British? Get fucked.

”Clearsprings: Home Office asylum contractor prices out homeless”

Yes, thanks to the largess of the most incompetent department there has ever been, homeless Brits can’t access housing. Why? Because the Home Office pays more than local councils can afford to secure accommodation for dinghy vermin.
The same Home Office that is going to destroy £300 million investment so that RAF Scampton can become an asylum theme park and destroy the nearby village. But fuckem, they’r Brits. And not in London.

God bless the working from Home Office.

Bbc news

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  1. Can anyone give me a quote on 172,758 bullets, much appreciated..

    Backlog cleared..

    • Do make sure you have included enough bullets for the cunts who wish to put this through as well not just all the fucking immos

      • “…the cunts who wish to put this through…”

        Quite so, and once the immediate threat (and I include the civil ‘service’ in that) have received Barry’s 9mm solution, for me that means a ruthless purge through the upper and middle echelons of local councils.

        A mile up the road from me is an area called Gibbet Hill, so named because in medieval times that’s where we hung cunts, (durrr), adjacent is an area known as the Cryfield where the recently stretched were deposited for the miscreant’s family to weep over the cunt and collect the stiff. If you want local ‘authority’ cuntitude and jiggery-wokery rooted out then just gimme 12ft of waxed 3/4″ hemp cord, it’s cheap, efficient, re-usable, green and recyclable.

    • Fuckin ell?!!

      Bredbury Hall?!!
      That used to have a dead strict dress code.
      No visible tattoos.

      Lads used to use makeup to cover up the tattoos on they’re necks and hands.

      Now cunts in flipflops and nighties swanning about.

      The doorman were notoriously mental.
      They put some poor fucker in a coma,
      Only at a fuckin family get together,
      The police started paying them attention after that.
      Quite rightly.

  2. All cunts welcome, sorry I mean all refugees welcome 😂

    Justin Welby is sticking is fucking nose in again, he won’t be so happy when the rag heads convert Canterbury Cathedral into a mosque.

    Powder Keg all ready for spark, it’s coming.

    • Yup once enough Soros,colour revolution kindling is in place the George Floyd match will be sparked and we get the same deal as with France currently.Not sure our armed forces would renage on their oaths’ to the Saxe-Coburg mafia and protect the indigenous of blighty.?https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=270769

      • “…Reports, meanwhile, claim that the general pointed out “rioters in France have armed themselves with automatic weapons…”

        … and we are pumping billions of pounds worth of lethal firearms and easily transportable guided weaponry into the heart of Europe, into one of the most corrupted and corruptible countries in the world whose controlling kosher nostra wouldn’t ever dream of diverting 20% of it into the black arms market, dear me no… oh Chops how can you even think that???

        So what’s it gonna take for the penny to drop? Maybe some fucker with a ManPAD (or six) half a mile from the perimieter fence of Schipol airport taking out a fully fuelled airliner full of holiday makers, the departure hall, service hangars and fuel depot? Gonna look great in full colour on the front pages and centre fold pullout.

  3. There’s a simple solution for the British homeless to find somewhere to live and that would have to be prison I’m afraid. By killing two illegal immigrant with one brick, they could become cannon fodder to the future of British homeless, which will eradicate this stupid idea by the government, once and for all.

    • Simply find one of these noisy left wing cunts that are shouting about ‘refugees’ being welcome, follow them home and when they open the front door barge in and tell them you’re claiming asylum, and their house, and they can fuck off somewhere else. When they complain tell them are hypocritical arseholes and beat them up.

      • if you grow a beard, wear a nappy on your head and speak with a lot of phlegm, they might feed you then bend over the dining table for you, male or female.

  4. Normally we bring in the army to solve urgent problems. Then simply line them up along our coastlines with all the ammunition they can muster and bobs your uncle. No more riffraff.

    • I don’t see anything different from wartime than it is now. We had the Dads Arms to protect us then. Is it because we were using the same old chaps and they withered and die waiting for the Bosch ?

