NHS Receptionists (3)

Be they on the desk of a GP surgery or hospital department, they seem to be completely unable in performing the most basic tasks, especially passing on important clinical information to relevant medical staff, and are one of the reasons the service is so inefficient. Pen pushers soaking up taxpayers money and none of them have a clue of what is happening or don’t give doctors what they need to know.

In my own case, in the past two months receptionists haven’t told doctors of clinical details they needed to know, leading to wasted journeys, and now a possible abandoned procedure, despite me informing these daft bints well ahead of time. It’s left to a nurse specialist to email the doctor/department directly when the admin staff can’t be fucked to communicate. too busy on fucking Facebook, perhaps? Half sound as if they’ve been on Mogadon; dopey, slow-witted, clueless fuckwits. The other half sound distracted and glib, as if what you’re saying is entering one ear and exiting the other, without sparking any neurons on it’s way through.

I generally expect important clinical information to be passed to the relevant doctors as it does have an effect of how clinic visits and procedures are planned, but this doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Doctors are also now not aware of their departments’ correspondence with GPs, despite the GP sending texts to patients saying the hospital would like blood tests for X, Y and Z done.

This is not that new though, severe -even life-threatening- incompetence seems to be a pat of the criteria for the NHS receptionist. Back in 2008 I had chemo for bollock cancer. Chemo can fuck with your immunity and I developed neutropenic sepsis. I phoned the chemo ward as I had been instructed, and the receptionist/administrator said they had no beds and I should go to my local hospital.
According to my consultant this should never have happened, and he was livid.

They could all be replaced with some sort of Chat bot and the NHS would run far more efficiently, although if developed under government contract at eyewatering expense, might not work at all.


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