Racist Police Dogs (2)

Racist police dogs.. yes you read that right.

There is a bill in California to ban police dogs from chasing suspects.

Well apparently black and Latino account for two-thirds of use of force cases.
So it obviously a racist pooch that’s at fault.

And even better dogs can trigger blacks because dogs were used to hunt down slaves..

So how long before they trace back Fido’s heritage to find out his great, great granddad worked for the confederacy. Reparations, Reparations.

Nominated by Barry zuckercunt. An additional link by Miserable northern cunt.

Daily Mail News

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55 thoughts on “Racist Police Dogs (2)

  1. Despite the sign BLM forced him to wear, the dog in the hostage like header pic doesn’t look racist to me.

    But he is obviously an Uncle Tom.

  2. Just when you think you’ve heard every bampot opinion, some cunt manages to find a new piece of preposterous bullshit to spout about.

  3. Fuck me, what next? They use dogs for a reason ergo they run faster than the criminal types. Four fangs lock on and they faceplant. Nice.

  4. Another pile of ridiculous shit from crazy California. No wonder so many cunts are moving out…….to be replaced by yet more druggies, criminals and exiled members of the Royal Family.

  5. Is that dog not aware its black too?
    Tsk tsk, yet more black on black violence.
    If Californian darkıes get their way about their ‘justified and deserved’ reparations’, supposedly being upped to $330,000 dollars each (thanks to Gavin Newsom), they’ll have far more to worry about than ‘racist’ dogs: they’ll be bumped off at a rate of knots by resentful recently-arrived beaners looking for a payout of their own.
    Once the blackıes receive their payouts, they’ll blow the lot in a year anyway on KFC and fentanyl.
    They haven’t got the brains they were born with.
    Actually, yes. Yes they have.

    • We’ve had loads of dogs over the years,
      Mainly German shepherd and all have been racist.

      I didn’t have to teach them,
      They picked it up on their own!

      Sooties, Stanley’s, even wheelchair users and cripples!

      My akita hates a big fat Romanian gyppo big issue seller and likes to chase her,
      Dogs are far right.

      Why they’re man’s best friend.

      • Well if the dogs have German origins they are bound to be racist. They fucking started it, the cunts.

      • Ho ho, morning MNC.
        I’d worry about any dog that bit a black though.
        In case there was some sort of reverse canine vampirism going on.
        The dog’s bark would start sounding ‘urban’, it would start shitting indoors, become as lazy as cats and start blaming ‘da white man’ for its sudden lack of brainpower and indolence.

      • Morning Thomas 👍
        My post keeps disappearing?

        Don’t hear of dogs called Rommel anymore do you?
        Popular in the 70s.

  6. Kaiser, Rommel, don’t hear dogs called that anymore?

    Loads in the 70s.

    Shame, need to start up with giving dogs Germanic sounding names again!

    Panzer, Stuka, Hess, luger, Luftwaffe,Brexit Actung, Mauser.

    So middle class lefties get upset.

  7. next will be homophobic dogs, misogynistic dogs, Islamaphobic dogs, fattyphobic dogs… the victimhood list is endless!

  8. I had a racist staffie in Sefrica. A fine dog, the kaffirs were terrified of him.

  9. Californian police don’t carry weapons,they use the awesome power of fried chiggun to detain their inevitably blek suspects.

    Anyhow I’m glad the dogs don’t have to suffer the indignity of biting some dreadful sub Saharan cunt.

    Thomas TCE will also be delighted to learn that I’ve not yet received a response from the Home Secretary to my proposal to issue police body armour made of bacon.

    • Morning UT…little girls in northern towns would be well-advised to wear knickers sewn together from bacon rashers and carry two sausages formed into a crucifix to repel any peaceful boarders.
      In fact, if a Christian throws bacon grease on a mużzington, does it shriek and disappear, like some sort of smelly, humourless, self-important caramel-coloured vampire cunt?

      • A shriek and then just a pile of foul ash?

        Thoroughly splendid.

        I hope it comes true.

        Good morning Thomas.

  10. Hopefully there will be a mega quake and California will disappear into the Pacific. That will get rid of all these demented cunts and a bonus Skidmarkle and Hewitt.

  11. Come on San Andreas fault-do your fucking duty and remove Wokifornia from the face of the Earth.
    Diversity is our strength.

    • Me and my dog read StormFront together and attend Skrewdriver gigs together.

      One night we sprayed a swastika on the vets door.

      He’s on the list
      The cunt

    • Looks a friendly little guy…

      He’d have Nelson Mandelas throat out soon as look at him!


  12. I think it’s disgusting, the dogs should be used in packs and be trained to kill, using black dummies obviously.

    Nowt wrong with being racist, if it’s deserved 👍

    • Sicky,
      All ours have responded to a hiss under our breath
      Dog goes to attention
      Then the command

      “See him off”

      Dog goes full BNP.

      Any dog that doesn’t respond to this simple training is a liberal
      And should be put down.

  13. The bigger the dog
    The better the dog.
    Same as people.
    Midgets are orrible little cunts.
    Over 6ft? Marvelous people!

    Never buy a Islington terrier .
    Shags sooties legs
    Pisses on your bed
    And takes it up the arse off cats.

    • Or those pugs.
      Like something from Roswell?

      Struggle to breathe
      Eyes bulging out of their nut,
      Sort of look like J Edgar Hoover?

      Make me spew.
      Poor fuckers.

      Poodles are french and deeply gay.

      I like a dog that looks like a dog.
      Not a fuckin gremlin.

      • Morning Miserable 🌞

        Zappa knew a thing or two about poodles.

        “In the beginning God made ‘the light.’ Shortly thereafter God made three big mistakes. The first mistake was called MAN, the second mistake was called WO-MAN, and the third mistake was the invention of THE POODLE…”

        Further reading:



      • He was right about the poodle.

        I couldn’t walk one.
        Be too embarrassed.
        You may as well put on hot pants and rollerblades.

        Go all out 😁

    • There is London midget who I would quite like to see being savaged, even a poodle could take the son of the bus driver.

  14. No blacks, no dogs, no Irish.

    Erm, I’ll keep the dog, the rest if they don’t like it can fuck off back to whatever fly blown or potato raddled shit hole they came from.

    This is England. That’s all. Get to fuck….

  15. Dogs aren’t racist. They simply sense guilt. That’s why they appear to be.

  16. I’m thinking of getting a dog. A particularly scruffy beast with chronic flatulence and halitosis and an ill temper. I shall take it for walks in the parks frequented by the peaceful folk and let him run free for a while. Then I shall call him back to me to return home;

    “Mohammed, here boy, good dog!”

  17. We had a dog once, called Syndrome. He liked to jump up at people. I had to tell him off. “Down, Syndrome.”

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