Feminism (6)

Feminism was always stupid. It was always destructive.
I like Pearl Davis. She’s so honest. She talks about ‘chicks’ who are 10. Yes rating their beauty AS IMPORTANT in women’s lives. She has no truck with ‘the leader she can be’. No, it’s all back to basics with Pearl. The basic of beauty.
She says of herself she’s a 4 which is brutally honest.
She calls out women who think they’re higher than they really are. Comical pudgy black girl on one shows- ‘I’m a 10’.
But she goes deeper. ‘Body count’. She says it still DOES concern most men how many women his potential wife has slept with. That was dismissed by feminists but really deep down it matters.
There was a girl on another programme. A single mother. A ‘trad’ guy told her the truth that she was way down the list of potential wives for a successful man. She left the studio in tears. She never realised see. That’s because she has been lied to all her life by radical feminism.

Back to Pearl and her ‘truth bombs’. You’re out of the market (for a successful man) at 25. Modern women don’t know how to cook. When a woman becomes CEO of some company ‘they run it into the ground’.

Feminism has been the ruination of women.
Just what comes to mind -is there anything sillier than listening to a ‘career woman’ talking seriously about her work?
Women in the military, police is just daft. We all know that they are for no REAL reason. We’re indulging them.
Equal pay was worth fighting for I suppose. But even that I don’t like.
It unbalanced the family.
Women instead of being empathetic and supportive and nurturing have become hard and hateful.
1 in 3 women have has abortions in the West. One woman on a video saying an unborn child as a ‘parasite’.
Inked up to the eyeballs almost.
Germane you’ve got a lot to answer for.


Nominated by Miles Plastic.

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  1. It’s both their crime and their punishment, so bollocks to them.
    Modern wimminz are living in denial.
    They’re going to die alone and get eaten by their cats, whiffy fannies first.
    Of course, old men can get lonely, but at least they’ve got mates, camaraderie and the potential for keeping in shape with manly exercising.
    Old wimminz have none of that, always sitting on the couch, inactive apart from active negativity and complaining, and there’s no camaraderie as wimminz will never understand it, being, as they are, bitches throughout their lives.

    • Feminists might pretend to hate men, but they always seem to hate other women more, especially the married type or ones popular with men

      They’re just miserable, resentful, worthless twats.

    • I sense women are too proud to seek out sex workers in regards to satisfying their sexual needs, as they do not want to admit they are undesirable and no one wants them. Most men on the other hand get treated like shit by these women, and as such have no qualms about paying for sex.

  2. Germaine had it all.
    Looks, intelligence, wit, self confidence, the lot!
    Still has.
    Easy to see how a certain type of male might feel intimidated.
    She even knows what a woman is.
    Btw, the foetus is a parasite.
    It’s a scientific fact.
    Good afternoon.

    • She had the sense to stop appearing on Have I Got Chuckling Cunts For You when the Sachsgate bullshit scared the BBC into issuing compliance directives.

  3. It cracks me up where you have a single mother of multiple kids by different men saying any man must have a six figure income be six foot tall ripped and have their own house. The deluded tarts have not figured out that they would be receiving a hard pass from any bloke who met those requirements.
    Cats and wine boxes lie ahead, fucking get used to it.

    • I heard it recently described as a good looking woman could make it onto the deck of a billionaires yacht where a man to do the same would have to be the billionaire no matter how good looking he was.

    • Met a few like that.

      One tart I used to work with had 3 kids by the time she was 25 to three different fellas, one of them a dark chap. She was bonny but let herself go and had a belly and saggy arse on her. And had developed a smoker’s cough.

      Still, in the office she would say she didn’t need a man, only for sex and then only if he’s over 6 foot with a six pack and lots of money to spoil her. She wasn’t joking too.

      I wouldn’t have touched her with a nob I’d found in the street.

      Single mate of mine said on dating apps, the tarts all use filters and look fuck all like their pictures online and that even fat dokey council house mum’s want a bloke 6″4 with a body like Ronaldo and with a similar bank balance.

      The fucking deluded tarts. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that as the last time I was in a pub I saw loads of decent looking lads in decent shape (although every young bloke seems to have skinny legs and shitty beards now) with some right ugly fat munters.

      I’m glad I’m not 21 now. Decent fanny must be difficult to get. Piece of piss in my day, thank fuck.

    • the six sixes is the brainfart of a delusional cat-sitter and spinster.

      The sad part is that the red pill /incel community all buy into it and the endless videos of bimboes as evidence of female greed and materialism while they go on apart Aloha and Sigma and their homoscope signs.


  4. Aye Pearl is great. Women shouldn’t have the vote she says. Women should respect the authority of the man. And she’s right she points out the disaster that are couples ruled by the woman. The Sussex’s for example.
    If all the women lost their jobs it wouldn’t have the slightest effect economically.
    The most insightful stuff of hers is how the State has taken over the running of the family. It better put It is downright out to destroy the family.

