyone.

    • Pity old drag queen Eddie Izzard. When he is being Suzy, he sticks his dick up his arse, and he doesn’t know of he is coming or going. Coming usually, giving himself cream pies.

  7. I don’t give a fuck, either way he’s a dirty old man – he creeps the shite out of me and there’s no way I’d leave him alone with my daughters.

    That said, look at his ex wife and horsey faced daughter – I’d look elsewhere if I were him but wouldn’t prey on young girls.

    A dirty ciunt is a dirty cunt, regardless of their own shit (if true).

  8. A bloke down the pub reckons that he’s got a flunky that does his shagging for him.

    Probably true, as he’s got flunkies to do everything else.

    Morning all.

    • Gets angry when his teddy bears aren’t put back properly.

      Time to shut the windsor freakfest down.

      and then we’ll get.. PRESIDENT BLAIR!!

  9. Andy just strengthens my belief that some people are born stupid. No amount of education or money will sharpen them up.

    Given this I truly doubt if he really pulled those funky helicopter moves in the Falklands. Helo pilots are crazy but not thick.

    • Only thick the thick cunt ever shot was a deer and his load in some teeny boppers. Just like his old man, he still got a chest full of medals though. Must have been a really hard deer.

      • I often wonder about all the medals worn by ” royals”.

        Awarded no doubt in the face of unbridled bravery when out shooting pheasants and chasing foxes….

        A whole family of twats…丑

      • One thing’s for sure Arch. It’ll be some flunky who has to keep them polished.

        Isn’t ‘Air Miles’ an admiral as well?

        Connections are everything, aren’t they?

    • Got himself accused of being a paedophile to cover up the fact that he has cancer? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Are there any royals left who don’t have cancer? Must be something they’re eating.

  10. This buck toothed cunt has no shame, lived a life of luxury at our expense, lied his bollocks off, enjoyed dabbling in underage sex and his best mate was a phedophile who deserved to be Murdered, I hope he does have a touch of the Bengal Lancer preferably in the Rectum.!!

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