The Australian “Indigenous Voice” Referendum

Our Roo shagging friends are going to the polls on October 14th to decide if they want to give yet more divisive power to the globalists.

I won’t bore you with the issues here ( look it up yourselves you lazy cunts) but the fake lefties all want a Yes vote. The trouble is all the polls show they’re going to get their libtard arses kicked.

Oh dear….did they learn nothing from 2016? Giving the vote to peasant trash and assuming the media can brainwash them is a major mistake surely?

I have a feeling that the commies are going to pull out a surprise last minute victory out of this one. Anyone who questions the result will be, of course, a far right raaaaaay-sist, bigot and Nazi. We all know the labels. We await developments.

81 million votes my arse!

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99 thoughts on “The Australian “Indigenous Voice” Referendum

  1. I have a friend from teenage school times living in Skippy land
    When he got his fitters apprentice ship completed at home, he couldn’t fly out quick enough.
    He ended up in the mines underground in no mans land but the wages were that good he dug in.
    Ten years later, he bought a house based on his wage packet and a “friendly” bank loan to support him, and then a Shiela arrived later and then some kids.
    The house is worth over a million an a half today and for some considerable time.

    One day it all changed in Skippy land and Timmy the kangaroo as well.
    He’s own teenage kid, reported in school that he was threatened by his father
    This escalated to the principal and then became official
    His wife saw a lovely opportunity
    He was basically evicted from the home, That he built.
    I think I know that my friend might call you a bollocks but that would be just honesty. but would never raise a hand or cause harm as he was far more than that Ive met Shiela a few times and she came across in all fairness as alright but fk he was caught for the lot.

  2. Actually, the proposal seems pretty reasonable to me. All it appears to be suggesting is that indigenous people should have a voice in Parliament. I see nothing wrong with that.

    • Seriously Opinionated, do you think for a second that anything will be taken seriously by parliament’s or congresses about the originals of the species.
      They the parliaments and congresses are just theatre for MSM and nothing more.
      People have copped on a wee bit though, since the Cough of 19.
      Shower of knts still run the world in a perpetual state of war for cultishness sakes.
      Nuke the next Davos meeting and end it.

    • They already have a voice in Parliament (as do I) called an MP. Now I avoid the creature like the plague, but actually did forward a forestry track upgrade proposal with photos and was thanked but sadly, not enough traffic (mainly horses around here) to warrant however many millions if would cost to Macadamise 3 or 4 miles of road.

      Where was I?

      Yes. So IF anyone can’t be bothered to liaise with the current arrangements, probably easier in remote areas (where I was born) than in urban and semi-urban locations due to travelling “surgeries” where one may meet one’s representative for frank and forthright exchanges of ideas THEN they probably won’t engage with any additional forum either. I know I wouldn’t.

  3. This referendum is a typical Labor party diversionary tactic to detract from the real problems facing the people being inflation, higher taxes, cost of living, utilities supply, housing etcetera. Duce Albanese has been deliberately obtuse about the process and power of a native advisory council therefore a no vote shall win. He’ll wring his hands call us all racists and milk it till the next election when another referendum, this time for a republic. He is a slimy Blairite cunt that doesn’t give a shit about the natives (the natives I know clearly see this referendum as bollocks) and is doing nothing to improve their lot, he only cares about retaining power.
    This referendum and the next one is a waste of my taxes and as voting is compulsory a waste of my Saturday. Fuck you Albo, snivelling commie cunt.

    • Sorry to double post: recently there was a “foreign citizen” purge of parliamentarians. My guy got bounced because his parents were New Zealanders and therefore, whether he knew it or not, he was also a NZ citizen. BANG!!!! He had to step down, renounce his NZ citizenship & gat reelected. I read the constitution, a very rarely cited document, it said “citizens of a foreign power.” In 1900, England, Scotland, Canada, Wales, New Zealand, The Falkland Islands etc. were NOT foreign powers. Why? Because they all had the same Head of State viz. Queen Victoria. (Incidentally, in that document the Aus. head of state is referred to as “The Queen” regardless of what sex the actual monarch is, akin to the Egyptian pharaohs always being “kings” regardless of sex e.g. Hatchepsut.) So Charlie is officially The Queen for constitutional purposes. Interesting read.

      The not so cunning stunt IMHO was to establish a new concept of “Foreign” in an utterly disingenuous way to pave the way for ordure-driven shenanigans later. Please do not transport Miss Sturgeon, please

  4. I did quite like Men At Work though even though they plagiarised the tune – I drew the line at Prisoner Cell Block H – as for that bearded cunt who invented the Stylophone – huh huh huh , can ya see wot it is yet – tie m’ kangaroo down – yep warning signs were there….. wobble board indeed. Afternoon all.

  5. Just to let you know it has been a resounding NO ( Get Fucked Albo ) vote in EVERY Australian State and over in KIWI land horse face Arderns Labour Party has been truly fucked as well. What a great weekend.

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