Thieving cunts the Europikeys, it seems they are that desperate to pick our pockets and no doubt the benefits system, that even deportation doesn’t get rid of these shit stains.

like shit to a blanket they are virtually un-shift able and no amount of washing powder is going to rid us of these Thieving vermin cunts.
So fellow cunters keep your wallet in a tight grip on your wallet and whatever happens don’t allow yourself to be hugged by a strange woman or you will lose your watch. or something else.

Like coffee coloured vultures they are out their casing the joint as we speak, waiting to relieve so poor fucker of his hard earned….cunts

Daily Fail

Nominated by Fuglyucker.

51 thoughts on “Europikeys

  1. Nowt a stern course of hanging wouldn’t cure.

    Not in Benefits Britain of course.

    Transport them to the Outer Hebrides,hang them then chuck them in the sea.

    Eco Friendly waste disposal.

  2. Those fuckers are at every set of traffic lights on the North circular begging..

    All carbon copies. All with a limp, must of all fell down the same set of stairs.

    Probably get picked up in a merc at the end of the day..

    The country is doomed..

  3. Salvation for the indigenous U.K. population will come when the invading hordes have dragged the entire nation down to their own levels and the economy won’t be able to generate the GDP required to support them.
    That day is not far off.

    • That cunt Jim Littlehails and the fuck you target on his 5head deserve a cunting all of their own, piece of shit, legal vulture parasites make me want to puke….cunt

  4. In my town there are masses of Polish and Slovakian pîkeys who must be doing peasant jobs as they act/ dress/ behave/ smell like medieval potato-pickers. Quite foul. Romanians, however, are top of the Premier League of Europîkeys. Some work as cleaners and will steal anything not welded down. You hear these Eurotrash screaming at their odd-looking, fat kids or huddled together drinking shite Polish lager on somebody’s wall beside a small puddle of spit.

    • These are the cunts Hitler gassed in the Holocaust.

      Traditionally back in Romania and Hungary and other vampire riddled lands they are moved on by the police with dogs,
      Given a harsher handling than the soft UK.

      Even other gyppos dislike them.
      I have dealings with gyppos,
      On a clearance I’m charged by weight.
      So it benefits me to off load any scrap metal/appliances quickly.

      That’s where the gyppos come in.
      Quite cordial, friendly,no reason not to be,
      We can get along.

      They hate these cunts too

      • Europikeys have a terrible rating on Trustpilot, always better to deal with the bog-trotters.

    • When they say that these people are Bulgarian, Slovakian or whatever, the reality is they are proper Gypsies (i.e. of some sort of Indian descent) who are rife in east Europe. I know a Slovakian and don’t ever get her going on the subject of Gypsies – makes us on ISAC look like lib dem moderates.

      • You know you’re sküm when the East Europeans and Oirish look down upon thee.

      • When people would rather deal with the Irish, it’s time to re-evaluate your role in the evolutionary scheme of things.

  5. Who can say that Uncle Adolf didn’t have the right idea, where these cunts were concerned ?

    Anyone ?……….…tumbleweed blows…..

    Anyone ?……… crickets chirp……


    • He was right about the eastern europeans, defo. Vermin, all of them. Breed like flies on shit.
      Lebensunwertes lebens…..
      Just went a bit OTT at the end with the Jews……..

  6. In this months Big Issue……

    ‘ Death Camps. Were they all bad ? ‘ 😁

    Good morning.

  7. I witnesses one of these Europikeys at work when I was in Bayswater a few weeks ago. A very old man, bent and crippled. He had an accent, difficult to place, Eastern European or Balkan. It was dark, about 10pm. He was shuffling down the street tearfully pleading for money so he could buy food. He genuinely looked distressed and heartbroken, sobbing and panting, to the extent that, if I had had any cash on me, I would have given him some. As I waited at the end of the road, feeling bad for the poor soul, someone did come and give him some cash. “You have saved my life” I heard him cry from where I was standing. A few minutes later I saw a flash of something in his hand, a bright digital glow – it was an iPhone.

