Matthew Shaw

Keeping the streets safe, PCSOs.

Here’s another delightful chap from our Policing Community. One Matthew Shaw. Do plod have lower standards when recruiting Community Support Officers? Although, frankly, it’s hard to see how much lower their standards could be.

His defending brief says he has Autism, so are the Police just shoving bodies on the street?

I’m sure that “questions will be asked”.
Can we not just sack the cunts whose vetting process obviously has more holes in it than a colander?


Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

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  1. Lessons will also definitely be learned, just not by the people needing to learn them.

    • Gormless looking fucker isn’t he?

      And a utter deviant.
      He’ll get a nice reception in jail though,
      He better hope the screw’s are paying attention because they’ll be plenty who want to wound him.

      These people should be just put down.

  2. Judging by the publicity shit put out by our local plod (Essex), employing spastics and women with “autism” is the normal situation, and something they seem to be proud of.

  3. I honestly used to subscribe to the old ‘aren’t our police wonderful’ view, but it’s very clear that a lot of them are actually far from being wonderful. It’s probably always been this way, but nowadays we get to hear about things a lot more.

    Take a look at the press and social meeja; there are literally thousands of reports demonstrating the arrogance, ineptitude and often outright criminality of police officers.

    I hate to use that term ‘institutionalised’ but look at the state of the Met for example; it seems to have a ‘canteen culture’ that’s now way out control.

    We desperately need police that are trustworthy and efficient if public confidence is to be kept. Sadly too many cops are being shown up as incompetent, thuggish, and often downright bad.

    It’s a sad state of affairs.

    Morning all.

    • Morning Ron, not often I disagree with you, but I do here.

      I base it on nothing but something I pulled out my arse (better than most sources anyway – not far off bloke down the pub level so think on).

      My take is the MET have bent over backwards to be woke over the last 10 maybe 20 years. Fuck me, their website looks like a site advertising for cops in Nigeria or Pakistan. Or a gay club.

      They’ve paraded in rainbow cars, danced with the half naked trannies in front of kids and knelt in front of BLM rioters (who then hilariously kicked fuck out of them.)

      I’d say they’ve been anything but racist (apart from against whitey, but that doesn’t count.)

      Yes, they’ve had a huge intake of rapey cunts and pea doughs, but perhaps targeting the woke types for employment is the reason for this. That Couzens thing was a one off. I reckon he’s killed more (that killing was too well planned) and is a serial killer who targeted being a copper to hide his crimes. A sick fuck who should’ve got the rope.

      But back to MET being woke.

      I can only base my findings on watching the Sweeney, mind you. Do you think Regan and Carter would’ve joined the gayness diversity police?

      No fucking chance.

      I have two mates who are/were coppers. Both voted UKIP back in the day. One now retired and he says ‘Thank fuck he’s out’ and the other (his son) looking at leaving due to unbearable woke bollocks he has to put up with and promote. He says it’s humiliating.

      So my guess (and it’s only a guess because you’ll get no government report on this!) is they are attracting ethnic minorities to join up (I reckon most of these will have good intentions) but also woke honky leftists.

      And all leftists are sexual deviants, of course.

      • “Everything woke turns to shit.”

        D J Trump

        You’re not wrong there cb

      • Go woke go broke, broke in most things apart from protecting and promoting deviant crap. Met are kowtowing to so many isms, perversions and other bollocks protecting members of the public who do not subscribe to such cuntishness is about number 300000000 on the do what you’re paid to do list. Throw in the methods of the English legal system and useless government and you have a perfect cuntfest

  4. Dear me no.

    Normally that would require oven but it’s such a vile cunt burning at the stake over a couple of days seems much more appropriate.

    Where the fuck does such filth come from?

  5. The recent recruitments first day on the streets, will look like one of those scenes in a zombie film, when doing the spastic walk, chasing someone they’ll never catch.

  6. We had a PCSO a few years back, 40 ish lady who just wandered around, I haven’t seen her for a couple of years, probably got lost and forgot who she was, what she was doing and couldn’t understand why she had a police uniform, I reckon she is now doing strippergram for stag parties.

    • There are a few PCSO’s walking around the city centre in Bristol, they all seem to be obese, scruffy , covered in tattoos and spend most of their time hanging about outside of Greggs. An OAP could outrun them.

  7. Funny how the cops went woke and attracted all the deviants.

    Wasn’t like that when I was a nipper. Our Bobby on the beat would give you a clip around the ear if you got out of line or even said ‘crap’. He had a really shy pet snake too. We had to wear blindfolds if we wanted to stroke it. Poor thing would get really tense.

    But in all seriousness, go woke, get fucking deviants.

  8. To keep up with the times. Fan Heat on top notch and feed the remains to the starving.

  9. I think Matthew is trying to use autism as a excuse for his degenerate behaviour.

    My mates son has autism, he’s a nice kid.
    Doesn’t behaviour like Matthew has?

