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Well that’s Wales ground to a near halt cunting for the 20mph speed limit and that cunt Mark Drakeford.

Now we have 30mph signs everywhere, people driving at 20mph everywhere even on 40,50,60mph roads, cars driving around in 2nd gear with cold catalysts, all journeys taking longer and all in the name of less emmisions, who the fuck does the homework on these things.

We reckon the little clown that is Drakeford is Trying to turn Wales into the cycling capitol of the world, I shudder to think what this cunt is going to think up next….

Nominated by : Fuglyucker

Steaming into second gear with another rant is…..Fuglyucker:

Mark Drakeford and his 20mph idea is a complete cunt.

Day 2 of the new 20 mph rule and its complete fucking carnage, 15 mph on main roads, backed up traffic as far as the eye can see, buses queuing, multiple cars jumping red lights. people doing 20 on 50mph roads.

It took 15 extra minutes to do 7 miles and when we finally got into work we had a waste oil truck waiting to collect our waste oil and he said he only managed to cover 2 thirds of his round yesterday.

Cars sat idling with cold catalysts, just using fuel and ironically not helping the environment one little bit..
So then Drakeford ya cock, whos fucking idea was this, who did the fucking research, how much has this cost and is going to cost to reverse, this dozy little Welsh hobbit has single highhandedly brought Wales to a near standstill and not for the first time.

The only thing he has motivated me to do is vote against him in the next election, i wasn’t going to bother, because i see one group of cunts as no better than the other, but i think Drakesfords 20 is the number of nails required to nail down the lid of this little turds coffin, once and for all, he has single handedly united Wales quicker that Owain Glydwr ever did.

Lets hope the pathetic little weasel is voted out ASAP and this unfunny 20 mph joke is scrapped……
Useless whinging cunt, fuck offf

Another helping of this Welsh twat with the IQ of a daffy from Dirty Harriet below.

A massive cunting for Mark Drakeford and his 20mph law, nobody would argue that this is a good idea outside schools, hospitals, parks, but apart from these areas once again no homework or research has been done for how this will impact many road users.

Lorry drivers who are on a Tacho, it will take longer to get deliveries done.
Haulage drivers with livestock, cattle, sheep, pigs etc will suffer.
Delivery drivers, DPD, Fed Ex etc won’t get an many deliveries done in a day.
Van drivers for motor factors & main Dealerships will take longer to deliver the parts to garages.
Learner drivers won’t get as much for their hour lesson.
Carers will take longer to get to their patients & won’t be able to get to as many in a day.
Midwives will take longer to get around.
Doctors on call will take longer to get to their patients.
Blood bank driver’s will they be exempt from the 20mph?
Organ carriers will they be exempt from the 20mph?
Vets will they be exempt from the 20mph when on emergency calls?
AA/RAC/Recovery trucks will take longer to get to breakdowns.
Meals on wheels will take longer to get around.
Bus rides will take longer to get to destinations.
Journey times to & from work for everyone will take longer.
But, Taxi drivers will be able to milk their customer’s.
Can’t think of anyone else
So Mark Drakeford you are an Uber cunt. Why do driver’s have to be targeted when pedestrians don’t know how to cross the road, simple, look right, look left & look right again & keep looking whilst crossing, without looking at your phone with headphones on, I learnt from Tufty (the squirrel) & I am still here
With a petition of 171,000 signatures so far hopefully this law will be abolished.

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  1. The cucks in the Guardian are jizzing themselves all over this, to judge by the comments left under a piece they’ve published today. They love it because once again, it doesn’t effect the middle class lefties in London and obviously those working class oiks don’t matter.

  2. Credit where credits due.
    I didn’t think Norman Sunak had the bollocks for it,
    But he proved me wrong.

    By halting the mean green climate machine he’s proper upset the eco mongs

    Charities, Labour party, and arch eco warrior Boris Johnson,
    The architect of ULEZ,
    The cunt who pushed this shite on us.

    Boris is a climate mitmot
    As is his EU loving cunt of a father Stanley.

