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Not exactly a new theme this one, but I refer cunters to the issue of wimminz and football once again.

Consider Alyson Rudd, former player with Leyton Orient Ladies, qualified coach, referee and football journalist. So Alyson must be about as knowledgeable as it’s possible to be about the beautiful game..

Writing a preview of the forthcoming Sheffield United v Newcastle United Premiership match on 24th September, Alyson gave us this insightful gem:

‘Heckingbottom’s side ought to be able to trouble and annoy Newcastle United in today’s match at Bramall Lane.’


‘…he is blessed to have hard-working players capable of decent levels of defensive organisation to prevent leaking too many goals.’

The game ended Sheffield United 0 Newcastle United 8.

Hey Alyson, stick to your knitting pet.

The Times

Nominated by: Geordie Twatt 

56 thoughts on “Wimminz Football Experts

  1. When there’s an all female panel, I can imagine adding canned laughter after each other had spoken. That would be funny.

    • Do the words ‘wimminz’, ‘football’ and ‘experts’ even belong in the same sentence?

  2. This weekend at the Grand Prix has been worse

    Jamie Chadwick – no F1 experience
    Danica Patrick – no F1 experience
    Naomi Schiff – no F1 experience

    All featured heavily .

    I have no F1 experience , where is my job?

    • Loved the Grand Prix but over the years the so called commentators have got to the stage I cannot listen to there stupid comments esp the token that is Niome shit
      Murray Walker and James hunt must be turning in there grave seeing what a shit show it’s turned into now

  3. I had the misfortune of having to attend the game in the nomination. To he honest, this bint is about as much use as our playing staff and management.

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