    So not only is he a filthy kiddy fiddler and sick fuckin whacko,
    He’s also a fuckin liar and uses other people’s conditions as a excuse.

    10ft of hemp.

  10. Now the MET are institutionally racist again (all the reports will lead there because the alternative would never be investigated) I want them to put Doreen Lawrence in charge of it.

    Let’s see what her excuse is when she makes London look like a scene from the Walking Dead.

    I’m deadly serious. Put her in charge and we might get her to shut her fucking mouth.

    This cunt here? Feed him to the pigs, Harold.

    • Talking of puddled cunts,
      Yank tranny “Audrey Hale” has shot 3 children and 3 adults in a school shooting in Nashville.

      Hope the cunts burns in hell,

      What is it with nutters shooting up schools in America?!

      • Wasn’t he at shooting school, Mis.

        They must have these places in hamshankland.

      • Was it a student?

        It’ll only get worse because of social media. Kids can be vicious on there and send a bullied kid overboard.

        That Korean lad a few years back was viciously bullied and abused online. Now I’m not making excuses for what he did, but when kids feel bullied and humiliated and have a gun in the house, it’ll only end one way.

        I’ve always been pro gun (an armed population keeps politicians on their toes – I believe the USA has the best freedom of speech because of guns).

        However, with social media I’m not so sure. Banning social media for kids would probably be best (or reform it to ‘closed groups/personal messages’ only?

        Social media fucks a lot of kids up. And retarded adults, of course.

      • I’m more of the opinion that only responsible adults should have guns CB.

        Police, farmers, fine.
        But most yanks I wouldnt trust with a fuckin tin opener never mind a high powered rifle.

        Lot of dead kids probably would agree.

      • I’m not sure but don’t the septics have to pass some kind of ‘not a mental’ test to get a gun in most (or all?) states?

        My issue is kids are going be doing more shootings because of online bullying/getting the piss taken by the whole school online.

        You can give the gun to a responsible adult, but kids are kids. Immature and many are overly sensitive.

        But the nuance is that the Yanks do have much more freedom of speech than we do (or any country it seems).

        But on balance, I would shit myself if I had kids in a Yankee school.

      • Equally MNC, a lot of dead cunts from the Bataclan would’ve wished they had guns that night too.

        I think only I should have a gun really.

        Definitely none of you lot.

      • Ex student I think CB?

        Lots of kids get bullied but don’t go on killing sprees.
        They should learn to fight and stick up for themselves.

        Little mardarses get automatic weapons ,
        Crying all bitter and twisted.

        Just twat the other kid from behind with a half brick a few times.

        Everyones friends again 😁

      • I totally agree Mis. Fuck the second amendment.
        Unusually, this shooter was a woman living as a man, instead of the usual incel cunts.
        Marjorie Taylor Greene, she of the Jewish space laser fame,offered the usual hollow thoughts and prayers bullshit online, but within an hour she was mocking the trans element, saying ‘I guess we can blame this on another white male’
        Fuck, she’s dumb.
        And, a massive cunt.
        To me, it’s not the trannie, or the incels who are to blame for these killings, it’s Americas crazy gun laws.

      • Hiya GJ,
        It’s not that I’m anti gun.
        My dad was in a shooting club, shooting Mauser’s and old western handguns an still has a decommissioned side by side shotgun.

        I’ve a crossbow and recurved bow.

        But if I was handing out firearms to people I trusted to act responsibly they’d be few and far between.

        Lot of headtheballs about.

      • Oh i see a tranny.

        They’re mentally stable.

        We can argue about gun laws (I’m probably anti gun nowadays due to social media and kids being in the house where there are guns, but I do get the nuances to the pro gun argument), but giving guns to trannies is insane. Trannies are nutters, end of.

        Incels to blame? I dunno? Is that single people who can’t get a shag?

        I know a few people like that. We have a few on here I think.

      • If there’s any incels on here I’m offering lessons in how to get a shag and pop your cherry?

        Reasonable price and 100% guaranteed or a partial refund!

        Don’t be shy! Use Miserables dating ltd!

        Sign up today!

        Jagpig, I’ve put your name down👍

      • I give up trying to send my original reply MNC (8 fucking times), but you are correct.

        I was often the new kid and had to learn to handle myself. Being a good runner and being good at footy helped me too. The ‘cocks’ of the school were all good at sport, but I was better. Respect, you see?

        I was also outrageously good looking.

        But others are not so fortunate. The schools should be telling the pupils that if they are too nasty to the weird kid, that that fucker might lose his shit. Then show them clips of schools being shot up by these cunts.

        Should run the nation’s edumacation policies me MNC.

      • This ‘Jagpig’?


