The PGMOL need a cunting. (Professional Game Match Officials Board – NA)

Fuck me, one week into the season and we ALREADY have about 5 contentious VAR/refereeing decisions. Including the piece de resistance, a foul by United’s keeper on the Wolves striker which wasn’t given as a penalty. An incident which the PGMOL have ‘apologised’ to Wolves manager Gary O’Neil for, and admitted they got wrong. Great, because that’s definitely going to change things after the fact isn’t it you fucking morons?

I’m a United fan myself, but the incident was so blatant that even Stevie Wonder could see it was a penalty. Everybody involved in the PGMOL needs to be sacked pronto, with independent performance assessors brought in.

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  1. VAR is a good idea if you have sensible people doing it. And there’s the problem.
    Having just suffered a relegation to the Championship, it is nice to know that once a goal goes in, that’s it : it’s a goal and you don’t have to wait half an hour for some fuckwit to decide how to dream up some weird interpretation of what happened.

  2. I am a Wolves fan OC, and it’s refreshing to hear a UTD supporter admitting the foul – unlike ten Hag who stated it wasn’t.
    Anyhow, onto the wankers who couldn’t find fault at the time. They’ve all been ‘dropped’ and should be thrown out of professional football for good.
    If they have genuine reason to find no foul occurred, and are adamant they are right and the rest of the UK is wrong, they should come to the Molineux and explain to the fans there.

    • Tbf I had The Sports Bar on after the game and most of the United supporters who phoned in said as much. I think it’s one of those decisions that’s so egregious it transcends club biases.

  3. An apology isn’t going to be much use to Wolves if they end up in the bottom three by one point next May.
    They could introduce a system where they retrospectively alter a result, but then there’s no guarantee the penalty would have been scored if awarded. Which would have been the argument of Man United’s lawyers in the ensuing legal action.
    At the end of the day, VAR is still at the mercy of human error, prejudice and some may suggest, favouritism.
    A ref can fuck up, but what really boggles the mind is that three people can also make the wrong decisions with the benefit of multi camera replays.
    No wonder some fans think it’s bent.
    And with so much money swilling around in football, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Of course it’s bent. When there’s that much money involved, and when betting is so prevalent, corruption inevitably follows. The handball not given for Everton (I think) against City a few seasons back springs to mind too.

  4. Different acronym same story. The powers of football ⚽️ have in my opinion been bent for 50 years in favour of the Man Utd lpool so called big teams.

    My own team where robbed by so many pathetic bent refs and fined and penalised by the authorities way and above the fashionable teams.


  5. That’s another one back after Peter McParland broke Ray Woods jaw in the 1957 Cup Final. A second Cup Final a year later. Nat Lofthouse should’ve been locked up for GBH against Harry Gregg. Thirdly, I didn’t want United to sign a black cunt goalie, giving penalties away.

  6. Nat Lofthouse wow what a centre forward. Made Jaws Jordan and big Dunc look tame.

    • I saw Duncan Edwards play. Stood behind the goals at the scoreboard end when he took a penalty. Goalies would shit themselves. I couldn’t even see the ball when Duncan was kicking it towards me !

  7. Aye that was a piss take. That keeper cleaned him out.

    Fuck VAR anyway. Only brought in because the modern lot can’t ever be wronged, so let’s ruin a free flowing sport and kill spontaneous goal celebrations.

    Great idea, you fucking Tarquins.

    Been all downhill since the posh soy boys got into football. Taking the knee, rainbow laces , Gareth fucking Wokegate, Lineker going from national hero of sorts to being as unpopular as Gary Glitter, no standing, no funny and rude songs, no swearing, no shouting that a player is a ‘useless fucking cunt’. All of these can get you banned now. Female pundits and commentators telling us what’s what.

    Has any cunt not released Three Lions again yet for the split arses reaching the uppity lezzas comedy football final?

    I’d rather watch Diane Abbott wiping her arse in 3D Smellovision.

    I blame Baddiel and Skinner for ruining football anyway. The shithouses.

    • Baddiel and Skinner are total cunts. Plastic Chelsea cunt Baddiel, who gets offended by Tottenham’s Y!d Army chants. Woke shithouse.

      And Skinner, face like a warthog’s arse and about as funny as Covid.

      When they were at Wembley during Euro 96, those two cunts were treated like rock stars because of that Three Lions excrement. They made me sick, and their show was full of post-Prem celebrity cunts like Zoe Ball, that snotty bitch off Father Ted and Stoke turd Nick Hancock. Absolute shite.

      • Aye Norm. The cunts even dug out clips of Pele missing a chance or fucking up in a section called ‘Pele was shit’ or summat?

        Pele was shit?

        Simply proved what these cunts know about football. Absolutely fuck all.

      • You could have nominated quite a few celeb football hangers on for a cunting back in the day.
        Skinner, Baddiel, Adrian Chiles, David Mellor, Zoe Ball, Mick Hucknall and the Gallagher brothers.
        All making a big deal out of their alleged football allegiance to benefit from tv and radio shows or free tickets.

      • Three Lions was and still is, a shite song.
        It’s insufferable.

        World in Motion was far superior.

        Nessun Dorma is by far the finest of all pieces of football related music.

        Abide With Me has always been one to get the emotions going an all.

        In my humble opinion of course.

  8. One week in and the shit show has started already.

    I was in favour of VAR in the beginning, solely on the basis that I wanted the correct decision, not just a decision. As we have seen over and over again, even with VAR you still don’t always get the correct decision. So on that basis, it has failed. You might as well just leave it up to the on field officials like it always used to be.

