Atrocity Trolls


People who make money out of atrocities, by claiming they never happened in the first place, are cunts.

There are a few well known for doing this. Alex Jones is one and another may be on trial soon, his name is Richard D Hall, a British documentary film maker and public speaker.

I admit to watching a documentary series by Hall on the Madeline McCann case, which was admittedly very interesting. It used the case files for evidence. It was hard to refute a lot of the content in that admittedly compelling series (his theory being similar to the one the Portuguese cops originally came to.)

However, he has made (in my opinion) some seriously nutty documentaries. A few seem to focus on islamic terror events being ‘staged’. He seems to think the Manchester Arena attack didn’t happen and has (allegedly) harassed victims.

If true (it’s not gone to court yet) then what is wrong with these cunts? Imagine being blown up and then living in a wheelchair for life, only for some cunt to say it never happened and harass you about it?

There were also some other cunts saying the Muslim terrorists responsible for 7/7 were all innocent and the whole thing didn’t happen or was staged to made to stir up trouble in the middle east (military industrial complex etc.) David is Irving another one, denying the Holocaust ever happened or was grossly exaggerated. A ‘historian’ who doesn’t even have a degree, as I recently found out. David Icke with his 9/11 bollocks.

Absolute fucking pricks!

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Nominated by Cuntybollocks.

101 thoughts on “Atrocity Trolls

  1. Tim Spall did a great portrayal of David Irving in a film based on the legal case brought against him-“Denial”-I think it was called.

    It show’s where we are at, as a society, when people think it is their right, to harass the grieving or suffering, because they are “truth-tellers”.

  2. I remember Irving being played by that late Roger Lloyd-Pack in a drama series about the Hitler diaries. He came across as only marginally more intelligent than Trigger. Veteran stage actor John Castle portrayed him in a TV version of the Lipstadt trial – he was really good, captured the man’s distinctly peculiar tetchy deameanour which seems to be founded on him reckoning he’s smarter than everyone else, but manifestly isn’t. Worth a cunting on his own.

    Richard D Hall needs burning with a flamethrower.

  3. Like that poor lass, who fell into a river and drowned, but wasn’t found for days.
    Idiots filming their selves digging up earth, people peering through windows, “detectives” expounding theories without a single grasp of the pain they were inflicting on her distraught family.
    Should all, without exception, be charged with hindering a police investigation.
    Not quite the same as the nom, but similar. What very small lives some people lead.

    • Grief vampires, is what I prefer to call them, feeding off other people’s tragedies. Atrocity Trolls aren’t new, they’ve just evolved from “fake” moon landings.

    • Same thing happened in the Soham murders. Ghouls going on coach trips to Soham. Cunts indeed.

  4. We can include not-as-busy-as -before comedian, Rufus Hound, who posted that the Manchester Arena bombing was a false flag operation by the tories.

  5. I don’t believe slavery happened, all those Africans just stole boats to get to the americas, they all volunteered to work on plantations for no wages in the hope of getting citizenship and all they do now is fucking moan about it, unbelievable!!

  6. I suppose if you believe the earth is flat, you’re up for anything.
    Evening, CG.

    • Evening Gutstick. 👍

      Well spotted. You called him right a few days ago. Seems he’s now transgendered. 😂

      To think I actually welcomed him/her to the site…

    • Evening Herman. 👍

      In my defence, he started off a few weeks ago by deliberately appearing rational. A cunting disguise! Now he/she is beginning to emerge in his/her true colours… tickies included. 🙄

      Time will tell if he/she manages to keep his/her nose clean.

    • I believe Gentlemen and non-binaries, I hinted at Maggie having been on this site before a week or so ago. I can’t remember which thread and quite frankly my dear I can’t be bothered to go back and look for it.

      He appears to be behaving for the moment.

      He’s entertaining sometimes and then annoying and trite at others.

      Aah well.

      I still like to think he might be Grant Morrison. Mainly because of the bat shit crazy trip he had on a rooftop in Kathmandu where he was abducted by aliens back in 1994.

