Selective Prosecution for “Offensive” Football Chants

Some twat called Dale Houghton has been identified, charged and convicted (awaiting sentencing) of a “public order” offence after he “mocked the death of football mascot Bradley Lowery” at a match between Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland on Friday, October 29th.

Sky news

Where do you start?

I’m not condoning mocking the death of a young boy. Houghton’s actions were crass, insensitive and offensive. But is that really a public order offence worthy of jail time? I get that it would have been upsetting for the family, but it’s not like this kid just died. It happened in 2017. A relatively small number of people directly involved would have been upset and offended. Fair enough. Is that justifiable grounds to send someone to prison though? Is this not just another example of “hurty words” and cancel culture?

If this oik can be identified, found, charged and convicted in 3 days, it shows plod can actually do something useful in double quick time. How do they then explain why it takes them never to find proper violent career criminal thugs and bang them up?

If offensive chanting at football grounds results in charges and convictions, why isn’t the red half of Scouserpool in jail for mocking the Munich air disaster? Why isn’t the red half of Manchester in jail for mocking the Hillsborough tragedy? Why aren’t thousands of Chelski fans in jail for making ‘hissing’ sounds at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground in reference to the gas chambers which murdered untold numbers of Jewish people? (The Tottenham area has a large Jewish population)

Maybe the authorities have been super quick to clamp down on this because it involves a young kid (Bradley Lowery was 6 years old when he died). OK, then. A few weeks ago Chester fans were chanting about Lucy Letby at a game versus Hereford where the baby killer is from. There was some “outrage” and “shock” in the very scant reporting of this, but where was the 3 day turnaround in identifying, finding, charging and prosecuting those involved taunting about someone who had killed babies? Hmmm.


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69 thoughts on “Selective Prosecution for “Offensive” Football Chants

  1. Dismayed that Erik Ten Cunt has put a giant turd in the United goal.
    And this will be be fixed anytime soon. The cunt has wasted money on a keeper who’s not fit wipe De Gea’s arse. There will be much more embarrassment ahead.☹

  2. Who gives a fuck what those knuckle dragging Neanderthals on the terraces are chanting! They’re all brain dead cunts, anyway. Never understand a single word of what they’re trying to say. Must be down to all the wanking they do while watching 22 multi millionaires try to look enthusiastic while kicking a bag of wind about!

    • Aren’t you brave?
      Try saying that to their faces and you’ll see another bag of wind getting kicked about 😆

  3. It’s not a crime.
    Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought.
    They start going down this road of prosecuting people because someone’s feelings are hurt they better know what they’re doing.
    There’s no end to the number of snivelling little fuckeres who will take offense at anything.
    What’s the end point?
    Are feelings more important than freedom? I’d say NO.
    You may not do it, I may not do it,as it’s in bad taste but it’s not a crime.

    This country gets more like a police state every day.
    Feelings are irrelevant, freedom ,individual liberty,is what counts.
    They start eroding that and it’s going to get very ugly and very sinister.
    It’s like Not the Nine O’clock News….looking at me in a funny way.
    Walking on the cracks in the pavement and walking about with an offensive wife.

    It was funny on tv, in reality it’s anything but.

    • But surely ‘wearing a loud shirt in a built up area during the hours of darkness’ has to be a hanging offence?

  4. My Old Man said Never Be A City Fan 👎👎
    Shitty City (Man City) 👎👎Get ready for the next home match at United about Francis Lee 👎👎

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