Xahra Saleem aka Yvonne Maina

Isn’t it nice, heartwarming even, when a cunt gets caught.

This particular cunt was one of the organisers of the Bristol ‘riot’ leading to the toppling of the Colston statue.

Xahra Saleem, real name Yvonne Maina has been done for fraud, basically thieving crowdfunded cash. After initially pleading not guilty she has (I assume her lawyer told her to change her mind to get an easier ride) she has pleaded guilty.

I just hope the judge gives her the maximum sentence available but I fear it will be a suspended, well she is blick so gets a free ride (bound to be extenuating circumstances)

BLM cunt

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51 thoughts on “Xahra Saleem aka Yvonne Maina

    • If you say that name three times it begins to rain.

      Ooga. Rain come. Steal um umbrella. Ooga.

  1. Just wondering, can you buy a face transplant for £30,000?

    A 10 pinter if ever I saw one.

    • Or have her face chewed off by a (badly trained) XL Bully

      Get to keep the 30 grand and have the face transplant gratis on the NHS.

      Win Win 😁

    • Or have her face chewed off by a (badly trained) XL Bully.

      Get to keep the 30 grand and have the face transplant gratis on the NHS.

      Win Win 😁

  2. “ Is it cos Is’e is black”. No it’s because you’re a thieving grifter.

    Who has done more good for the people of Bristol? This scummy hooligan and vandal or Edward Colston who supported and endowed schools, houses for the poor, almshouses and hospitals?

  3. What a bloke . He’s going to be struck off for speaking common sense. Disgraceful.

    GP is struck off for string of derogatory Facebook posts

  4. All sooties are theiving cunts.- FACT.

    It’s their main characteristic.

    Diana Ross stole sequins off the Roly Polys costumes at the London Palladium.

    Nelson Mandela stole Boris Yeltsins watch.

    Bob Marley? A Raleigh chopper on the Edgeware road .

    They can’t help it.

    Aretha Franklin would rob the filings from your teeth.

    We know this.
    The cheeky monkeys

  5. The good old days when it was a licence to steal for the porch monkeys.

    Open a phony-baloney go fund page and watch the money flow in from stupid, gullible middle class white cunts..

    Spend about 50 quid on face masks, then siphon the rest off to your chosen bank account..
    Get caught play the race card..

  6. These commies eh? They do seem to like filling their pockets with other people’s money don’t they? Not exactly what Marx meant by “class struggle” I fear.
    You’re supposed to take the money from the ruling class not promote their ideology and steal it from your fellow revolutionaries you thick bitch.
    A shame her hero, old Georgie Floyd, isn’t around. He’d stick a gun in her face and relieve her of her ill gotten gains. She might learn a valuable lesson the dozy old whore.

      • If, before the 66 World Cup you’d have told Sir Geoff that he’d get picked over Jimmy Greaves for the final, score a hattrick, win the World Cup, get knighted and live longer than all the other players, he’d have taken that, I reckon?

        They’ll have to wrap Sir Geoff in cotton wool now. He’s now become a national treasure seeing as he’s the last one, if he wasn’t already. But now it’s gone turbo.

        I’ve always liked Geoff. Dropped an ‘N’ bomb while sitting next to Garth Crooks in the BBC studio. And carried on like fuck all happened 😂

        RIP Sir Bobby.

    • Only Hurst left to say it was over the line, when we already knew it wasn’t.

      Surprised Bobby was named, seeing he was only 86. Remember him asking me to bring him a bucket of water whilst he washed his car and felt chuffed he asked me with other boys looking on, waiting to get his autograph. I also ran on the pitch after the match at Deepdale Park and got Bobby to sign his book.

      • Yeah, the story is that the Russian Lino was on his deathbed and was asked if it was really over the line. His reply was “Stalingrad.”
        Probably bollocks but I like a man with a sense of history.

  7. Black grifter? Never!

    What are you, racists or something?

    On ‘my friend’s’ IPTV recently I caught the first episode of a documentary series on that Jussie Smollett fiasco. Fuck me, it was ace but a lot of the chippy blacks did my nut in.

    One says, “With Trump’s America, it’s no wonder do many believed it. Well, the good thinking people.”

    Do fuck off! Loads of blaming honky, but it made them all look like cunts. The ‘racist’ cops and (mild) right wing internet types end up looking the good guys. Recommend, but I think you won’t find it on Netflix. On Fox USA I think. The narrative isn’t the one Netflix want, the cunts.

    But I digress (slightly).

    Get your house (communidees) in order and stop your kids listening to and gloryfying criminal activity (gangsta rap etc), up to and including murdering police officers. Start there.

    Then, start looking at yourself and not others, if life doesn’t go the way you want it to. Stop looking at honky and blaming him, you pathetic, weak cunts. It’s fuck all to do with me, that you refusing to study at school or learn a trade, then staying home smoking weed all day and hanging around chicken shops with ‘your crew’ harassing old grannies, means you don’t yet have that mansion, Lamborghini and blonde model on your arm at 23. That’s on you, you twat!

    Next, refuse leg ups (diversity quotas and hires). You know, those ‘no honky allowed’ jobs or benefits (ACE cricket). Get some dignity and respect for yourselves.

    Finally, if you can’t do these things then clearly, being amongst evil whites (and probably East Asians) is too much for you.

    May I suggest a continent full of cunts like you? Africa. Look how well they’ve done without honky.

    Fuck off.

  8. I’m not being racist here, but look carefully at that picture. You can see the outline of her face.

    Looks like ….

  9. So what have these race warriors got against Oliver Cromwell, Charles 11 and Lord Kitchener that they want to pull their statues down? All they ever did was kill white people! Ok Kitchener might have done the odd Fuzzy Wuzzy or Africunt in his youth but give the man a break! Personally I would flob on his statue just for what he did on the Somme, the fucking cunt. The flower of British manhood destroyed in one day.
    But I doubt if any Bristol University SJW would know about that or be able to tell you a single thing about Cromwell or Charlie boy. Brainwashed useful idiots.

  10. St. George of Floyd would be proud of her.

    Just another black cunt doing what black cunts do best.

    The money was supposed to pay for black cunt juniors to go to Africa ( where everything was invented ).

    A noble cause, as long as they weren’t return tickets.

    Get To Fuck.

  11. Here’s a very simple question I’d like to ask a politician (getting a straight answer is another thing): Are our cities worse with or without Muslims/blacks/Roma? I think we all know the answer, including the politicians. But it would be a waste of time asking people who can’t even define what a woman is.

    We’re fkd.

  12. BLM is a fraud. There’s a fucking newsflash. What’s next? Hindenburg goes down in flames?

  13. Bit like granpa simpson in the simpsons,In the depression you eithe r had to work as no money about or grift, He chose to grift same as this blacjk cunt.

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