Cunts without cunts are cunts


The world is truly fucked when we have arse bandits, rug munchers, trannies, he/she/them/there/it’s starting families.

Can you imagine how damaged these kids are going to be? not to mention some of the horrors they are going to witness at a young age.

What is it with these freaks that makes them decide they want a kid in a very un natural way, they should just get a dog and leave the poor kids alone..

Wales on line

Nominated by Fuglyucker, link provided by Imitation Yank.

81 thoughts on “Cunts without cunts are cunts

  1. These FREAKS shouldn’t be allowed near animals either. As the Python song had it:
    Anything goes in
    Anything goes out
    Fish, bananas, old pyjamas,
    Mutton, beef and trout.

    I reckon animals would just be subjected to the Eric Gill treatment.

  2. Well as long as they don’t smoke and aren’t members of UKIP, I can’t see the problem?

    • I agree, Harry. Kids can be cruel cunts. Can you imagine some poor little get getting endless and merciless stick from their classmates about having poofter parents? But of course, the cunts who ‘adopt’ these kids don’t think of things like that. Also, the fact that it is so incredibly easy for these ‘couples’ to get kids doesn’t help either.

      • If they adopt, why do male benders always seem to adopt male children?

        I’m sure it’s all just a huge coincidence and that I’m a nazi bigot gammon.

      • I see it another way. Imagine one of those evil kids you can’t control, it’s the best place for it. Probably fuck the kids mind up even further and might quieten the little shit down, besides ruining the live of the already fucked up step-parents. Everyone’s a winner.

      • Brrst thing I will probably read all day. Not even 5am and you have made my day!

        Comment of April 2023 my good sir!

      • I often wonder what sort of schooldays the poor little sod who has Tom Daley and whathisname as their mums and dads , will have. Unforgivable, since Tom himself experienced bullying at school because of his perceived poofery. The kids do not stand a chance. Just thank God Eddie Izzard would by now have gone through the menopause if it had a cunt, rather than just being one.

    • “My Dad is bigger than your dad”. “Which one?”

      Unnatural shit like this makes me feel sick. 2 men or 2 wimmen shouldn’t be aloud to raise a child. Wrong on all levels

      • Cuntybollocks

        I view the term Gammon as a badge of honour. It validates everything I think when I get called that. Fuck em

      • Same LG.

        I use it in an ironic sense (like using honkey), but honkies who use it in a pejorative sense, are self hating, bitter because their woman left them for a real man, ill informed, nowhere near as intelligent as they think they are, stupid fucking cunts.

  3. If you look at the daily wail today there’s a trans twat threatening any woman who tells it that it can’t use the females bogs that would be the last mistake they make. FFS

    It’s about these trans types got locked up and the keys lost. The only nes confused are themselves.

    • Come on then dick lady, let me know when you’re down the local bog and it will be the last time you piss standing up !!

    • It identifies as a fucking lesbian?? I know at least 1 women who would beat this cunt into a wet pile of shit if it tried to go into a ladies bog.

    • It’s been transitioning since 2017.
      Into what?
      A water buffalo?
      Six years, and it looks like that?
      I’d ask for my money back, mate!

      • 😆
        6years to transition into a human potato!

        Fuck me I could do better with 6years to play with!

        Listen Tara Jay,
        You threatened my missus you puddled cunt I’d transition you through a wall into a fuckin coma.

      • Tara Jay transitioning since 2017? Fucking hell, if all this fat cunt has done is don an ill-fitting blonde wig then he needs to up his game.

        “Call to arms” what a fucking ringpiece. If the cunt burst into a ladies toilets if my wife or daughter was in there, I’d kick his nuts so fucking hard, he’d have wished he’d transitioned properly.

    • From nashville the home of the grand ole opry.

      That’s just grim,old and ropey.

      • But this is in America. The mental tranny cunt has threatened to shoot any (real) woman that quite rightly tells it to fuck off out of the ladies room.

        I have it on good authority that the womenfolk of the USA are also a bit tasty when it comes to concealed carry firearms and spend decent practice time at the range.

        Imagine the support normal women will get if that 20 stone mental case freaks out in a ladies WC and pulls a gun…Only to get squarely slotted by some innocent adult human female, who is a bit quicker on the trigger of a Colt 1911.

        The woke will go nuts.

        Can’t fucking wait.