  7. Hall is the lowest of the low. The cunt was harassing victims, planting cameras in their gardens and hanging around to see if he could get evidence they were faking it.
    If it were my family, he would be having a meeting with a pick axe handle.
    Too many retards believe guff like this, and they are hierarchical. Some go the full lizard with Icke, whereas others laugh at them, yet they are spouting convid, great reset etc.
    There’s big money to be made from fuckwits.

    • Of course there is, Guts.
      They don’t expound their nut job conspiracy theories for a cheap thrill at the number of likes they get.
      These forums aren’t FaceButt, Twatter or InstaGroan.

    • When I learnt that 9/11 was a cunning hoax by the blood drinking Zionist puppet masters that control Hollywood I immediately rushed out and joined We The People a fast growing centre right truth party based in York.

      I received my armband and secret code ring
      But imagine my embarrassment on attending the National Conference at Wembley stadium to find I was the only member!!!

      Won’t get fooled again…

    • There was money to be made from Convid as well.

      And not just for conspiracy theory types.

    • The trouble is Gutstick, where do you draw the line? People were told that Trump had conspired by Russia, and they believed it without evidence. Mr Religulous himself, Bill Maher insisted there was evidence,

      Covid? Well the conspiracy about a lab leak being responsible has given way to evidence over the past 18 months thanks to journalists like Matt Ridley

      Pfizer hurrying through testing their vaccine is that another conspiracy promoted by the British Medical Journal?

      Do you trust the fact-checkers, or check them yourself?

  8. Nowt that a stern kicking to death wouldn’t cure.

    Now…where’s the bloody drinks tray gone?

    • Unlike some of those scotch cunts who think the world is flat, like that fucking moron who has been banned on a few occasions.
      Surely he couldn’t return…..

    • Was he actually speaking English?
      Couldn’t understand one word in 10.
      Mind, I’m fairly drunk.

  9. The group being cunted here are conspiracy theorists and nutters. I’m 100% on board.

  10. Our dear old BBCunt could be said to do the same when they refer to the 7/7 London bus bombing as “when a bus exploded” rather than the more truthful “when a bus was blown apart by a suicide bomber in a targeted terrorist attack”.

    Trivialising the matter and burying the real circumstances shows contempt for the victims, rather than the perps.

    Happy Easter

    • Add to that:

      -“A man”-when the perp is black or asian
      -“Far Right”-when any opinion is not left of centre
      -“Waycist”-when anything is not on board with the BBC narrative

      Etc, etc, etc

      Happy Easter Ms Fuckwittery-may your eggs be chocolate and plentiful and may your wine glass be full.

      • Heheh thank you Mr CG; the wine glass is certainly full; and you have summed up the delightful modern world completely gawd help us

    • Maggie is Cunty Gordon.
      I like Gordon-he is a colourful poster who does not appear to have a nasty bone in his body….

      I too realised it was “He”, pretty much immediately.

    • I always like Cunty as well. He has some pretty crazy ideas of course but don’t think he was viscious (unless his buttons were pushed, but he always came around and softened up).

  11. My favourite parts about 9/11 were the hijackers passports and building 7.

    Ooh wee yoooo 😧😵🙃😀

      • I heard a rumour that Fred Dibnah was on his holidays over in New York around that time.

        Evening Mis.

      • Remote controlled planes was my favourite.

        George Bush or Bill Gates standing at the bottom twiddling a joystick and shouting, “Die you bastards!”

        Totally plausible.

    • Mine was the idea that the steel of the trusswork holding up the open plan floors needed to reach melting point before structural collapse.

      It was explained in detail at the time.

      Also the repeated lie about building 7 being ‘nowhere near’ the towers.

  12. It’s a strange one this.

    People post on here on a daily basis (which I’m pretty much always in agreement with btw) complaining about being well and truly fucked over by the government and various corporations.

