Currys – Beardy Twats

Currys are cunts.

There is a new Currys ad where both men and women have beards.Long beards as well, the cunts.

Not only is my blood boiling about the beards but I can’t find it with a simple Google search which suggests it may be being held back.

Normally they release these pieces of bollocks before or at the same time of release. If anyone sees this, please let me know of a link. I’ve recorded it ‘for posterity’ so that when they get me, it will be there.

Currys YouTube

Nominated by: Dark key cunt

Helpful link supplied by: Dickie Dribbler

And seconded by: Hard Brexit Cunt

I’ll second your nomination.
Every time one of their adverts appears on TV, I have to press the mute button to avoid listening to the thick parking stanley who is narrating them.

44 thoughts on “Currys – Beardy Twats

  1. Well the way things are going with all this gender identification bollocks, seeing women, children, even babies with beards, bollocks, boobs, cocks and piles will be the norm on our TV screens.

    We won’t be allowed to misgender – everyone has the right to be anything they want and to have anything they want!

    Currys are cunts anyway – shite service and expensive products.

    • #MeToo
      I pre-record everything I watch and cut the adverts/trailers out prior to viewing.
      Hard to imagine what Curry’s were thinking when they approved this advert.
      Makes them look like idiots.

      • All businesses that are going or have gone down the pan, are using this silly ploy to get noticed, that’s all. They know it’s all a load of bollocks.

  2. Maybe Hobbits? Wizards? Or jihadis..
    All that don’t exist in rhe eyes of the met police..

  3. I’d put it on a par with that fucking vile “advert” with 2 fat paki Gays mewling over Cadburys Creme Eggs.

    Shithouse rats.

    • Is it the same cunts who are in the ‘Wakey Wines’ ad? Now there’s a pair of prime cunts for you! “Abdul, come closer!” Fucking oven!

  4. Well, it looks to me that they are taking the piss out of our trannie friends, a dangerous game in the current climate.
    Wisdom = beards might be a funny joke to some Gen Z wanker but when you put one on young birds it takes on a different significance. It’s fucking weird.
    Has this been on the idiot box yet?

  5. Well a certain modest contributor on this site, will enjoy the beard= wisdom part.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t go to his head..

  6. How much do these marketing types get paid for this shite? Most of the ideas these days seem to have come from 5 year olds.

    • At least thev’e used a thick ethnic instead of a thick whitey like the advertising cunts usually do…..!
      Why the twats just don’t say buy our shite food instead of some political agenda it maybe more effective for sales..

    • Morrisons radio ad isn’t annoying is it!
      A stupid whistling of La Cucaracha and a jingle, FFS that would have not even be played on an advert in the 70’s. 😡
      Morning LH, morning all.

    • Top comment on that video (posted here as it didn’t seem to get much response on YT)

      “I just got back from Morrisons, and I have NEVER been so rudely treated in my life…

      All I did was go to the Customer Service desk and ask if they had any toilet roll.

      The woman behind the counter turned and screamed at the top of her lungs, OH, MY GOODNESS!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

      I politely told her there was no need to make a scene and shuffled back to the toilet with my jeans around my ankles.”

      Well done brianallan9841

  7. So long as its not possible for both sexes to have Fagin type beards, then you just ignore it. Its only if the silly cunts want to justify it, then you ask them to show us their hairy cock and balls.

    • Unless hermaphrodites want to advertise for Currys, its up to them if they want to play silly buggers.

  8. Probably trying to curry favour with the advertising authority!
    Got a message last night from a pal asking if I’d seen some degenerate called Olly Woodcock?
    Fucking hell.

    • I saw Oly on our weather for the first time the other day. Fuck me, the cunt looks like he’s made of plastic, with a cubic head and his voice is 400% proof of his sexual preferences. I can only imagine his pronouns.

  9. To be fair, it’s not a bad representation of the in store experience at most Currys branches. Most of the female park key staff have impressive facial hair.
    They could make it much more realistic though, by showing a park key with absolutely no fucking knowledge of what they’re flogging trying to sell you a £60 extended warranty on a £30 toaster.

  10. I went in there and asked one of their “trained” staff what level 3 cache the cpu in one of their laptops was.

    Would have got more sense talking to my pet dog.

  11. I’ve never used Currys, I’d sooner use a reputable company with better service. You would be forever taking the product back to Currys for repair and in the end tell you they can’t do anything about it. Then you’d end up having to tell one of these bearded cunts to go and fuck themselves.

  12. Back in the 70s and 80s the main electrical shops I used to visit were Dixons, Comet and these cunts.

    Even back then most of the staff in all 3 places didn’t know their arses from their elbows. But the one thing they did have in common was to push you into :-

    a) taking out a 24 month credit payment plan at some ridiculous APR
    b) taking out extended insurance/warranty, which wasn’t worth a shit because it often contained more exclusions than inclusions, such as “if you take your VCR out of its box, plug it in and switch it on!”

  13. Don’t watch TV these days so I’d not seen this, in the spirit of investigative journalism I’ve just watched it.

    Who the fuck so they think will watch this and rush down to Curry’s?

    Marketing people are such clueless Cunts, waste of money.

  14. I await the day when our local PCSO gets pulled to the ground by his overly long and near trailing beard. I would have thought it was an obvious hazard, and that the appropriate order to trim would have been given. But heck no! These are modern times, and the Muzzie / Lumberjack trend rolls on unabated.

  15. Never watch adverts. Only ones on YouTube selling shit at 4 times the amazon price, and 250 Watt heaters that heat your whole house in 90 seconds. Good morning.

  16. Well done Curry’s👍

    A vision of a perfect world,
    Everyone suitably bearded.

    If more people made adverts like yours the world would be a better place.

  17. I went to a Currys once. I was sat the table for an hour and never even got a poppadom.

  18. Corporate cunts like this seem to love the utter shit advertising that all produce. My piss boils when I heard those two mong faced cunts yodeling “Dominoesssohhohhhs”.

    The utter utter cunts.

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