The Miss Universe Contest

This is who won. And who came second.

The one who came second? Truly what a beauty. The one who came first. Well really?! She doesn’t look a classical beauty at all.
That’s because she’s a man.

Next stop for Miss Netherlands the The Miss Universe Contest. Wow a man could win Miss Universe.

Miss World comes to mind from days of yore.

I bet if George Best was alive today and still pulling he WOULD actually ‘kick (Miss Netherlands) out of bed’.

Remember the protest at the Miss World competition all those years ago and Bob Hope getting angry…well the women protestors were protesting at the demeaning objectification of women.
Why wasn’t there protests at this competition?

She really is a Beauty the one who came Second.

Yes I think it is perfectly legitimate to have beauty contests.

Yes womanly beauty. You simply cannot fake it. The delicacy of the jaw line. The winner’s jawline is masculine no matter which way you look at it. Her arms aren’t right. Nor his/her chest. Upper chest. It’s bony. Also ‘she’ is showing a ‘bit o’ leg’. But it’s not a lovely long shapely leg that a beautiful woman has. It’s hard and er…not shapely.

I think I’m falling for this second woman. I’d love to be up close with her right now and and feel her soft curvaceous figure burying my head in her luscious…

Hold yourself together lad.

I must calm myself down by thinking of Ann Widdecombe or Margaret Thatcher.

No all I need to do is think of Miss Netherlands-

Nominated by : Miles Plastic

101 thoughts on “The Miss Universe Contest

  1. Apologies if anyone’s made these points before, but I really can’t be arsed picking through the entirely predictable kneejerk reactions above.

    In the first place, this is the Miss Universe contest. As such, it must allow entrants from across Minkowski spacetime, including the 15-legged arachnomorph from Tau Ceti IV which feeds on spacehoppers. Defining gender with this and similar species is problematic, since all 75 genders recognised by the Earth alphabet community are present in the same individual: obviously Miss Universe is obliged to be inclusive, and to regard the “Miss” part of the title as traditional: as merely a hangover from the contest’s Earth origins.

    Second, these beauty contests are regarded by feminists as demeaning women. They select for plastic, conventional and above all stupid people. They encourage a comic stereotype of beauty, and they treat the contestants like prize cows in a show ring. Something in that, I’d say.

    So…if it’s that demeaning to women it is equally demeaning to trannies, so wtf are cunters moaning about?

    Thirdly, does anyone gives a levitating fornicate about any aspect of Miss Universe? Is it important in any way? Does a tranny coming second not illustrate its utter prolefeed idiocy perfectly?

    Cunters, if there is one institution I am happy to see destroy itself on the altar of woke it is this one. I cannot agree with the cunting.

    • Fair points, but shouldn’t an arachnomorph have 8 legs?

      That mis-clasdification is enough to get you cancelled by the United Federation of Bodies Identifying as Planets.

      • Clearly you have never been to Tau Ceti IV. On hatching, the beast in fact has 16 legs, one of which is lost at puberty, and since it looks more like a spider than anything else, we need not quibble over its having double the appendages of a terrestrial arachnid.

        I trust that answers your enquiry.

      • Tell that to the two-spirit, blue-tufted, terranean cetacean gynaequares of Rigel.

    • komodo,

      you always raise interesting points to consider. I always enjoy them, even if I don’t agree with them.

      personally I look at this contest as a trashy awful hangover from past times….. but there are lasses out there with fuck all but their good looks, and as a libertarian type I believe that these women should be able to pit their good looks against other beautiful but ultimately vacuous cunts without dudes with teeth like trigger fish pissing on their chips.

      • Good point, and well put.
        (Much happier to be interesting – if that is the case – than agreed with. Thanks.)

  2. I see the Spanish fielded someone called… Angela Ponce a few years back. Not a name I’m likely to be calling out when I shoot…

    • An old and honored Spanish name:

      Juan Ponce de Leon.

      His father was Pedro Ponce de Leon.

      And he spawned a whole family of Ponces into perpetuity:

      Maria Ponce de Leon, Luis Ponce de Leon, Isabel Ponce de Leon and Juana Ponce de Leon.

      I wonder if Maria, Isabel and Juana transitioned?

  3. “And the winner is… FUGLY!!” Also works for NL government’s radio-surveillance section, just look at those ears hiding behind that syrup.

  4. The coverage of the wimmins World Cup is hilarious. The BBC ludicrously
    bigging it up as expected. But instead of thousands of fans, police, and swag sellers milling around, there was hardly any bugger there. Some wet rag four eyed vegan (you can tell) knobend, and some Marge Proops look-alike with her 10 year old kids. Put it this way, the TV reporter wasn’t troubled by either crowds or noise. Yet those BBC knobheads are making out it’s Mexico 70 Mk II.

    • A bit like their delirious coverage of Spastonbury. Every act is just, like, am-aaazzing, even when the crowd think it’s shite.

      The BBC get more delirious in their delusions by the month. Their climate change and gayblack fixations demonstrate that.

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