Patrick Harvie

I need to nominate Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the Scottish Green Party.

There is a by-election (should be bi-election) in Rutherglen and Hamilton West after the previous former SNP and Independent candidate was sacked for breaking Covid restrictions 3 fucking years ago.

Patrick Harvie was heckled during an interview by BBC Scotland because he’s a cunt. The BBC have not mentioned the name of the heckler, or even got him in the picture. I hope it was the Chief returning officer of South Lanarkshire Council.

For a professional politician who has never had a proper job, who is pro-independence, anti-car and wants to cause people to freeze to death by banning gas boilers. The man is not angry because of his status, but because of his political views which he and his party are trying to dictate to the people of Scotland.

In the 2017 election for Glasgow North Patrick Harvie came 4th. He is only an MSP by virtue of being the co-leader of The Green Party in Scotland. That is wrong.

I managed to nab this one quickly as Reporting Scotland on BBC iPlayer expires after 24 hours.


Nominated by Anton Pillar.

44 thoughts on “Patrick Harvie

  1. Harvie is a Covid grade cunt, inflicted on the people of Scotland by virtue of the parliamentary election system at Holyrood, who wields inappropriate power by virtue of being needed by the SNP to form a coalition.

    On top of all of that, he’s got one of the most punchable faces in politics, or anywhere for that matter.

    He should do us all a favour and fuck off, far far away, the wee cunt.

    Morning all.

    Morning all.

  2. It was the Scottish Greens in coalition with the SNP who pushed Krankie into the gender nonsense that was her downfall. So I suppose they did Scotland a great service, albeit by accident. Making the SNP seem relatively sane takes some doing.

      • The current rumour is that Murrel is going to be the fall guy and be charged with the lesser crimes uncovered (as the Polis/COPFS have to look as if they’re taking it seriously) and that Krankie is going to get away with it….

        Frankly, I’m now past fucking caring, we’ve gone so far beyond the levels of corruption and fuckwittery that exist in Banana Republics that future griftorians will start referring to similar messes as something like Haggis Kleptocracies (no wonder we’ve had a recent sudden mass influx of Africunts…they’re drawn to the smell of, umm, lion rampant corruption).

        Minor correction as to the cunting, the wee deviantii muppet Harvie and his crew do not give one fuck about independence (cf. the current SNP, who are best described as ‘gravy bus devolutionists’ these days).

        Nationalism isn’t a concept the Greens are happy about, seeing as the main schtick they peddle is ‘we all need to work together to save Gaia’, they’re all bloody internationalists/globalists/ein reich..ein volkers at heart

        If you do hear the wee cunt say anything about independence, it’s a case of any old expedient lie to the McSheeple will do so long as it gets them into power (curiously though, his lot are generally more popular with the white settlers than with the natives), and you can blame the asinine d’Hondt voting system up here for allowing the cunts to be in the position where they can wield the unwarranted and disproportionate power that they do.

  3. God almighty how many more cunts can the public purse support? I reckon most of these useless, pointless bastards have made deals with Old Nick.

  4. Give him some credit for having done his homework. Time was when Britain was run by the Green movement. That’s how things were before the Industrial Revolution; famine, pestilence plagues, grinding poverty, average life expectancy about 40 and about 50% infant mortality. He must be aware of all that.

    • Per Wikipedia he’s bi-sexual which, in his pathetic case , is likely a convenient euphemism because he hasn’t got the balls to just say that he’s gay.

      • Perhaps he thinks that calling himself bi increases his appeal at the ballot box.

        As a representative of the hetro female population, the missus reckons that he’s a testicle on legs.

  5. I bet this little fudgepacker wants independence, but not independence from the Westminster money tree. These Nats are all the fucking same. What will support the Neds – smoked salmon, kilts, tam-o-shanters, haggis, shortbread and whisky?

    Just fuck off. His simpering gaylord grin suggests he is sporting a furry tartan penis and ballbag warmer.

  6. Green, Scotch and quare. Of course he’s going to spunk taxpayers money away on hotels. Nobody will say too much.

    I wonder who he’s shared the rooms with?

  7. He and his type of politics are a portent of what’s to come after the next general election in this country. The only question is, can Unkle Terry build a big enough oven in time?
    God help us.

  8. Is he by any chance related to John Reginald Halliday Christie?
    “Just a wee dram of the auld electric soup, Nicky, and on yer way!!”

  9. He co-wrote a demo on the Atari ST called The Prisoner Demo under the nickname “The Schizoid Man” (from the TV Series of the same name):

    The Video Digitiser used 16 colours but he got the colour palette all wrong even though he was told to reduce the graphics to 8 colours. The other guy had to remap them to 8 colours using palette entries 0-7. True story that.

  10. If “the cunts cunt” was ever officially added to the dictionary!

    This cunts picture would definitely be added. No explanation necessary!!

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