      • You would seem to be promoting and advocating for murder there, MP.
        If my ex-wife and I were forced to stay together, one of us would have killed the other; not sure which way it’d have transpired.
        Interesting, we’re moderately friendly now, both more contented apart.

      • My first ‘marriage’ (we weren’t married but engaged for about 5 years) was the same.

        If we’d have been forced to stay together, I think I’d have been on the news by now, put it that way. She was a fucking bitch.

        Probably why I never married the cunt. Even her own family hate her and dint speak to her. Her character was like that Janine bitch on EastEnders back in the day, or Tracy Barlow. My ex would watch soaps so I ended up seeing them, soz.

        Got lucky and found a good un though. Married her with a year if meeting her. Still going strong after 19 years. She can moan a bit when on the blob but that’s about it.

        Can’t imagine her ever being a cunt, but if that ever happens, I won’t be joining the dating game.

        Fuck that. I’ll just buy a van, a mattress, some chloroform and a ball pein hammer.

      • Making it unlawful for a man to rape his wife was the thin end of the wedge.
        It’s all been downhill from there.

      • Ho ho, I’d imagine that doing, not just marriage, but anything “for the greater good” would lead all participants to untold and neverending misery, Miles!

      • I believe you can just shoplift the hammer nowadays, as long as it’s under £200 there’ll be no comeback.

      • It’s ok Cunt Engine has lent me his.

        …although thinking about it, he was wearing black leather gloves when he handed me his blood stained hammer. Said he’d banged his thumb. He insisted I took my garden gloves off to ‘get the feel’ of the hammer too.

        Nothing strange about that and I’m thankful for the lend.

      • Spoken like a good Cafferlick.

        I have sympathy for people stuck in a loveless marriage. Be they male or female.

        Both sexes have the capacity to be arseholes. Not a fan of misogyny or the whole Red Pill/Black Pill mentality.

        The extreme modern feminists seem to have a lot in common with the incels. More than they would like to admit

    • ‘IIf all the women lost their jobs it wouldn’t have the slightest effect economically’

      That hasn’t been remotely true since 1940.
      Also, Pearl’s insight was made by the Fabians 120 years ago.

    • Imagine a night on the piss with him, Alex Higgins and George Best?

      You’d be bothering DCI (and maybe the undertaker) after a severe bout of alcohol poisoning.

    • I’m really surprised Miles has bought this tripe, especially from the likes of Just Pearly Shite.

      • No she speaks truth CP.
        It was always bollocks. She’s bringing it back to what is real.

        I remember the shock on the faces of her guests when she asked the most terrible question of modern woman–

        ‘Can you cook?’ ‘Have you got a cookbook? None of them had.

        Er…you know just because something sounds ridiculously old fashioned like that. Doesn’t make it wrong.

        Modern women (many) are ridiculously new- fashioned.

        Feminism was never bought by the vast majority of ordinary women.

        Are we on the the ‘third wave’ of Feminism? It maybe the fourth.

        As though people think it has some kind of intellectual coherency.

        Women in the workplace is daft as well.

        All this promiscuity by women is not really what they want.

        All men are just to be ridiculed.

        But they’re not creating their own culture as it were. There own ‘feminist’ businesses.

        It’s a huge waste of time. Time they girl hasn’t got because once she’s embarked on some silly career the chances of getting a traditional man with morals and means it’s too late for her.

        No, Pearl’s great.

  5. Modern feminism is fuck all about empowering wimminz and more about turning them into whiny entitled victims whilst demonizing men.

    They don’t want equality, they want superiority. They have been told they can have it all, a girl boss, a strong independent woman, empowered…pick any fucking cliche you like.

    Sorry ladies, you have been lied to.

    • modern feminism went through hating men and has now mutated into hating biological women.

      It was destined to end this way.

  6. Its cunts who haven’t a clue what women are, that still need sorting out first, before going back to the old arguments of feminism.

  7. The feminist credo (read in Ewen McGregor’s voice at the start of Trainspotting):
    Choose feminism, choose to be dead of liver cirhossis by the age of 52 after drinking wine box after wine box in your fancy flat, surounded by no-one except the manifestation of your regret, as it whispers into your ear, “you should have stayed with Robert, he was good to you, you shouldn’t have put off his marriage proposals because of the perceived importance of promoting your career, he’s happily married to someone else now, he’s got the kids you never will have, you barren old witch. Choose to swim in your tears, Choose to yet have another drink. Choose to have that whole bottle of pills, and cry yourself into eternal oblivion.”