    Sunak couldn’t upset them more if he’d whipped out his spicy little pecker and pissed in Greta Thunbergs face .

  3. We want councils to light the streets at night, collect the rubbish and keep the streets clean.
    What do we get ? Lights turned off at 12, rubbish collections halved, and jungles growing out of the kerbs. With the added bonus of blocking roads off, and reducing speed limits ( and increasing emissions!).

  4. Mark DragshisFord. Linda Blair went quicker than 20 mph crawling backwards on all fours down the stairs in The Exorcist. Slow Skid Mark will be the first to complain when UPS deliver his copy of ‘Gimp Monthly’ a day late due to traffic congestion.

    • It’s all about the implementation of the social credit system.

      It’s fuck all to do with oil or global boiling.

      China don’t need to sell the lie of human caused climate change to its public because they have already implemented the surveillance technology.

      On the other hand – the NPC’s in the UK and much of the west are currently in the middle of the gaslighting process.

      The same types of people who are probably wearing masks again.

      Let us control absolutely every aspect of your life (and your thoughts) in exchange for saving the planet.


      • Whether you believe in Human-caused GW or not, Humans are not capable of saving the planet.
        If you go with the dogma of the IPCC, then you must accept the CO2 concentration is now beyond the tipping point of 400 ppm and irreversible warming is now baked in, regardless of human attempts at ‘net zero’, which will achieve fuck all.

        What undermines the credibility of the climate industry is the constant scaremongering and apocalyptic shite peddled by the media as well as the hypocrisy of the celebrity activists. ‘There’s still time to save the plaent!’
        The ‘planet’ is not in danger, certain species are, as are coastal cities, but over centuries. The sea level has always risen and fallen with the ice ages. It’s not new.
        The measures proposed will not change anything, The CO2 in the atmosphere will need to be reabsorbed by plants and the oceans over many decades, and developing countries are industrialising even as the west lowers emissions.
        The African Union have said at COP27 in Egypt that they will not forego developing their gas industries for bribes from the west.

  5. I read somewhere recently that these 20mph zones have been linked to an actual increase in air pollution.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

    Seems that all government forms of “we’re doing this for your own benefit” legislation, is contradictory bullshit these days.

    Net Zero – possibly the biggest of all crocks of shit in recent times – and there’s been a few to be fair.

  6. Drakeford is a hypocritical wefling with policies that verge on the tyrannical. From the same mould as Turdeau, Jacinda Acunt and her replacement, et al. I pity the people of Wales and hope they get rid of the cunt.

    • We have more grassy knolls than you can shake a stick at. Its Wales. Famous for grassy knolls, rain and that galactic sized cunt drakeford.

  7. In Wales faster than walking travelling has never really been fully accepted. It was only in 1960 that shoes were considered a safe means of getting about.

  8. I commented on You Tube yesterday that this cunt should go to the gallows. Got a warning and said I would be blocked if I didn’t behave.
    This cunt should go to the gallows!

    • I was suspended for ‘cyberbullying’ a while ago. I think i referred to a violent transexual as ‘confused’. It wasn’t on a vdeo uploaded by a trans, or a trans channel, but on a channel that gets leftie trolls posting abuse. As ever with Youtube, it’s okay when they do it.

  9. Drakeford the jumped up little shitweasle is now claiming that the anti 20mph petition shouldnt be counted as its being signed by the English, what a pathetic cunt this arse clown is, admit when your wrong you little twat, 90 percent of Wales now consider you a slow rolling cunt, reverse the madness you stupid fuck and stop with all the bullshit, it was tolerated over covid but now you have over stepped your importance….

  10. Welcome to the future.The WEF in charge.15 minute cities bollocks.We are heading to hell in a handcart.Bollocks and double bollocks to the lot of them.Burn in hell.

  11. In the header photo, Mark Drakeford looks like the sort of senile cunt who should be in the European Commission or democrat party.

    ‘Change my nappy while I neck this brandy’.


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