      • I truly look forward to this.
        Transitioning Water Buffalo shot dead,
        Can’t beat a Glock when in comes down to protecting the kids.
        Says Miller Lite swigging Travis Twitt fan.

  4. You get a bit of poo on your willy every night and think you can bring up a child, poor kid is doomed.

    Girls who want boys
    Who like boys to be girls
    Who do boys like they’re girls
    Who do girls like they’re boys
    Always should be someone you really love

  5. This I personally identify myself shite is nonsense. Its other people who do the choosing of identification. Now that’s been sorted amicably, we can crack on with the seriousness of stopping the boat people.

    • I took our eldest to the kids London Marathon on Saturday as part of the school taking part.

      Bearing in mind this is an event for Children as young as 5 I nearly shat myself when I saw changing rooms for…

      Gender neutral.

      We are creating this and by continuing the narrative on this we are making the situation much worse.

      I am no religious man but there are two sexes. Male and female and nothing else, end of.

      If course, there are plenty of cunts out there.

  6. A normal heterosexual couple have to jump through hoops to adopt.

    I have no idea why local authorities are so eager to place children with homosexual couples.

    Their ‘marriages’ rarely last that long.

    The children that get placed with these deviants would probably not get bullied at school.
    Kids nowadays are exposed to this type of thing daily and see it as normal.

    That’s how fucked up things are.

    • Yes I agree. Ironically the only bullying of poofs in school these days probably takes place in the more “diverse” educational establishments. Yes, our immo friends haven’t caught up with the thinking of the enlightened indigenous population. But of course they are victims themselves so we can let them off. Everybody’s a fucking victim.

    • Its all in the upbringing. My six year old daughter is pretty clued up and isn’t convinced by all this shit. When in doubt or she is confused about something she has seen, Daddy puts her right with a straight, common-sense explanation and the world is good again.

      My advice – be straight and don’t treat you children like idiots. They have the capacity to see through this brainwashing shite too.

      • Quite right, Paul.
        The Lass at 13 is very clued up about the insideous way SM Influencers attempt to get her into their way of thinking.

        Watch your daughters online presence, she shouldn’t have one at 6.

      • Hi JP, thanks, we are protected to the hilt on line and my daughter cannot access anything she shouldn’t.

        When I say seen, that means seen on La Laterna D’Imbecile. There’s plenty of shite on there. You even have to keep your eye on CBeebies as they are known to gently push the boundaries.

      • Not kidding!

        Bedknobs and Broomsticks 2 is disgusting.
        Disney has gone full retard!

        Jungle Fook
        Little spermaid
        The Iron King
        Mong of the south
        101 dalgenders

  7. I don’t understand why people pander to these degenerates.
    They represent a tiny minority, yet seem to be in charge. Why?
    Because of laws about hate speech/crime?
    It’s being very broadly interpreted indeed, especially when plod flex their muscles, and arrest golly dollies. Pity their fucking brainpower isn’t as obvious as their tattoos.
    I find it difficult to discern a difference between a thug and a plod these days.
    Talk about standards slipping.

  8. It’s the media isn’t it. I suppose ‘Wales Online’ is part of the MSM. ‘They have announced exciting news’. As if it’s normal pregnancy.
    That’s the problem.
    I can think of another MSM ‘outlet’ that would do it any different.

    • I honestly don’t get it.
      Why do this minority have such vast influence?
      Are the voting public so tied, that the alternative sexed community can influence the vote?
      I really don’t think so. We showed you what Sheffield would do with lace-panty boy Izzard.
      We don’t fuck about, up North.
      There’s a movement going on to make Yorkshire it’s own country, like Wales & Scotland, with a First Minister an’all.
      And he’ll be white.

    • Pregnancy, normal or otherwise, is not mentioned in the Wales Online report.
      The ‘exciting news’ is in reference to the process of adoption.

  9. I’m a open minded, non judgemental, live an let live kind of bloke.

    You all know this.

    But trans people make me feel physically sick.
    I think they’re monstrous.
    They disgust me.

    They are the foot soldiers of the Devil
    And a symptom of a sick society.
    In my opinion.

    I don’t feel any compassion for them,
    I don’t pity them.
    They repulse me.

    I don’t hate gays.

    I know some of these people can’t help how they are.

    But still.

    • i dont hate trans folk, just the mental activists.

      transsexualism is a medical condition, not some political cause.

    • I wonder if the real reason that Fiddler has gone missing is because he’s having a sex change ?

