Fat Cunts with BO

(Enjoy your breakfasts! – Day Admin)

Wary travellers will know that going anywhere by bus is not the best way to get to your destination.

Aside from the fact that buses are just not dependable, the hapless passenger runs the risk of unwanted encounters with a variety of undesirables during the course of his journey. There’s screeching brats and cunts bawling into mobile phones. There’s sneezers, coughers and nose-pickers. There’s pissheads and loonies. No wonder most people won’t get out of their cars and onto public transport.

Anyway today I had to go into town, a journey that has been made almost impossible to do by car these days. So onto the bus I got, and just a couple of stops further on, on she came, a colossal cunt of a certain persuasion with an arse like a barrage balloon.

Up the bus Big Bertha wheezed and waddled, until she collapsed like a ton of bricks onto the seat immediately in front of me. Then within seconds it struck me; the sickening, sour stench of body odour emanating from this beast.

Now believe me when I say that we’re not talking mildly offensive; this reek could have floored a rhino. Definitely a real lack of familiarity with a bar of Lifebuoy here.There being no way of tolerating this potentially all the way into town, I had move upstairs sharpish. God knows what the rest of the unfortunates on the lower deck made of it.

Bloody hell. It’s bad enough when people let themselves become like a beached whale. If they can’t make the effort to control their weight, couldn’t they at least pay a bit more care and attention to their personal hygiene, if only for the sake of the rest of us?

Fat as fuck and even smellier; a combination made in hell.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

80 thoughts on “Fat Cunts with BO

  1. I used to see big stinking old women from the local Budgens waiting for the bus msny years ago. When they served you at the checkout they had a nadty sweet odour, as if they’d to cover their stench with pot pourri.

    The most amusing bus cunt Ive seenvwas when I went to college and some special needs lad was picking gum and crud of the hand rails and eating it. A couple of girls i was with couldnt bare to look but I kept looking and quietly laughing like Beavis and Butthead. Never said a word to him about it. I rhink he was trying to impress the girls.

    I love people like that.

  2. I am very much on board with this one. I live in a shared house and the egg-shaped fucker in the room next to me reeks to high heaven and I doubt he’s taken a shower in at least 6 months.

    The fat fucker sits down on the bog for a turd and leaves a faint brown stain on the back end of the seat where his dirty arse crack has been resting on it. The bathroom and the landing smell like there was a threesome between a sweaty sock, a tramp’s cock and a dog’s mouth.

    And this morning on a bus, some twat got on and sat in front of me and he smelt, albeit faintly, like a combination of body odour, pig shit, red wine and play-dough….. a smorgasbord of smells so-to-speak. It wasn’t over-bearing; it was just unpleasant and weird.

  3. There should be a law which ensures fat cunts are branded as anti-social, for taking up more room than necessary on public transport and allowing themselves to become susceptible to various diseases, which we have to pay for when they’re treated by the NHS. There should be a maximum weight allowed for their height and anything over would render them liable to fines until they lose the excess.
    Does that sound reasonable or am I guilty of weightism?

  4. I have to say that the land whale in the header pic looks strangely familiar.

    Did you use it for a nom about xl bully’s, Admin?

    • You know it’s funny JP, but when I saw the pic I thought the same.

      I’d put money on her being from across the pond, she has that look somehow. A Ytuber maybe?

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