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I must admit I have not contributed to this esteemed website for some years now. I decided that complaining about stuff that annoys you tends to install a negative turn of mind. And people just think you are a miserable old git.

However, just this past day made me realise I could stay silent no more. A few examples:

Jasmine Alibaba Brown calling for another referendum only this time, the vote must reach 75% in favour of Brexit to become law. Whaaaat! This (il)logic is based on her requirement that 3/4s of the electorate should be needed to change the status quo. Eeeeh? Well, the status quo now is that we are out of the EU and thus remainers would require 75% to get back in. Is that clear and fair enough for you Alibaba Broon? Silly Moo!!!

Next up, Jeremy from withering-on-the-vine. After Harry Kane’s brilliant, record-breaking winner in Italy, he says penalties shouldn’t count as goals as they represent a single kick and not a passing movement. Is this man a mentalist? His other pearl of wisdom for today is that bad laws, such as blocking the King’s Highway, should be broken. Of course the effing pratt never ventures out on anything other than a effing bike anyway.

TV adverts like the one for Ojo Casino incorporating a freakish pug ugly drag queen as if this is part of a decent, healthy lifestyle along with gambling. You guys take money off people and often ruin their lives. Now you want to be seen as “inclusive” by associating with trannies. Incidentally, Ojo used to call themselves “the fair casino”. Now it’s just “fun”. Could it be that the advertising standards ruled out the former as no casino is fair? The odds are against the punter in all forms of gambling.

So there you are. Just a handful of bloodboiling cuntismns in one 24-hour period. I could have found many more but I am trying to return to my Zen state again. I thank you.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Lord Helpus.

32 thoughts on “Modern Life

  1. There would be nothing wrong with modern life if it wasn’t full of cunts.

      • Blur’s music has aged quite well. Listened to some of their stuff for the first time in years recently.

        Oasis on the other hand…sounds like an amateur pub band. Shite.

        Loved Oasis as a ‘lad’ and thought Blur were a bunch of posh puffs.

        I was wrong about many things back then though, but I was a right know all but know fuck all cunt looking back.

      • Of course I’m right about everything now though.

        Probably my biggest asset, along with my dashing good looks and modesty.

      • Too right Cunty-it!s your modesty and self deprecation that I admire most about you 😁

  2. Alibaba Brown is right cunt, gets away with all sorts of shit because she is some sort of POC, and who the fuck is she anyway, no one, we’ll certainly no one any normal person would take seriously.

    Back to modern life, oh and Vine, if roads had been built for cycles they would only be 2 ft fucking wide!

    Modern life, you need look no further than a bloke putting on a dress can legally become a woman, once you GET IT, everything else just falls into place 😂

    I see in the link that the mail managed to get a nice shot of Lammy relaxing.

    PS hate is good, Channel that Anger, keeps the adrenaline flowing 👍

    • I once saw Yasmin Alibi Brown at a car boot sale with her extended family, trying to flog some robots to a farmer and his nephew.

  3. Yasmin Wootini Brown? Get back on the fucking Sandcrawler, shut the ramp and fuck off to Mos Eisley.
    Jeremy Vine? Cut in front of another bus on your velocipede, you strange, weedy little armchair general looking to start a nuclear war.
    Drag Queens? Just accept you are men who like other men so that you can drop the performances.

    Modern life doesn’t make me ill, just what passes for culture or current affairs..

  4. I do feel a little sympathy for the youngsters of today.
    They have been brainwashed, confused and gaslighted int accepting that night is day, black is white, lies are truth.

    Of course, the smarter ones will see through the bullshit, ably assisted by discussion boards such as IsAC, hopefully.

    Although “poor”, I had a fucking brilliant later teens (post secondary school) and twenties.

    Travelled a bit, met loads of amazing women, saw some of the worlds greatest musicians live, through friends with interesting jobs, met some of them and other people in the public eye (mostly cunts).
    Probably in the last generation to be able to afford a decent house/land at a relatively reasonable / affordable price.

    I see the culture war coming to a head and hope that when the dust settles, common sense and common decency will win-out.

    Multi-effnic, blue haired troggly-dykes, tattooed from arsehole-to-breakfast-time, militant misandrists, screeching harpies,-I feel sorry for young lads today.

    I think growing up in the 80’s/90’s, we experienced life at the top of the mountain.

    I totally concur Lord H-modern life is rubbish👎

  5. Jasmine Brown.
    She seems to think that a democracy is where the majority rule, just as long as the minority can set the goalposts as to what level the majority actually is.

    Jeremy Vine.
    It’s OK to block the highways as long as you don’t block them for him and other cuntish cyclists.

    Ojo Casino.
    If they want to waste their money on tedious adverts featuring a transexual, I have no problem with that.
    I do have a problem with adverts with homosexuals and transvestites being shown at peak viewing times.
    Don’t try to normalise this type of lifestyle.
    Show your poofish propaganda after most children are in bed.
    I feel sure that 75% of parents would agree with that.

  6. I hate modern music
    I hate modern cars
    I hate modern films
    I hate modern attitudes
    I hate modern comedians
    I hate mods
    An Jimmy’s scooter
    I hate modern fashion
    And modern haircuts
    I hate modern food
    Quinoa tartlet darling?

    I hate modern everything.

    Lend us tuppence for a silent film a short back an sides, some fried tripe and a ride on a sharabank.

    • Admin,

      This is Modern life 2 or 3!
      I’ve cunted it before and think someone else did?