  8. Question: What do these companies have in common?
    NatWest – Farage debanking scandal
    Post Office – prosecuting innocent subpostmasters for their own IT fuckup
    Yahoo – huge losses, sold to Verizon
    Wilko – administration
    Direct Line – profit slump
    Gap – sales slump
    John Lewis – going down the tubes

    Answer: Women CEOs. Sorry ladies, know your limits:


  9. I have a naturalness towards women, without wanting to take advantage of them. Being a philogynist makes things easy between us. Everything then runs smoothly on an even keel.

  10. Well they got what they wanted..

    But it seems many of them don’t like how it turned out.

    To that I say hard cheese..and fuck off.

    • Indeed.

      There seem to be a growing band of ‘Men Go Their Own Way’ type of bloke about nowadays.

      • I’m all for feminism.

        It’s just foot stamping at the end of the day.
        Long as it doesn’t effect my tea or get under my feet they can pretend whatever they want.

        Don’t want em sulking or crying do we?

      • I think that is true Ron Knee.

        I am single and many people speculate “oh is he gay not interested in sex or a weirdo”. Truth is I am not keen on most modern women who are hypocritical passive aggressive self entitled whiny trashy promiscuous gold diggers.I don’t want to be with a woman who constantly sees herself as a victim or is up her own arse with a massive chip on her shoulder. Not difficult to understand why. Plus if you live with a woman for 6 months she can take half of your stuff.Fuck that.

      • I suppose that is a downside to being the Angel of Death and Destroyer of Man.

        He has gone by many names;
        but you may call him…

      • The MGTOW Fraternity is just the other side of the coin from Feminazi. Social media has caused this and the extremes get more polarised .
        It’s a feedback loop.

  11. Pearl calling herself a 4 is too harsh.She is a 7 I would say but the point stands that girls who say they are 10s are never 10s , in fact most are far far from it.

  12. I’m not the biggest fan of feminism but Pearl is a clueless, cosseted potato of a woman who grew up in a mansion.

    She utterly humiliates herself with her childish outlook on relationships.

  13. Feminism at its heart is supposed to be about equality. But all it is about is making men a scapegoat for all a woman’s ills and to put them on a pedestal above every other cunt.
    Trying to understand it is like arguing with a stupid person. Pointless and disappointing.
    Even the wife started out as a star, but due to feminism she’s always right, all the fucking time.
    What’s worse is men saying that they’re feminists too. Turncoat bastards should be hung.

    • Male feminists are Cuttlefish. They pretend to be ineffectual gaylords in the presence of real men, but when nobody’s looking they get rapey.

      • Those soy boy cunts wearing “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirts. You just know they’re wrong ‘uns and it’s only a matter of time before they end up on the sex offenders’ register.

  14. Isn’t it the bankers that supported feminism and women’s rights movements way back in the 60s 70s, knowing that they could trap a two wage house instead of the traditional one mans wage.
    It’s turned uglier as the years run by, young men are never going to live up to the expectations that the modern lie demands.
    I see it regularly, the castration of ordinary male decent souls, as certain types of women make shit of them because they are enlightened (blinded)
    Women’s commands it but young Men are turning off subconsciously.
    Not all women of course are painted the same but the narrative is everywhere

  15. Let the man hating feminist harpie hit the wall. Let the feminist live and wither in a multi-ethnic shithole society. Let the feminist drown in warped woke ideology. Let the feminist grow old and be alone. Let the feminist reap the seeds they have sown.

  16. I see the feminist icon and repulsive lard bucket Lizzo has been sued again for bullying and harassment. But, of course, she is not getting as much hate and hysteria as Russell Brand.

    • When I heard Lizzo was cast in a Star Wars thingy, I assumed Jabba had survived and was making a comeback.

      ‘Bo Shoo-dah!’

  17. Three words:

    Kinder, Küche, Kirche.

    Update: Feminists can’t cook, and rarely go to church (except Miles’ missus) which leaves them free to concentrate on bringing up the brats. Badly.

  18. Just this past week, I went to an exhibition of the ‘works’ of the feminist ‘art collective’ Pussy Riot. Someone has to in the interests of keeping ISaC well informed.

    What a load of shouty, Me! Me! Me! cunt. Badly crayoned titles for each video exhibit. A load of largely lezza scrubbers exhibiting their poor grasp of world politics by flashing their minges. Their world famous stunt of desecrating a cathedral was soooo cutting edge.

    The larges screen showed one of the darlings pissing over a large portrait piccy of Putin. Another said that their actions made Putin scared. Ha, ha, ha. I bet Vlad is quaking in his Kremlin!

    Hordes of gullible locals soaked up the atmosphere of ADHD bollocks. I wondered how Pussy’s monging and gurning would have gone down in the old Soviet Union? Freedom is relative but they did not seem to have noticed. Twats.

  19. “1 in 3 women have has abortions in the West.”
    What utter tripe.
    In the UK it’s fewer than 2 in 100.
    And not much different in the U.S.

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