      • “… We had the Dads Arms to protect us then …”

        Dunno how old you are Sammy but I at 62 count myself as one of the ‘New Model Dad’s Army’. My eldest loved “Dads’ Army” the first time he watched it at 8yrs old! Still does! but…
        The modern 21stC battleground has been shaped differently by mass media (Ukraine is winning) but it’s old cunts like me and you (?) who now, and actually, constitute the idealogical soshul meeja shock troops! WE are the vanguardistas, the true and possibly the LAST repositories of our heritage. We’ve been there, seen that. We’ve watched governments of all stripes arrive, fail and shamefully depart in predictable media directed cycles and are now wise to the deception. Once you see the trick it cannot be unseen, you generate an immunoligal response to their abject bullshit and that is what makes us dangerous because WE are the antidote that can be distributed simply through conversation. The system’s countermeasure is to shut down social venues and forums such as pubs and working mens’ clubs. I could go on…

        “…Normally we bring in the army to solve urgent problems…”

        If I, at this point in history, was the Father of a serving uniformed state employee be that police or armed services I would put them up against the wall and tell them to think lonnnnnnng and hard about what they do at work today if they ever want to cross my threshold again.

    • we dont have enough ammunition.

      The Army is woefully under-equipped: boots that fall apart. one magazine of ammo between three men, driving around Afghanistan in a Hilux.

  5. I get so angry with these stories, so I went on Ali Beebie yesterday and sailed a bit close to the wind with some of my comments, surprisingly I wanted cancelled out.

    However, with one post, which was a response to the NHS and how it is not sustainable in the future, I rolled my sleeves up and thought “‘ere we go geezer, let’s be ‘avin you”.

    I suggested that perhaps part of the problem was allowing dinghy dwellers over and once they are here they are putting a strain on the certain services.

    Fuck me, the responses I got was terrible, some were so chastising of me that I was half expecting Father Lankester Merrin to turn up to exorcise me!

    • Didn’t the beeb realise that everything is built on the first come first served basis. Us. When our dear old Mum popped us out.

      • Indeed my friend, but jump on a boat with a tea-towel on your head and 6 kids and that changes everything.

  6. does anyone know how much more the Home Office pay for rent for these cunts?

    • No and I bet you’d never be able to find out.

      I bet the wife of that daki cunt Rishi has some shares in a company that benefits from this.

      Dakis with fingers in all the pies.

  7. Thats in Cardiff, i thought it was closed now as i havnt seem the crowns of gimmigrants hanging around outside waiting for white wimminz to walk past, but who knows maybe they have been told to perv elsewere as it sets a bad image

  8. I wouldn’t care for foreign dinghy scum OR smelly homeless cunts living next door to me.

    Just the idea of them touching my artisan made gates is beyond the pale.

    • Electrify them and in the evenings you will have the lovely aroma of burnt curry drifting around your estate.

  9. Ps

    And before some wannabe Mary Whitehouse clutches their pearls and gets on their moral high horse about the homeless,
    You can cram it up your arse.

    I worked with them for years.
    They’re a shower of shite.

      • 😁. I worked for a bit where I’d liason with the council to get them rehomed.

        They’d inevitably fuck it up, be ungrateful and end up homeless again.

        They’re mostly useless cunts.
        Not all.
        But most.

      • Drink and drugs MNC.

        Agree a lot of homeless can’t be helped. A mate’s Mrs is a social worker. Lovely lass but naive as fuck. Housed a few smackheads and allies from the streets. She said she’s arranged nice fully furnished flats for then and had them sell everything within a day and turn the place into crack/smack dens and get evicted.

        She said she has had two success stories where fellas turned their lives around, but they’re mostly a lost cause it seems (she didn’t say that, but I do).

        Feel sorry for the ex military homeless though. They should go the extra mile for those cunts until it’s pointless.

        The smackheads since 18 mob? Put them all down.

      • Yeah CB, the military ones should get help I’m with you there.

        But your average tramp has burnt every opportunity he’s ever had.

        I got one a flat,
        He was a fuckin nightmare.
        Went to see him ,
        He was brewing prison hooch under his radiator,
        Kicking off with the neighbours,etc

        Ended up homeless again.
        Seemed to prefer it.

        Right mong.

    • “… Ended up homeless again.
      Seemed to prefer it. …”

      Because when you’re at the bottom there’s no further to fall and the stress that comes with ‘fear of failure’ disappears.

  10. Please don’t shout at me too much but I am temporarily changing the subjust having chanced on this on Ali Baba Beebies site:


    A terrible accident, involveing school children in a post, paid for school in Wimbledon, SW London.

