Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Phoney Native Indian

Let’s have a Rachel Dolezal Cunting for Pretendian Buffy Sainte-Marie.

For years Buffy has put out the story that she was born on the Piapot Indian Reservation in Canada and was by birth a Cree Indian. According to her fake bio she was forcibly taken from her Aboriginal parents and given to a white family for adoption.

Sainte-Marie…a marginally talented artist parlayed her scam into a semi-successful career, even winning an Oscar for writing the nauseating theme song to the repulsive 80’s film, “An Orifice and a Gremiln.”

Said Oscar is now reported to reside in the Smitsonian Institute as the only Oscar ever awarded to an American Indian.

But it’s all a Dolezal type scam. Long before Massachusetts Senator “Cherokee Liz” Warren dreamed up her scam, a woman named Jacqueline Keeler has been exposing fake Indians. Sainte-Marie is just the latest fraudster to be exposed. As it turns out the Canadian singer-songwriter was born in the USA, in the town of Stoneham, Massachusetts as Beverly Jean Santamaria and is of Italian descent.

In response to the facts coming out “Buffy” has claimed she grew up a misfit in a “typical, white, Christian New England town” and has simply told her story as she knew it.

Another cunt using a fake victim story to achieve the fame her lack of talent would otherwise never allow her to achieve.

New York Post

The Smithsonian will now have to change the Oscar exhibit to read; “The Only Oscar to be won by a Pretendian.”

Fucking phony cunt.

Nominated by: General Cuntster

And backed up by: Norman

She’s shit as well General.

Link below.


87 thoughts on “Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Phoney Native Indian

  1. I’m only surprised more people don’t pretend they’re from a repressed ethnic group.
    I mean, if Linekunt can claim he’s black, why can’t anyone else after a visit to the tanning shop?
    It’d be a great way for those on the housing list to get rent paid accommodation for starters.
    And if you eventually get rumbled like this wizened old hag, why give a shit?
    You’d have still got your perks just like she has.

  2. Loads of people aren’t what they seem.

    I thought Judy Dench was a middle aged Chinaman for years.

    Terry Christian looks a bit Korean.
    talks a bit like it too.

    same with that Fatima Whitbread.
    reckons she’s a woman clearly a steroid colonel Gaddafi.

    Some reckon they’re black folk.
    like Italian jap red injun Steven Seagull.
    he’s worst case scenario.
    multiple ethnic schizophrenia.

    here he’s a cotton pickin chicken dippin fuzzy felt


      • mama seagal

        ” Stevie! Stevie !
        lawks a missy!
        where’s dat boy at?
        come git chore ravioli or igonna whip your possibly black ass”

      • dunno about that Thomas?
        she looks pretty strong.

        I’d beat her at any drinking game and who can piss the highest.

        But as for feats of strength?

        if she beat me I’m fairly confident I could kick her head in.
        I’d kick her kneecaps backwards.
        causing massive mobility problems.

        The fuckin show off😁

  3. Hats off to the Admin team for the Header pic. As my old Granddad used to say:

    She’s so ugly she could choke a dog off a gut wagon.

    • Evening Norm.

      That was one of the best games of football that I’ve ever seen.

      Chaos from the first whistle to the last.

      Onana is a clown and no doubt about that.

      Those 3 goals Man U conceded were all his fault.

      Man U were chasing the game at 3-1 up, leaving spaces and getting caught on the break repeatedly.

      A complete lack of game management and composure but what a spectacle.

    • The only net this darkie should be in, is a fishing net, along with thousands of his fucking lazy mates who are trying to get onto our shores.

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