      Modern life will end up on the wall of cunts at this rate😄

  7. I note the Daily Fail article was from six years ago. Imagine all that’s changed for the worst in a very short space of time. Very few people had heard of BLM, George Floyd was an anonymous fentanyl addicted thug robbing people in Minneapolis, Greta Thunberg still went to school, Gary Lineker was white and the only people the RNLI picked up from the Channel were drunk cunts on inflatables.

  8. Yasmin Alibaba Brown apparently and according to her “broke down and wept whilet in a shop the day after the Conservative (so called) landslide election victory in 2019.
    She reckoned that the staff in their were about to blame her husband for upsetting the delicate little wall flower when in reality she just couldn’t accept that the vast majority didn’t vote Labour.
    Being the type of loathsome, man hating, race baiting, feminist nasty bitch that she is then I’m surprised she didn’t have her (white I believe – the irony) husband lifted by the woke police service just so she could feel a little bit better about the racist undemocratic world she feels she inhabits.

    Stupid fucking cow.

    Harry Kane is a mouth breathing BLM appeaser who, without the aid of a disproportionate number of penalties and cannon fodder opposition, wouldn’t be anywhere near England’s top international goal scorer.
    However, penalties, despite them being a goal served on a plate, are of course legit goals despite the ever so slightly contentious nature of recording them in personal goal scoring data.

    So yes – Jeremy Vine is talking out of his arse but then again that’s about as guaranteed as night following day.

    Gambling ads are the absolute lowest of the low.
    Man of the people Ray Winstone anyone?
    When the fun stops – Stop!! – Yeah righto.
    Gamble responsibly !! – But please do remember to squander you and your family’s money with our betting company.

    Great nom by the way and yes modern life is more rubbish than it was 25 years ago, in my opinion anyway. Although Modern Life is Rubbish was a pretty decent album.

    • She also cried when she found half of her extended family slaughtered beside their sandcrawler.

      An old bloke who was there said it wasn’t the sand people, because they ride single file. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

    • Pound notes
      Milkmen whistling
      Using a dial telephone
      Shops shut on Sundays
      Texan bars
      Smith’s/Tudor crisps
      No children in the bar
      No dogs, no blacks, no Irish
      Public information films
      Monkey boots
      People smoking on telly
      Monkeys smoking on telly
      Men being men

      All things you don’t see anymore that used to be common place..

      • Blokes wearing donkey jackets
        Coppers on the beat
        And packets of KP nuts on a picture of a bird with thruppenies out.

      • Just put on a copy of “Every Which Way But Loose” Mis-most of your criteria in under 2 hours😀👍

  9. Alibaba Brown bolis my piss like no other cunt, and that’s saying something when you think of the sheer number about.

    The gerbil-faced little shit never has a good word to say about this country; the country that gave her sanctuary, security and opportunity.

    She was supposed to be fucking off to Europe after the Tories won last time and Brexit went ahead, but I see that she’s still here, stealing a living going on about how rcist and xenophobic we all are.

    No 1 on my list of the world’s most punchable faces. I loathe this nasty little cunt with total passion. Fuck off back to Uganda where you came from. Idi Amin’s gain was our loss.

    • I heard she was off to somewhere called Tatooine, to lived with her extended family.

  10. When I was a kid we didn’t have much but my parents did the best they could.
    One year, all I wanted for Christmas was an Action Man. There was several types, including Action Man Soldier, Action Man Sailor and Action Man Pilot.
    I didn’t care which, I just wanted one.

    Christmas morning came and I ran downstairs to see what looked like an Action Man sized box under the tree.

    “Can I open that one?” I asked.
    “Of course you can.” said my dad.

    So I grabbed it, tore the paper off and ripped it open, only to find an empty box.
    “Is that okay?” asked my dad.
    “Well dad,” I said, “Actually I was hoping for an Action Man.”
    He said, “It is, it’s Action Man Deserter.”….

  11. To right modern life is shit, no cunt has any principles, no opinion, so scared of not being popular or being ripped to bits on social media. We are all infected with politics, cunts.
    It’s not going down so well in France, they are doing their best, but will fail.
    Why no earth do we put with it less for more, NHS, council tax, police, supermarkets, heyho the price of petrol is coming down.
    Always look on the bright side of life.

  12. Carl Sagan said we are all made of Star Stuff, but he missed out the billion years where we were mostly brainless asexual bags of jelly, eating through its arse, shitting out of its mouth, rasping and smudging about, blind in the mud, under a sunless sky of volcanic fumes.

  13. Trump-‘The country is going to hell’. That’s right. And everywhere else.

    • Also Trump – send me your money to defend myself and democracy.
      Yep, Billionaire Trump, who could sell one of his golf courses, or one of his towers, or out of the campaign funds that he collected before he was beaten in the election.
      Ah, he spent it on a new aeroplane with gold seat buckles……😂😂😂😂

      • You really don’t like him do you? I fathom to really see what he did wrong outside of paper talk.

      • Nope, I don’t like him, or any other lying cunt of a politician. I fell into the trap of almost liking the cunt because he pisses off people I don’t like, and ignored the shit he was accused of, as most did.
        Then one day I heard him witter on about some absolute nonsense so I had a look at what he was actually being accused of.
        Incidentally, I regularly slag him off, but nothing remotely as often as Biden gets it, yet I don’t feel the need to comment or stick up for the crooked cunt. I honestly can’t see why Trump needs a free pass.

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