  8. These fuckers are everywhere in Stabistan. You even get them begging on the Tube with their gaggles of sewer rat kids. Fuck knows how they get on there because I can’t see them buying a fucking ticket. Probably find an Oyster Card in the latest purse or wallet they’ve nicked. But, of course they are all “some of the most vulnerable people in the world “ as the lefties keep telling me. They seem to think that if they keep repeating the same fucking lies over and over somehow they become true.
    Not in my fucking world they don’t.

    • They should be used as a renewable energy source.
      Anything left over after they’ve been burned as fuel can be used to fill potholes.

  9. If ever there was a reason to sell Zyklon B in a convenient spray tin, these Eurotrash vermin are most certainly it.

  10. Used to have a Romainan couple clean my house.

    The best cleaners: ever.

    They FUCKING HATED gypsies and said most Romanians did too.

    • I’ve encountered a few Romanians through work over the years. They’ve all been real grafters and are quite literally built out of iron. Strong as fuck when it comes to physical work. Got on well with them as they were obviously not freeloading and making a real effort. And everyone of them to a man gives you the cutthroat sign when you mention pikeys. We could do with this lot on our side when it kicks off.

      • ive worked with a couple of Romanians. One was okay, the other a prick. Neither were particularly hard working.

  11. We had one who was knocking door to door offering to clean windows. He knocks on ours while me and my uncle are out so my 90yr old grandad answers and he is too gullible to see through it, pays £100 up front for the cunt to do front and back windows, says to him he needs to get his stuff, never see the cunt again. I was fuming when I got back, wanted to grab a bat and find the cunts camp and break his teeth. Only absolute scum would scam a man who clearly has dementia. Fuck them all, even the ones from here.

  12. Cher is one .
    Bragged about it.

    “Gypsies,tramps and theives”… She warbled.
    After dipping Goldie Hawns handbag and whipping George peppards watch.

    She may look like a glamour granny in front of the camera,
    All Louis Vuitton and turkey neck.
    But days off?

    Headscarf, long skirt and offering to wash car windows in the Bell Air traffic.

    • She didn’t do her research on them well. If she had, she’d surely have realised no man in his right mind would come around every night and lay his money down. You couldn’t pay me to touch one of em. They stink of unwashed cunt and Bobby orange mixed with liquid shit.

  13. One of the many and enduring legacies bestowed upon this country by EU membership.

    Morning all.

    • Which Queer Stormtrooper wants to rejoin.


      The UK voted to leave.

      End of.

    • Did you know Ron. The gassing of 12 Roma in a sealed room only costs 32 pence! Theoretically, we could solve the immo problem for less than 2 weeks International bung and manilla money ( aka Overseas Economic Aid )
      I call that a bargain!

      • I can see the advert now. Just 32p a week will clean up your morning commute. Please give generously.

  14. Was watching one of those security programs the other day, they had been following one of these europikey whores on the security camera.
    Once the old slag had got outside, they stopped her and made her hand over all the stuff she had nicked, fuck me there was this ever growing pile of shuff being pulled out of her skirt, knickers, snatch,arse, boots,arm pits that was almost as tall as she was, it was truly unbelievable, then she was banned and let go, they didnt even call plod, released to thieve another day.
    The question is, what happens to all that gear?, is it put back on the shelves?resold?binned?, back on the shelves i reckon so that banana you just ate,or that miss shapen melted and refrozen ice lolly your licking is probably a DNA petri dish for some Romanian tinker……

  15. As they come from Eastern Europe…the land of Vlad the Impaler…I think you should honor their ancient tradition and impale the lot.

    Shove a pike up their ass and give them a whole new understanding of the term Pikey.

  16. Why don’t the fingerprint everyone coming in? My missus is foreign and she has to do it. Quite quick too.

  17. I only know of one whose permanently up the duff and sells The Big Issue in my small town market every Friday. That should narrow it down for the inquisitive amongst you.

    • If there is only one of them, you must live in Romania.

      The rest of them are over here.

  18. Scum. Uncle Adolf was evil beyond reproach, except when it came to this mob. Job well done on these pieces of human effluent.

  19. Why don’t these filthy Gypos we’ve got look like the eastern block birds on Pornhub, might be worth having the contents of my pockets removed by one of them.!!

  20. These pieces of shit on legs should have the word “Thief” tattooed on their smelly wrinkled foreheads.
    My mistake, it should be “Cunt” !

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