        December 11, 2022

        Get on strike you caring cunt, where are dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosser and grunkstick festering knob end licking your arse’

        Pipe down, Jeff!

      • I’ve had a reasonably healthy relationship with guns, love shooting, targets not wildlife, so it does tend to colour my argument, however, there are way too many murders to allow the unfettered access to firearms.
        as for the perps, trannies 1, heterosexual male… get the picture.

  11. The entry standards for PCSOs was always abominably low. I remember somebody I worked with twenty years ago – many years younger than me he was unfit physically, was overweight, and when you used to see him waddling down the street he looked from the back like nearly all PCSOs do – their arses were modelled on the old Austin A40 Somerset boot -large and capacious. There is always also the danger than somebody will “use” the uniform for nefarious purposes – just as long as they appear to be tough on crime and tough on the reasons for crime. If you can fake that you can get away with anything.

    • Low standards? I had a lung infection last week and 4 of the green oysters i coughed up applied and were accepted.

  12. I hope someone gips up the cunt inside with a dirty blunt knife – filthy scum need cleansing.

  13. Standards of police recruits started falling soon after they scrapped the minimum height requirements

    • I know of one police officer who has CDH ( Congenital Dislocation of hip ) He walks with an obvious deficit and is unable to run. He finds turning around awkward, and has problems with balance. Its not his fault,he was born that way. But the fault in recruitment lies with the fucking idiots in Command.

    • and personal grooming skills
      and treating old people with courtesy.
      and knowing the extent of their powers.

      Modern police; most are just a few complaints from doing a ‘Couzens’.

  14. Autism is the default excuse for bad behaviour.

    Didn’t that guy who hacked the US Department of Defense use that excuse to avoid extradition?

    Despite his condition he managed to hack them for 13 months leaving all sorts of expensive damage in his wake.

    Didn’t fancy doing the time so whipped out the MH card


    • He may have been a piss taking cunt, but he is one of OUR piss taking cunts. Fuck letting the US have him. Their shit IT security, their problem. Besides, if ever Benedict Cumbernatch needs a double that fella would be a ringer.

      • He always plays savants and looks a bit ‘spergy’, and yet look at Benedict’s mummy – Wanda Ventham – in her heyday.

  15. Sorry to go off subject but this popped up on the Express horseshit page when I clicked the link. Accompanied by the identikit picture of a trout faced slapper.

    ”I passed out drunk after night out and woke up with rotting legs – listen to my warning’
    Julia Anderson, 36, was enjoying an evening out drinking vodka with pals before she passed out and woke up in agony.”

    Probably Diamond White.

    • Is she sure she didn’t just piss herself and wake up with an ammonia rash?

  16. I know several people with autism (some quite severe) and not one of them has ever asked a minor to perform a sex act on a dog. These briefs that play the autism card to get their pervert clients off the hook are effectively stigmatising people with autism.

    ‘My sons been diagnosed with autism’…..’oh really, has he wanked off a dog yet?’

  17. “Lessons will be learned”.
    The lesson being “how many dozens or hundreds of times can a pædo get raped and beaten in prison before he tops himself.”
    Like that kid in Scum after the sexy greenhouse scene.
    Let’s start an alternative dead pool!
    My opener: Matthew Shaw endures 78 rapes before committing suicide.

  18. The cops were in my street last night. A bloke was found unconscious on the pavement after apparently being hit round the head with a starting pistol.
    The police think it could be race related….

  19. Not the autism card,again! No. This offending requires a level of grooming.
    That does not look like autism to me.

  20. The police and in particular, the Met are copping a lot if shit, which is an ongoing issue.
    How about getting Cressida Dicks head rolling for starters, this shit didn’t happen overnight ?
    Remember Sharon Naismith, head of social services for Haringay in the Baby P case ?
    Sacked, laid low,got the vultures in and was awarded half a mill for unfair dismissal afterwards.
    Lessons will be ignored would be the more truthful statement.

    • Dick of Cock Green is probably elbow deep in some dyke and ‘working’ a couple of days a month sitting on the board of some charity or on the lucrative speaking tour, being rewarded for failure.

  21. Just be listening to the AI stuff, it can be politically biased, well who would have thought it 😉

    Just wait until we are policed by robocops, and who does the programming, hopefully AI will see the benefit of the Brown shirts over the Woke bollocks 😂

    ‘Please mr Robocop, I have just been misgendered’


  22. Policing does seem to attract a certain type !

    Give someone a uniform and , well you know..!


    • I’m sure it was the stress of the job that brought on his condition and he should sue the police force and the local authorities for putting him in this unenviable position. Doesn’t Prince Harry advocate for mental health? He should be offering support.

    • The other half gets pissed off by people often commenting that he should have been a policeman, on the basis that he has got massive feet.

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