Ramadam Brummie Style


Ramadamadingdong Brummie Style

To celebrate the end of Ramadan the peacefuls in Birmingham decided to open impromptu stalls, blocking the streets, littering the place and causing all sorts of noise and chaos in the early hours of the morning.

Obviously, plenty of residents complained and the rozzers turned up. Who were then attacked of course. Incidents of criminal damage were also reported.

Now I don’t hear of any arrests in the article. Don’t hold your breath. That would be raaaycist.

Indeed seems the main focus is on a local group called ‘The bearded broz’ getting their own way for next time.

Well, as I say, import these fuckers and don’t be surprised when shit like this happens

Bunch of cunts.

Bbc news

Nominated by Cuntybollocks.

94 thoughts on “Ramadam Brummie Style

    • Praise Muhammed (May piss be upon him)

      Whenever in an argument with a do gooder cultural relativist be sure to remind them that the prophet Muhammed was a peado who fucked a 9 year old girl.Have livened up many dinner parties with that line and the arguments that result from it.

  1. You couldn’t get a taxi anywhere 😡

    Thousands of Darth Vaders and Ali Bongos celebrating together.
    Not a single bottle of Lynx Africa between them.

    • Dat is well rrrrrraaaaaaaaaçccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssstttttttttt.


  2. A couple of rednecks with AR15’s could have straightened this clusterfuck out PDQ.

    With the added benefit of sending the peacefuls to their Heavenly reward where they could have displayed their good character first hand to the Prophet.

    • As AR15s are in short supply in the UK (well, if you’re a white ‘unaffiliated’ UK native they are…), and it’s now a bit late in the day anyway, but maybe for next year’s festivities maybe some of our farmers (if Gates hasn’t bought them out and shut them down) could help out…muckspreaders loaded with pigshit and pigs blood…spreading love and joy amongst the revellers….

      • I like it.
        I can see that catching on.
        Anyone know where I can buy a decent secondhand tractor with mucksprayer attachment?

      • Hey Comrade,

        I take your point. And it’s too bad for you. Because the only truly peaceful peaceful is a dead peaceful.

        However, I do like the idea of spraying the crowd with pig shit and blood. Might I suggest providing some pigskin towels free of charge so they can clean up afterwards.*


        *They’re not real pig skin. It’s a play on words as an American Football is known to some as a pig skin. It’s doubtful to me that the carpet kissers would know that but hey…fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

      • Them’s not footballs,
        They’re rugby balls!
        Any fool knows that footballs are round.

  3. Is it just me that notices that litter goes down during Ramadan and then shoots back up during Eid. Especially in Rochdale Luton Bradford etc.

  4. You know…never once have I heard of violence breaking out and an entire city being disrupted at an Easter parade.

  5. Fuck off back to P*kiland, get all the Ramalamadingdong you want.

    Birmingham caliphate is you give any ground to this filth, all cunts!

    • Proudly so Baz.
      I’ve a better beard than any of those cunts.

      Him in the header pic?
      I had a better beard at 12.

      Mine enters a room 2 minutes before me.🙂

  6. Imagine starving yourself morming to night because of a book of fairy tales.
    It’s no coincidence thst the burqua resembles the Grim Reaper.
    Daft, kîd-fiddling Muslamîc cunts.

  7. Cheeky Cunts, they want to do it do it should be authorised and fuck the indigenous locals.

    If they agree to make it an LBGT+- festival with all profits going to gay rights and supporting British homeless charities I’ll back them.

    • This is a common practice among the peacefuls been going on since their numbers increased enough to make them believe they can do what they want. The fuckers even close roads on some occasions.. of course no one bothers to tell the old bill or the council. They do it because they can, knowing full well that fuck all will happen to them if by rare chance they get arrested, and if a white racist and Islamophobe. dares to say whoa that ain’t right then apart from the peacefuls raping the racists granny the racist will be arrested for umpteen wokey charges and using hurty words. Oh my England

  8. Have they imported there own camels or do they go back to where they came from to see there girlfreinds regualry.

  9. Paki modus operandi..break the law then try to force the authorities to accept their behaviour in future by “better organisation” and other weasel words etc etc

    In other words,look at what we can do and worse,change your expectations to suit us..permanently.

    I think a civil war is coming…and I can’t wait.

    Feed them to the pigs.

  10. They were running round Brum looking for Hindus in turbans!!

    Eid an sihk.

    • Not forgetting Muslim Beatles tribute
      Allah yourluvin.

      Eight dates a week
      Let it Begum
      Hey Jews
      Here comes the sunni
      I want to hold your hand grenade

      And other groovy hits!

      • Maxwell’s Silver moHammed
        Hey You’ve Got To Hide Your Bomb Away
        We All Live In A Yellow Subcontinent
        Help! (me if you can I’m being groomed)
        Jamaal of Kintyre (I know, I know)

    • Halaltogether Now
      Imam A Loser
      I Want To Hold Your Hand Grenade
      Here Comes The Sunni
      Baby’s In Black Burkah

  11. Fucking typical racist BBC!
    Had it been whitey attacking police we’d be none the wiser.

  12. In five year’s time Eid will be a public holiday in the UK.

    In ten years restaurants and take away food shops will be forced to close during daylight hours for the whole of Ramadan.

    Wait and see.

      • Evening Ruff 👍

        I’m not into these dates for dead people

        Nelson Mandela Day
        Porridge and roll ups to celebrate?

