The Useless and Hopeless

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A nomination for cunts with no future and no prospects who keep on banging out kids while at the same time waiting for the next hand out and then moaning about it.
Normally its free loading illegal immigrants who do shit like this, but now and then its Brits, assuming the pretentious names [see above] or they are imports in which case you can understand the names.

Anyway im getting side tracked, so on with the cunting, this fucker has had to give up his job because he has that many brats he spends all day driving the feral pack around, and the cunt has another fucker on the way and they all have faces like smacked arses because they are dissatisfied with their accommodation [ no doubt free ] since they were evicted.

So i have some suggestions, rather than fucking that dragon get a job,buy some condoms and dont have anymore kids you cunt, she must have a snatch like the top end of a wellington boot by now, so it cant be fun, for the wife you can drive the brats while he works and keep your legs together you and dont shit anymore kids into your fucked up world and suspect others to support them.

Once the oldest one is old enough she can look after your brood so you can also get a fucking job, your not a fucking Termite Queen, you cant afford the ones you have, you have no right to expect a life on the tax payers you sponging cunts and the shallow end of the gene poll dosnt need anymore topping up, so no sympathy for this pack of sponging cunts, your lucky you have a place to stay all things considered, shut the fuck up.

Maybe a free loaders exchange program is what we need in this country, bus load of cunts from the Sudan, we will take them, but you have to have these free loading cunts, and they want better accommodation, near a restaurant, with a pool……..what do you mean you would rather keep your cunts, maybe we try Ishittistan, i hear Shammishitta Begone wants to swap with someone…..

Nominated by : Fuglyucker

77 thoughts on “The Useless and Hopeless

  1. If he would choose that over a sheep what depths of depravity could he sink to?

    Remove the teenage daughters before they hatch their own sibling.

  2. Filthy grabbing bastards he should be sterilised in public she should have a combi lock fitted on her gash. The kids should be taken into care and made to work in car washes. The father should have the word scrote tattooed on his forehead in luminous ink each letter 2 inches tall. The only way to deal with this fuckwittery is angry manic approach as practiced by numerous leaders in the past. Bastards

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