      I was always a bit suspect about his obsession with The Gays.

      He may reappear as ‘ Fifi Foxchaser Fiddlebum ‘


      • Tally off? 😄

        Imagine being chased over the Northumbrian moorland by a shotgun toting Fiddler in a frock?!!

        You’ve sprained your ankle and he’s gaining on you!!

        The horror, the horror!

        Please don’t kill me!

        “Oh I’m not going to kill you….yet.
        By the time I’m finished you’ll be wishing I had…”


      • I wonder where he buries all those young gentlemen hikers ?

        ” Oooh ! Come in and get those wet things off, go and dry yourself by the fire…….”

        ” Here drink this ( Rohypnol laced ) Hot Chocolate ”

        Bet he’s got a bobble hat for every day of the month.

  10. Sorry more tolerant people, but I’m with Mis on this.
    Stop rubbing my nose in your fucking shit, or I will lose my temper!

  11. My advice to these trannie sickos is, as our American friends so quaintly put it……
    Eat a bag of dicks motherfuckers!

  12. WTF?
    Surely one of the main perks of being a puff is having a ready made excuse to avoid the expense and tedious business of raising the next generation of planet polluters?
    Furthermore they get to spend the hundreds of thousand of pounds saved all on themselves!
    I’m sorry, but these puffs are clearly crap.

  13. This is part of the creeping death of traditional values.

    Gays can get married and have children.

    Men can decide one day to be women.

    Public cross dressing is allowed…

    Daring to speak out against these corruptions will likely lead to the Rainbow Squad of the local police turning up to commence re-education.

    Then,a few years from now the campaign will start to grow to lower the legal age of consent..and allow for cultural differences to be used as a legal defence against child abuse.

    Filthy cunts for oven.

  14. If I caught some hairy bollocked cunt, whatever persuasion he might be, colour or religion, sniffing round The Lass, bollox in the vice, lad.
    Sniff elsewhere.

    • I’ve had plenty of gay customers.
      Never a problem.
      Same with Fishsuppers.
      Nice enough.

      I accept the Pink Pound.
      I’m not prejudice against money .

      I’ve never worked for a trans thing though.

      Sheer luck really.
      I’d be uneasy as they tend to be highly mental
      Go off easier than a WW2 hang grenade!

      And I refuse to call some Les Dawson looking twat in a wig a woman.

      I don’t want they/them custom.

      Get fucked 🖕

  15. Being gay grants you superhero status.

    It’s erm Supergayman, turning down jobs because erm he wants to start a family. I’m sure lots of strait men have turned down jobs because they have a family first principle, not a fucking word of it in the press (apart from the Harry formerly known as Prince) but a gay doing the same thing is promoted as an act of selfless heroism.

    Transman and his sidekick Dick ain’t going to take this lying down…….

    • I make you right. There won’t be many blokes with a family who want to spend 6 months in South Africa for a temporary job. Especially when they can make a good living being a professional gay in the People’s Republic of Cymru.

  16. My concern is that women’s rights are being eroded.

    How can a biological man who transitions then demand that a biological women,who identifies as lesbian must find them sexually attractive?

    Trans people have the right to live without fear and prejudice. However, while I absolutely defend the rights of trans people to live as they wish, the basic tenants of biology can not be overruled.

    Trans people who ascribe to radical theories no longer represent all trans people just as BLM do not represent all people of colour.

    Of course, there will be children who experience gender dysphoria and they deserve love,respect and appropriate medical care. However, it appears that it has become fashionable to identify as trans/non binary, etc. I have worked with trans people and would think I have,albeit,a very limited understanding of what they go through: I am not trans and it it not something that has ever crossed my mind.

    From what I have seen, there is an epidemic of children identifying as trans in schools where the Green party run the council. I am not a teacher or an educational psychologist so know nothing about child development theories. Having chosen not to have children, I have no experience of this,either. However, it is not outside the realms of possibility that if you give children the notion that there are multiple genders,they will choose one.

    There have been children identifying as gay/bi for all of time,especially before clause 28 and Liberal education. Conversely, there was no mention of non binary or transitioning until the last few years.

    The emerging de-transitioning movement is indicative of why this militant radical trans movement has to be held to account. Having surgery has consequences. Tattoos can be removed, a uterus can not be replaced.

  17. Give them the Al-Quieda treatment off the nearest tower block, as long as they identify as a (avian) bird they’ll be OK.

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