    What’s pissed me off with this is everyone is praising the services for their swift and fast response, which is highly commended but if this were some poor part of London or indeed other ‘not to posh’ parts of the UK I’d bet my house the response would be a lot slower.


    • The acronym name of POSH was given to the money people, who could afford expensive boat trips abroad. Post Out Starboard Home. Hence the name.

      • Aye, departing from Southampton to the United States meant that being on the port side meant you had the sun and returning from the US you’d decamp to the starboard side.

  11. Like to digress if I may.
    The just stop oil protesters are the streakers of yesteryear. Stop filming them and they will go away. There was also a little bit of law change to help us out, by the way.

    • It did tickle me a little yesterday when all the high society at Wimbledon has their strawberries and cream ruined with a couple of court invasions.

      • i’d be surprised if some of the stiffs in the crowd didn’t wave in recognition.
        ‘oh it’s roopwart! Isn’t he just a skweam!’

  12. My daughter in law’s job is to house the homeless . The objective is to catch them before they hit the streets.
    Now she’s a lefty but even she is sick of spending months trying to get accommodation for someone only for them to leave it in a shit state and go back on the streets to beg.
    Some cunts you just cannot help

    • Very true FF as your daughter found helping the homeless can be a thankless task. Many of them would require constant monitoring and assistance to make ago of anything. Good on her for making the effort. Throw in drugs booze inevitable mental health problems and with boring regularity care in the community is wank.

  13. With house & car repossessions now up, & certainly not receeding, there will be plenty more room for the cunts. Oh & a free car thrown in as well, to drive around illegally. I’m sure it’s coming.

  14. Fuck me, everything is turning stabby, shitty, dinghy. No one in a position of power has to my knowledge explained the benefit of over 9 million arrivals to our tiny isle. They can’t all be doctors and nurses as NHS is about 1/2 million short of staff. Can’t be all professionals earning a fortune and driving England forward into a diamond future. No the truth is they cost us a fucking fortune, get all the housing cos their need is greater, overwhelm the NHS and in the main produce loads of kids and are joined by extended family. Be warned fellow cunters the legal access to this country via student visas etc is a complete wankfest as well. As stated earlier when will we get an explanation for this tsunami of immigrants legal and illegal, when will the benefits of speaking wagdonge or some other shite be of benefit to OAP s struggling to pay bills etc. We want a coherent truthful (right) answer now. Or a campaign to label our leaders anti transbender will be orchestrated God help them.

  15. ALL civil service skivers (employees) need to be sacked and then be made to re-apply for their jobs, detailing what they have (have not) achieved during the last 3 years. They need to be made to sign rigid contracts ensuring they work in an office set hours. Productivity reviews every 3 months and 2 refusals to carry out govt policy due to their ‘ideals’ and instant dismissal.

    It’s about time these chinless wonders discovered what a hard days work looks like.


    • “… made to re-apply for their jobs, detailing what they have (have not) achieved during the last 3 years. …”

      Fuck that! The only question should be…
      “sooooooh tell me … what have you done to improve the continuity, prospects and quality of life of indigenous British this week? … you’ve got 5 minutes … y’ cunt…”

  16. Ah, the blessings of diversity.

    Thought I might get forty winks during my four hours treatment yesterday. But they put a Paggi cunt at either side of me. Needless to say, these whining thoughtless pigs nattered to one another loudly in their language for at least two hours, without a toss for me or anyone else. If I wasn’t wired up to the machine, I’d have killed them both. So much for these shite having no voice, Lineker you complete fuck.

  17. the government wants them here. cheap labour Plain and simple. it’s pisses me off as if this cheap labour didn’t exist there would likely be a living wage in farm work and it would boost the economies of rural towns. I spent a few days in Boston this week. absolutely beautiful town that was obviously once very affluent but now its on its arse and over run with ‘cheap labour’. felt like being in a hostile foreign land. gangs of foreign youths playing loud music late in the evening and acting up in the parks and market place. territorial pissings..we were the only whites and it felt pretty threatening..

    • Really? It’s been years since I went to Boston but I remember seeing loads of whites, all of them speaking some kind of dooshka jibber-jabber.

      And every other thing on the high street was a betting shop.

      • yeah, Boston has a reputation for its Nosferatu-like inhabitants.
        You can hear them outside at night, slurping cabbage soup and making Dracula noises.

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