Gobbing on Our History, Culture and Country

Here’s a story about RAF Scampton, in Lincolnshire, home of 617 Squadron……….”The Dambusters”. You don’t need me to tell you what that means. Now disused, there was a plan to turn it into a light industrial park with the buildings preserved as a museum, all financed with private money. Now it seems this poxy government wants to turn it into a “holding centre” for 1,500 dinghy rats. I can’t tell you how angry I am about this. Cunts….fucking cunts! Why don’t they just hunt down the graves of those young heroes, pull down their strides and fucking shit on them.

Sorry I can’t post a link but I trust somebody can do it for me. There’s also a petition you might like to take a look at.

The Lincoln Nite

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92 thoughts on “Gobbing on Our History, Culture and Country

      • Those ads wouldn’t work these days……not enough people would understand the cultural references……..and definitely not the target audience. In Yankland Bud Light have been running adverts featuring that fucking mental trannie Dylan Mulvaney. They really are puke inducing and they’ve even got the screaming homo’s face on the can.
        Fuck knows what their target audience is, I can’t see many fa**ots drinking beer……if you can call it that.

      • Dylan Mulvaney is the perfect face for anyone drinking Bud Light.

        It’s a puffs drink!
        Weak as piss.

      • What made me laugh was that Dylan was in a bubble bath, sipping daintily on a can of Bud Light, and wearing a bikini top! Fuck me, what a cunt!

  1. Send the cunts to that Abu hamza, the new ayatollah of scotchland, peace be with him.

    Better still sink the cunts before they get here, after half a dozen go down they will stop coming guaranteed.

  2. The last time these islands were successfully invaded was 1066.

    The Spanish couldn’t do it. Napoleon and Hitler couldn’t do it.

    Now we pay the invaders with benefits, housing, education and health care. I pay. You pay.

    We are fucked; fucked by our own politicians, civil service, councils and woke do-gooders. I hate the cunts, all of them, and it’s all the worse for knowing that there’s nothing I can do about it.

    The only consolation I have is that I won’t be here in fifty years time to see what a third world shithouse Britain has become. I’ve seen enough already.

    • The list of collaborators is huge, Ron.

      Cressida Dildo, Andy Burnham, Priti Useless, Tim Davie, Boris Johnson, to name but a few.

      And I see the fruits of this invasion every time I go in to the kidney unit. I have paid in to the NHS all my life. But it’s glaringly obvious that most of them in there haven’t and they never will. Seriously, I was the only white person on the ward last week.

      • And James O’Bastardverminscum too, with all the hottest IVth Reich prop over at LBC. What an utterly foaming, bedwetting twat the boy is.

  3. I’ve just been reading about the liberation of Dachau concentration camp by the Americans during WW2.

    Enraged and disgusted the GIs took revenge on the SS guards.
    The accounts for this are from letters the decorated surgeon Dr David Wilky sent his wife.

    One GI who’s brother had died there emptied his gun into the faces of 3 Nazis,
    And had to be grappled to the ground and subdued.

    They forced the camp guards to stand giving heil Hitler salutes for hours pouring ice water down their backs then shot them.

    A dog handler at the camp who used to starve his 3 dobbermans then let them rip apart the inmates was killed by the inmates along with his dogs.

    Found in the supplies were tons of clothing ,
    30 tonnes of hair(?)
    And valuables stolen from the inmates.
    A true vision of Hell .
    Enough to send you insane.

    When it came out a investigation into the treatment of the German prisoners of war (SS) was conducted.

    General Patton had these dismissed.

    Nowadays , those GIs would be sentenced for war crimes.
    Torture an murder.
    The families of the SS would sue for compensation.
    And receive a apology and millions!

    Nothing to do with the nom I know
    And I’ve gone off tangent.

    But it got me thinking how things that are right and justified,
    Over time changes.

    • That’s it MNC.

      Too many lefty pen pushing cunts too eager to prosecute soldiers returning from Afghanistan etc.

      I don’t know anything about such things (thank fuck), but the old man did – was in the Royal Marines. Saw battle in the Falklands and the first Gulf War. Also had several trips to Northern Ireland.

      He’s always said nobody can judge a soldier’s reactions in battle, unless they’ve been there themselves and seen their friends being blown to bits.

      Geneva convention when, in the middle of nowhere, you capture the cunt who beheaded your best mate in front of you, for example ?

      Yeah right.

      Every cunting Tarquin and Pippa sticking up for our fucking enemies, should be sent out there to see how nice they are first hand, the fucking traitors.

    • Its a fucking disease in this country. Just squeeze a *little* bit more from the little people. The trouble is every fucker from cuntcils to the government to supermarkets to fuel and energy companies are practising the same, greedy trick instead of cutting their cloth.

      They will squeeze again one day and they will get fuck all out.

      • “Ev’ry li? le ‘elps…”
        It’ s how those robbing bastards stay rich.
        Some people say the late HM Queen was tight (Oooh, Matron!), but I reckon that story about sending llthe young Jug-Ears out to hunt for a missing corgi-hail was so that she could have Balmoral to herself for a quick cozy…

    • They won’t raise much dough from that…..are there any hotels left for the tourists?

      • They can get the dinghy paddlers to pay the tax. They seem to have plenty of cash for the journey, high end mobiles and better clothes than I can afford.

    • I can assure anyone thinking of visiting Manchester that a pound is a fuckin rip off and you won’t get your money’s worth.

      Go Chester or York instead.

    • Sorry, but Manchester would have to pay me to visit, and not just a sodding pound, either.

      Stupid twats!

  4. What does any of this matter as long as winninz football players have period friendly shorts?

    I use the word football loosely.

    • I wish they would play one match against an Argentinian men’s team (not England as they would let the birds win). We could then stop listening to all their shit after they get thrashed 20-0.

  5. And by changing guy gibsons dogs name from nigger to trigger in the film, why cant these cunts leave history alone. It happened and he was called nigger. Who are they trying to protect? Softies, pansies and the like wont watch a war film. Mind your own fucking business.

  6. Like McEnroe said when he told the truth about Serena Williams , if they don’t like it let’s just have one tour that men and women play on .

    They didn’t like that idea either.

    One of the few cunts not to apologise for his highly accurate comments . Well accurate other than the fact he said she’d be 700 in the world .

    There are college players in the States who would batter her.

  7. As expected, this worthwhile cause has been hijacked by the anti immigration mob, who have shat into the clear blue waters of reason.
    The campaign headed by Holland has nothing to do with immigration, legal or otherwise, and everything to do with a massive private funded redevelopment of Scampton, which would see vital parts of the wartime heritage protected for the future.
    By earmarking this particular site, the tories have managed to throw more hate at the migrants than themselves, as dog whistle politics rule. Why else would Farage and Robinson turn up? if it was being turned into a horse racing track or a shopping centre, they wouldn’t give a fuck.
    The dogs name though.

    Incidentally, it appears the dog wasn’t as popular as the film made out, quite a few hated it because it was a pain in the arse, and the accident it suffered might not have been that ‘accidental’……

  8. I am the “ anti immigration mob.” Don’t even dream that I’m ashamed of it.

    • And another one of the cunts (some Colonel Gadaffi look-alike) kept me disturbed for four hours in the ward today, as he blathered loudly to his wife on a very loud phone. Do these bastards have an aversion to headphones or simple good manners? And why can’t they speak quietly?👿

    • Same.
      Still, the old divide and conquer strategy has been in full flow since convid, works a treat does that.

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