    Not only do people post on here thinking they’re being fucked over by governments and corporations – they know they are being fucked over by them.

    Climate bollocks, energy companies, mass uncontrolled immigration, the systematic covering up of the industrial scale rape of British children by foreign men for decades etc etc.

    Yet to even question certain other things, is to be a conspiracy theorist, a troll, a cunt or whatever else.

    Covid and 9/11 have more holes in their respective plots than a particularly ropey episode of Coronation Street and some of it is about as believable as Rishi Sunak finally getting a grip on people arriving in small boats.

    Apologies if that makes me a loony but in the interests of balance I thought I’d make that point.

    Nobody likes an echo chamber after all.

    • Evening Herman, on point again, you’ll incur the wrath of the frothy contingent with that sort of talk. Your last post prior to this one flew over some heads I believe.

    • Echo chamber? This site is almost the dictionary definition!
      Try posting anything other than dinghies and trannies and feel the wrath! 😀
      Evening HJ.

    • Evening Herman 👍
      Doubt anyone thinks your bananas,
      I certainly don’t.

      And yes the government,
      All governments lie to us on a daily basis.
      Have they our best interests at heart?
      Doubt it☹️

      But the thing I hate (and this isnt meaning you)
      Are the cunts who always bring up the most paranoid fantastical explanation for things.
      Hologram, never happened.

      Shit like that?
      May as well unzip your pants pull out your pecker and piss on the victims.

      It’s bollocks and I don’t mind being lied to,
      But refuse to lie to myself.

    • Oh aye.

      Richard D Hall is actually a good filmmaker. And a good interviewer.

      To me it seems he went mental.

      His Madeline McCann investigation is fucking great btw (pre mental). Incredible even.

      Maybe I’m wrong though?

      Just an opinion, as Rich says.

    • Valid points Herman.

      There are some conspiracy theories I believe but I don’t believe every single one of them.

      I get sick of the usual “Immos” and trannies noms tbh.

      Don’t post here as much as I did. Other things going on but still like to dip in every once in a while.

      • Evening Harold.
        I feel the same. The usual cycle of noms and replies bores me rigid, and when it strays from the format, it won’t be long before someone has to mention the favourite whinges, has as already happened on this nom.
        There are as many cunts on the right as there are on the left, but they rarely get a mention. When I recently cunted some of them, I had a right roasting, leftie libtard twat etc, and when I tried to defend the cunting I got labelled ‘passive aggressive’
        Again, oh the irony….

      • Too many readers of Veterans Today here. I also get a bit bored of tranny and immo posts. I understand people are upset at these provocations but there are plenty more cunts in the world.

    • i was dismissed aa a conspiracy theorist by a mate of mine who always tried too hard to look lbe a rational skeptic sort. buying books by David Aaronovitch and Michael Shermer

      I told him about Echelon and RAF Menwith Hill. He balked at the idea, until he bothered to look into it, then about two years Later, Snowden releases info on PRISM.

      it seems to work in both ways: for some people, if something isn’ t on the national news, being discussed bythe political-media class or being endorsed by Lorraine Kelly or The One Show, it’s verboten and a sign of watching too many x files episodes.

    • Shouldn’t you be fasting or something?

      Happy Easter Miles👍

      • Happy Easter Miserable, all.

        Yeah GJ I am tending to agree at the moment that the Trump indictment is very flimsy. I believe now essentially there is a political motive behind it.

        Am I a conspiracy theorist?

      • Trump is a cunt who sold out his supporters. Fuck him.

        He had a chance to ‘drain the swamp’ and did fuck all. But the Dems know he’ll win if he’s free.

        But yes, it’s obviously political. If the bar has been set with how political funds are spent during campaigns they should all be in prison FFS.

        The media are saying legal experts are all saying Trumpy will get a big fine but no prison.

        They are going off pre woke case law.

        I remember every legal analyst in the media saying Derek Chauvin would get 5-10 years max if guilty.

        What did he get again?

