A minute’s silence

Today, (June 8) I read about the Syrian ‘refugee’ who decided to stab babies and toddlers in their pushchairs on a kids’ playground in France.

Within an hour or two, French politicians, who mostly seem to have facilitated such attacks with their insane policies, held a minute’s silence.

With the exception of a few of those ‘evil right wingers’ like Le Pen, these fuckers have some gall. And yes, our lot would do the same.

It’s not your silence we want. We want your fucking rage and to sort this fucking mess out.

But no, let’s put on our sad faces and sing ‘Don’t look back in anger’, before initiating more policies which produce similar results.

We are led by weasels and cunts.

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66 thoughts on “A minute’s silence

  1. In the not to distant future, is-a-cunt won’t only be venting our spleen on the latest nominee, we’ll be able to put our anger into action. Due to the way things are escalating, its goings to be anytime soon. All we need is a drone apiece and we could have things sorted vigilantly style in no time. Whose first ?

    • I’m very much inclined to agree with you, Sammy. The fuel that is discontent amongst the indigenous population of the UK is smouldering just below its flash point. I’m wondering just what will provide the spark that causes the explosion, and when it happens to whom will the government turn? Would they order the armed forces onto the street to try to quell the unrest, because if they do, they could very well find themselves looking down the wrong end of an assault rifle. Discontentment in the Govt is rife within Whitehall and has been for decades and would jump at the chance of a coup de tat! I’m more than happy to put my uniform back on to help stem the flow of immigrant filth. Oops, sounding a bit like Cpl Jones from Dads Army, who was a boring, boring cunt!

    • Nah lads. I don’t think it will ever happen, not ever. After the mass murder at the Manchester Arena, what did people do? Fuck all.They lit candles. turned the bumble bee into a merchandising franchise, sang Oasis dirges and that was it. There was even ‘Happy Ramadan’ banners up only yards away from where it happened a few days later. Cunts are more arsed about their phones, social media and watching crap on the telly. Too many chavs, too much apathy, and a national brodaaster who is an apologist for any migrant filth and who will never rally the nation. With cunts like Lineker being given free reign to spread his love for these murderers and rapists, it is hardly surprising that so many people just don’t care. The stupidity and shallowness of the British public is now infamous. And they would rather get Twitter ‘likes’ and are so afraid of being called racist (in case they don’t get Twitter ‘likes’) that they will turn a blind eye to these scum and most will (still) even welcome them. In recent years the body count these sandfilth (always them) have piled up is both alarming and symbolic of how spineless Britain is now. Manchester, Westminster Bridge, Sir David Arness, Drummer Lee Rigby and so on. And there will be more. They flood in across the channel every day and we let them in. Only last week a boat of these human muck actually refused – fucking refused – help from a French naval ship, just so they could get ‘help’ from UK border force instead. The cunts now pick and fucking choose as they please. And guess what? The UK border force actually indulged them snd brought them in. And these are the people Lineker says are so vulnerable and have no voice. My arse, whatever they say goes even before they have hit British shores. The killings and attacks will continue because there are so many (too many) here already and more and more will still arrive without any challenge. And if anybody believes that useless cunt Rishi Roland Rat will do anyhthing, they will have aa long bloody wait. We – sadly – are fucked.

  2. Trouble on the Horizon no doubt.
    Surely there can be little more tollerence for the elected chinless wonders who promise everything and deliver nothing, while making the lives of the citizenry worse and worth less while feathering their own nests.

    No more unlimited, un-controlled, unsecure immigration
    No more free handouts to those who want nothing but to bring us down
    No more payouts to Macron and the rest of the EU gravy train
    No more ‘Net Zero’ insanity while we face ruin and the rest of the world laughs
    No more House of Lords, Honours for pals, MP expenses and gravy trains
    No more rainbow alphabet victimhood woke bollocks

    As for this pile of filth stabbing toddlers in prams – no need for human rights, trial and incarceration, his guilt is already undisputed = Public Hanging and left for the crows. Enough said.

  3. I hope I never see anything like this in my life first hand, but if I ever do the perpetrator will rue the day. Stabbing babies??? What the actual fuck? I’d go frikkin bananas. I’d reduce him to atoms.

    The lad that gave chase and brought this POS down gives me hope that there are still a few proper able men about when it comes on top.

  4. What boiled my piss was that fucking Left wing piece of shit Tony Walsh and his ‘this is the place’ so called poem. I don’t want poems, I want action and decisive action at that.
    I’ll bet the islamists were quaking in their boots at “Longfella” and his hand wringing opus.
    What a pile of cunt this country has become.

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