        Queen Elizabeth Day
        If you miss her,
        Look on the back of a 10pence piece.

        I have enough trouble keeping track of fuckin birthdays.

        If I never met them personally how the fuck can I remember them?

      • Quite so.

        I’m not into minorities’ cultural calendar either.

        Gives the permanently offended something to get upset abaaaht though. 😁

  13. Meanwhile in Stabistan there’s a memorial service for Stephen fucking Lawrence. Thirty fucking years and they’re still going on about it.
    Front and centre of course is the weepy eyed Peaceful, Suckdick Khunt, blabbering on about “institutional racism” yet again. Fuck off you fucking goatshagging CUNT.

    • I can’t remember any sort of remembrance service for any anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death.

      There is no Churchill day.

      I wonder if there will be anything lined up for the anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth 2.

      • Very true.
        And a third of a billion people watched it worldwide.

        No yearly day of reflection even though his state funeral draw a huge audience even by today’s standards.

      • I know what you mean Artie,
        But don’t think anyone is forgetting the huge contribution Winnie made in the country’s fight during WW2.

        Plenty of statues of him,
        West Indian mum’s named sons Winston in honour of him.

        But yeah he’s more deserving than most.

      • I’m sick to fuckin death of Stephen Lawrence.
        Sad ? Yeah.
        But fuck me!

        Just place a few flowers an a teddy at the bus stop.

        He never grew up to have children,
        Then abandon them and the mother.

        He never got to put through a shop window and steal trainers in anger at the death of George Floyd.

        I get it.

        But his mum’s made millions of his murder.

        Swings and roundabouts.

        Fuck off

      • Ps

        Dear Doreen Lawrence

        If Stephen was alive today he’d be horrified by your bald fuckin head.

        You look like the Maltese from hell.

        Get a syrup, you’ve got enough money you tight old cunt.

  14. What about Brummiedummydingdong or something.
    A thought occurs-In Catholicism we have the notion of ‘inculturation’. The idea you make the principal figures of the religion acceptable to the community you are trying to effect.
    So an aisan looking Virgin Mary.
    Islam cannot do ‘inculturation’ really.


    • Miles@

      I was out the other day and there was a mural on a Catholic Junior school.

      It depicted Jesus,
      But….he was proper brown!
      While I’m not a Christian and know someone in the middle East 2000 years ago was probably pretty swarthy,
      I have to admit I was a bit shocked!

      He looked like Milli vanilli.

    • Can I ask you- Jeezum-do you think you look Jewish?

      Thinking about it…somewhere Jesus says – ‘salvation comes from the Jews’.

      Must be weird being Jewish.

      To have all this…’expectation’.

      Many questions I could ask.

      Do you fell yourself to be…’special’
      Date I say the word ‘chosen’?

      Meant in all sincerity.

      • JP@

        He’s being diplomatic.
        Can you open a tin of beans using your nose?

      • Miles @

        Why would he find it weird?
        It’s who he is!

        You don’t feel weird bring Catholic
        Or me being gorgeous.

        It’s what we’ve grown up as!

      • Put it this way, I wouldn’t need much by way of make-up to play Fagin.

        Special? I seem to have a slightly greasy look, that others don’t have,, but no I don’t feel special.

      • No the sense you are…’special’

        I am not being antagonistic.

        I mean Jeezum can trace his heritage back millennia.

        I mean you come from Stockport. Or not far fromn Stockport.

        That’s not really the centre of anything.

        Jerusalem or Stockport….I mean come on.

      • Jerusalem and Stockport both mistreat carpenters.
        But see what you mean.

        My family were turf cutters from Just near Lindow common
        Where they found Lindow Pete.

        He’s probably my ancestor?!!

        Just my luck that.
        Murder victim .

      • Don’t the faithful make a pilgrimage to the famed Country Cream gates of Stockport? Now Miserable is COTY I thought there might at least be a few groupies or beard enthusiasts.

  15. These cunts won’t be happy until they have turned the UK into the Gaza strip or down town Lagos, once that’s happened and the whole country has been turned into a kiddy fiddling, fly blown shit hole it will be a case of finding the next soft country who, s benefits, NHS and tax systemes they can rip off.

    • It looked that way recently in Londonistan where a large crowd in Trafalgar Square were treated to loud cries of allahu akbar by an imam, with a loudspeaker. Also there was the annual Iranian inspired anti Jewish hate-fest, known as Al Quds day, where a rag bag bunch of several thousand cunts waved palestinian flags and pictures of Ali Solemani, that Iranian cunt who the Americans blasted out of existence with a drone. Wish they would have used one on this bunch of cunts.

  16. The Red Sea Pedestrians are in the spotlight tonight, aren’t they ?

    All right ? 👍

    Big nose 😁

  17. Hopefully, when Blighty falls, one of our ships at sea will nuke the fuck out of our Green and Pleasant.

    Don’t look back in anger.

    Get To Fuck.

    • I don’t worry much me Jack.
      Take each day as it comes.

      Still stockpiling salt petre and agricultural fertilizer

  18. Imagine holding a decent piss up up in some Parking Stanley shithole, you would be taken up into the hills, bummed and then fed to the goats who have been taught to enjoy the taste of the infedel .!

  19. They all drink like fish, gamble and smoke.
    All forbidden.
    They just pray to be better and hey presto, pass us a fag bro, coming to the pub, bet you £20 I win by at least 12 points.

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