        I think Trumpy will get at least a year to take him out of the race.

        Let’s see.

      • Trump can actually run for POTUS from prison Cunty, apparently its been done before over a hundred years ago. I don’t know if he will go to prison and some speculate he has engineered all this himself with the New York D.A having a massive hard on for The Donald and taking the bait.

      • There are other charges the fake commies are working on but this Stormy Daniels bollocks ain’t going nowhere. I heard her interview with Piers Cunt Morgan the other night. By her own admission he didn’t pay her like a normal prozzie…….she fucked him in the hope of getting a part on Celebrity Apprentice. When it didn’t materialise and he ran for President she saw an opportunity to screw his wallet. I’m no expert on law, especially American law, but it looks like a case of blackmail if you chose to interpret it that way. But, of course, legal interpretation depends on who has the power to impose that interpretation on the plebs and peasants like us.

      • If true he best hope he gets sent down then.

        But do his party have a rule on imprisoned candidates? No fucking idea. I can’t be arsed checking.

        I think he’ll win if he’s allowed to stand. I think the dems have over reached here.

        It doesn’t matter if you hate Trump. I’m not so keen on him either.

        If they send him down and out of the race:

        Do as your told.
        You’re government is in control.

        Think on.

      • And he shouted ‘lock her up’ for a few seconds and took it back I seem to recall.

        Now the Clinton’s corruption…fuck me.

        Nothing to see here. Nobody died. Erm.

      • For a guy that chanted ‘lock her up’ for the last 8 years, even during the election, for him to bleat political motivation for this, or the next and the next is utter bollocks.
        Don’t forget, Cohen went to jail for the same issue, which was done on his behalf.
        Perhaps he’s only running because he can claim all the charges as politically motivated.
        If you actually look at all the cases that are being brought against him, and I mean a proper look, independently, he is a fucking crook. Perfect politician material. There are no poor or working class politicians in the US, they are all wealthy, and either they are fucking greedy, or just out for power, they are all cunts, no exceptions.
        Drain the swamp? Did he fuck, but he did fill half a prison with his henchmen, most of which had pardons off him.
        A swamp is a natural occurrence, he’s a fucking sewer.

      • Trump is one of those people who will say and do whatever he needs to so that he can get what he wants.

        I am Jack’s complete and total lack of surprise.

        Same with Bo Jo who used the Donald Trump play book back in 2019.

        fuck sake even that Tiger King is talking about running for President next year.

      • I’m a normie and proud of it.

        And Trump is a megalomaniac. Having said that, the charges against him are definitely political. And neither do I subscribe to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump is no more nor less of a cunt than many other US presidents and neither is he necessarily more dangerous. He is however genuinely friendly to the UK, and that raises his profile in my view. If Americans vote for him then fair enough. They could do better but then they could also do a lot worse, like Biden.

      • Mmcm

        I don’t think you have TDS. You’re sound in my opinion.

        I may not agree with some of your posts, but you don’t go all Rick off the Young Ones.

      • The Democrats want Trump to win the Republican nomination.
        Because they know he’s a busted flush.
        The opponent they most fear is Ron Desantis.

      • I’m not convinced Trump is a busted flush. I could be wrong, but I would not be at all surprised if he pulled of a re-election. De Santis could probably pull it of as well, although he’s largely untested in the national political arena outside of Florida and national elections in the US can be pretty vicious. Trump is a known phenomenon on the other hand. All his defects are well known and, ironically, it seems many are attracted to these defects or prepared to forgive him for them. Put it down to his confidence and charisma.

      • The only reason Biden won the last election was because he wasn’t Trump.
        No one voted positively for Biden, they voted against Trump.
        Biden is a dead man walking.
        So is Harris.

      • @Cuntybollocks 10.23pm

        I might go all Rick of the Young Ones if you say anything rude about Cliff Richard.

      • @MJB 10.30pm

        Agreed. And Biden was never alive in the first place. A reanimated corpse minus the charisma and common sense. And Harris is a vacuum.