    I’ve been saying for years there needs to be more on field officials. Two refs and 4 linesmen. A ref for each half of the pitch and a lino for each line from halfway line to the goal line. For dodgy or close call decisions, collaborate via radio and make a quick decision. But no. Instead, they have more cameras and a tit in some dimly lit room somewhere who’ll paw over a thousand angles for 2 to 3 minutes while we all await the outcome. It’s ruined football. Or should I say, it’s added to the ruination of football. Thank you, Sky.

    I have lost 99% interest in this bore fest now. The 1% did watch some of the Brighton vs. Luton game at the weekend. At one point, a Brighton player nutmegged a Luton defender at very close range, then ran straight into him. Ref blew for obstruction and actually booked the Luton player!!!!! THAT’S NOT OBSTRUCTION. You have to deliberately block the path of your opponent by moving into their direction of travel. What was the Luton defender supposed to do, disappear? Absolutely moronic decision and didn’t even need VAR to be completely and utterly the wrong call.

    The diving, dissent, handball rule nobody understands anymore, offside rule nobody understands anymore, weekly player wages that could buy your house, cunt pundits, VAR that’s not fit for purpose and refs who don’t understand the game….it’s over for football. RIP.

  9. Fucking about after the event with some cunt fannying about on a PS4 for five minutes has no place in sport.

    If they insist on it then have a twenty second time limit for a decision..miss the limit get coshed round the swede.

    What a fuckin mess.

  10. What referee is going to award a penalty against United at Old Trafford in the last minute and risk the home team losing two points?
    The majority of referees have always been spineless bastards.

  11. Just wait until VAR is controlled by how many likes are sent in from ‘soshul meedjah’.

    You heard it here first.

  12. Should be goal line only.

    That’s it.

    It feels like another nail in the coffin of the game as we knew it.


    • It can never go back to the way we knew it Herman. The rich cunts who formed the Prem had studied American professional sports and saw what an unexploited fucking gold mine it was. Everything you see and have seen in football comes from America including all the wokie virtue signalling. A sports “franchise” in Yankland is a license to print money.

  13. It doesn’t matter how many times you look at an incident like that in slow mo it still comes down to a subjective opinion.
    Now, I fucking hate the Manker Wankers but I wouldn’t have given a penalty. They both went up for the ball, the geezer got his head to it and then got battered over. That’s what happens all the time, get over it. I appear to be in a minority of one but if I’m the ref, tough luck, stop crying.
    Of course if it was against West Ham, Palace or Millwall it would have been a pen all day long.

  14. Football, ppft!

    I want Gladiators in amphitheater, with swords, axes and tridents.

    Lions v criminals, armed with a stick ( the criminals, not the lion)

    The odd person burnt at the stake for paying a bogus company millions to supply unusable PPE, or ships that don’t even exist.

    Imagine the roar of the crowds.

    Who said olden times were boring.

  15. They need a similar system to Cricket, where the manager can get 3 challenges and if they are right they are not charged a challenge but if they are wrong then they are charged. Also mic up the refs during it so the people in the stands can hear the discussions. Not seen the incident cause fuck the Premier League, the only time I’ll watch a prem match again is if my beloved Argyle ever get promoted to it. International football can go fuck itself since it took blood money from Saudi. I Can see the prem dying in the next 10 years as the big clubs push for that super league they want, but anything to rag on the united scum, things never change and refs still soft on em.

    • I can see that happening at some point tbh – you seem to have a great project under Schumacher. Reckon you’ll follow a similar trajectory to Luton.

      • If we can keep a hold of him I think we can go places, off the field too the clubs being ran properly. As good as Shuey is Hallett the owner deserves a lot of credit too.

      • He’s definitely going to be a Premier League manager someday. Only question is whether it’s with you or someone else – hopefully the former.

    • Well, he had both hands in the air so maybe he thought he was back in Cameroon getting shaken down by the coppers for nicking the President’s Rolls Royce. ( kindly paid for by the British taxpayer.)

  16. Chelsea did a cute bit of cheating at the weekend too. A corner kick was chomped in but some cheating shit-eater called Jackson just flapped it out with his hands. Completely conned the referee.

    Like his namesake, he’s probably a kïd- fīddler cunt.

    • Apparently your lot are targeting that Japanese midfielder at Stuttgart. So we can probably expect a 100mil bid from Chelsea in the near future.

  17. If Wonder was ever able to see, his the valet and hairdresser will be going to VAR to ask where some of their colleges are hiding.

  18. If S. Wonder was ever able to see, his valet and hairdresser will be going to VAR to ask where some of their colleges are hiding.

  19. Bollocks to professional football. It’s been taking over by the prawn cocktail woke mob and iffy technology.

    If people are still stupid enough to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds in season tickets just to watch 22 mega-rich, virtue-signalling arrogant cunts, then more fool them. But I just hope these same fans don’t in the same breath bleat about cost-of-living problems and “I can’t afford to feed the kids!”

    VAR is a sack of shite – about as resilient, stable and responsive as Windows 8.
    The lower leagues and local club football is free of this interfering time-wasting, unproven garbage. And you have players that actually give a shit and have to work hard for their £500 per week.

    Keep it simple, stupid.

    • Quite true Techno. If only these millionaire ball chasers would put their money to good use, such as sorting out the brains.

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