      • TDS is just a label that Trumpie fanboys bleat when someone dares criticises their orange hero.
        Who’s a snowflake? 😆😆

    • i find ‘normie’ is one of those terms incels like to use, like ‘roasties’ and ‘chads’.

  13. Governments all over the World spend fuck all on mental health so we have to put up with shite like the 7/7 scum were innocent. These fucking sick bastards should have their arse cheeks shot full of antipsychotic medication then they should be carefully placed in the de stress room and left till they remember, then a hearty slapping with an axe handle will see them right.

    • Do I think Donny Tango is guilty of the charges levelled at him?

      Pretty much.
      Do I think they’re been brought as a political act?


      Do I think Donald’s a moral man?
      Do I fuck!

      Do I like him?
      Yeah, can’t help it.

      He’s funny as fuck
      A rum cunt , character and punk rock.

      • Pretty much my take MNC.
        Greta scowling and his fucking hilarious trolling of her made me want to be a Yankee Doodle, just so I could wear a red mega hat and vote for him.

    • Trump was certainly a hustler with probable Russian mafia assistance to hand for his empire building.That’s always how it worked building concrete shit-holes like New York city but i’m guessing he’s not on board with child-trafficking,satanic,adrenochrome ingesting,’elites’ which is why the swamp has him firmly in the crosshairs.

      The Clintons being the poster boys for the dark tendency are fully joined at the hip with the Rothschilds and if you’re not fully aware of this gangs culpability in most of our planets troubles over a century or so,then you will never comprehend the ‘bigger picture’ of things playing/played out.

      The information is out there (if you want it) but it takes a hell of a time to put the pieces together.If you want to get a good overview i heartily recommend a book by John Hamer-‘The Falsification of History’ as an entrance point in deciphering the wheat and chaff of it all.

      There’s a mass awakening gathering traction across the world by the day.Won’t pay to not be aboard this bus.

  14. Just seen Gary Bushell on the telly.
    Looks the spit of Gary Glitter!
    Could they be related?
    Never seen them together in the same room…

  15. Spivey was great fun. I once told him he was a cunt and one his accolade offered to meet me up a dark alley to discuss the matter “if I was ‘ard enough”

    I simply informed him that whether I was’ ard enough was not the issue. The issue was whether I was stupid enough.

    I told him to go fuck himself…

    • #Metoo Dio. I got banned for also telling him he is a cunt. Also banned and blocked by that other cunt Andrew Devine. I still send both of them missives telling them they are still cunts though. Keeps me amused.

    • Wanting to start a physical fight because of something said online?

      The ultimate display of a fragile ego and susecptability to trolling.

      The funniest thing is when you decline and they spend ten minutes telling you how they have ‘won’ only to then carry on insulting you and your masculinity, ftollowed by you daring point out they might be a little insecure..
      and off they go again!

      i found this is very common with white men who like Hip hop, energy drinks, branded clothing and wearing baseball caps to cover a bald spot and post lots of pictures of themselves standing next to sports cars.

      The level of invective is often surreal, and hilarious.

  16. And Nicola Sturgeon definitely didn’t know anything about her husband’s potential dodginess with party funds.

    Obviously, a husband would never discuss how he finds his s wife’s business with her at any time.

    Fuck me, how stupid do they think we (well at least some of us) are.

    If she stole 600k, send the dwarf down not her patsy ‘husband’.


  17. And Nicola Sturgeon definitely didn’t know anything about her husband’s potential dodginess with party funds.

    Obviously, a husband would never discuss how he finds his s wife’s business with her at any time.

    Fuck me, how stupid do they think we (well at least some of us) are.

    If she stole 600k, send the message d get down not her patsy ‘husband’.


  18. As much as I despise Alex Jones, he did actually retract his previous claims, so it seems a bit cunty to include him in this cunting.

    Even though he is a cunt, albeit for different reasons, he should only be cunted for specific and/or targeted reasons.

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