Gary Lineker (18)

First of all, apologies tor cunting such low hanging fruit. He is the cunt that keeps on giving, and there seems no end to his cuntishness. However, he has really surpassed himself this time.

I could write hundreds of words about why this is bollocks, but suffice to say, Mr. Lineker will never have to suffer a lack of GP appointments, a 6 hour A&E wait, or not getting his child a school place.

What really gets me is that he will “be spoken to” – while Andrew Bridgen was sacked for saying something similar, but less controversial.

There is a special place in Hell for Mr. Lineker.

BBC News

Nominated by Lord Cuntingford.

245 thoughts on “Gary Lineker (18)

  1. Everyone now sticking up for Gary Lineker about free speech.

    Where was everyone when Matt Le Tissier got sacked from Sky Sports supporting him and his free speech? Might I add he’s been right about everything….

    I didn’t see any football pundits sticking up for him. Woke shiheads.

    • Aye they pretty much agreed with Le Tiss getting potted, I seem to recall.

      I would say there is a difference in the two cases (not that I agreed with Le Tiss getting potted.)

      Le Tissier was working for an independent broadcaster. They can promote whatever their ‘ideals’ are. Look at Sky now Comcast bought them out. Outrageously anti white and far left. Unwatchable. But if any employee ‘does not share our values’ (as they said at the time) they can refuse a new contract for them and fuck them off.

      The BBC are a national broadcaster and as such, must remain politically impartial for obvious reasons (not that they do, but Lineker went way over the top, the piss taking, smug cunt.)

      Linekunt has continually broken impartiality rules and has gone too far here. Even for the BBC.

      He has (and yes he did you woke fucks!) compared the Tories to the German Nazi Party on the 1930s. Now Suella Braverman is a brown lady married to a four be two. Hardly Nuremberg rally stuff, is it?

      It’s a no brainer. Instead of saying ‘Ok I went a bit overboard there, I’ll wind my neck in”, the arrogant cunt says he’s going to keep doing it. Leaving the BBC with no choice.

      If they do nothing, they’ll be breaking the law.

      So yes, the BBC, instead of sucking up to this cunt today, should fire him and all those pricks on strike.

      They are effectively saying all BBC employees should be able to spout extreme political views on social media to their heart’s content.

      Well, as long as they’re extreme leftist views, of course!

      They can all fuck off. And the BBC deserve this for employing woke diversity hires like Alex fucking Scott and Ian Shite, Shite Shite. Reap what you sow.

      I have the bad feeling Lineker will get his way in the end though, sadly. He always does.

      The fucking smug shithouse.

  2. There has been a small protest outside the BBC’s offices in Salford.

    About a dozen people from Greater Manchester Stand Up to Racism took part, with a banner being held up saying “Reinstate Gary Lineker” and other signs saying “Refugees welcome here”.

    Yeah a dozen cunts. The usual unwashed left wing vermin. A dozen? Fucking hilarious…
    And again, how is not wanting illegal freeloaders and rapists be racist?

    • Someone should tell these unwashed liberal mongs (all twelve of them🤣) that the jug lugged smear of ooze hasn’t actually been sacked. So how can he be ‘reinstated’?

      One day in, and Tim Davie has already dropped his strides and offered Lineker his arse. There will be only one outcome to this…. The self satisfied ‘told you so’ smirk of Lineker will be on our screens again sooner rather than later.

      As for Wrighty the Clown? I’d like to say those three litle words…

      Thick Black Cunt

    • She recently said she had three or four (can’t recall how many) ‘special male friends’.

      The fucking old whore.

      • I wonder what the going rate is, Cuntybollocks?
        Carol is clapped out silicone infested prossie

      • Wouldn’t touch her with yours Norm.

        Not bad looking back in the day but damaged goods now.

        I’d rather wank myself off with a handful of stinging nettles, to a video of Diane Abbott wiping her arse in extreme close up.

  3. Bristol Rovers made me laugh saying they won’t do MOTD interviews today.

    NO, they fucking won’t.

    Last time I checked they weren’t in the Premier League, the silly bastards.

    • They are mongs, Cuntybollocks. Complete and utter retards. Chanting for a cunt who never played for them. And holding banners with ‘fight racism’ on them? The sad thing is these backward fucks would still do this after a migrant cunt raped their daughters.Virtue signalers, thick as pigshit.

      • There is more chance of me screwing Hayley Atwell than of Bristol Rovers being on MOTD.🙄

      • Well they do rape their own daughters in that part of the world I suppose, which may explain this somewhat.

  4. This is all the legacy of Boris Johnson. He continues his trail of destruction even when he’s not in power!

    That is a tweet from Gary Neville about the Lineker circus. So, Boris is to blame for jug lugs slimeball comparing the government to the Nazi Party that killed millions? Thanks for telling us that, Gary Nev. You clueless ferret fancying tripe eating woke cunt.

  5. The leftie scum are screaming about Lineker’s right to free speech, while at the same time denying Fiona Bruce her right to it.

    That’s another shitty woke trick. All that ‘he said, she said’ bollocks. Cunts on social media blabbing ‘But… But Fiona Bruce said this’. That carrott bollocked cunt Simply Hucknall did this. He claims that Bruce ‘supported’ a ‘wife beater’on air. Well, Lineker is known to be friends with wifebeater, Gazza. So, how does that work, Mick, you pumpkin headed champagne socialist knob?

    I also notice only Fiona Bruce is getting this treatment out of the BBC employees. The cunt that is Emily Maitlis – who openly showed contempt to both Donald Trump and Brexit – has not been mentioned for her gobshitery by Lineker’s lickarses. ‘But… But Emily is a leftie twat….’


  6. I’m guessing the BBC’s have your say moderators on today’s football have gone on strike too as none of the match reviews have a hys to post shite on.

    So I’ll post my say here: great win for Derby today at Oxford and isn’t lineker a cunt.

  7. Where were all these principled voices during the Qatari World Cup?
    Did they boycott the proceedings or did they go over, take advantage of the hospitality which was bought at the cost of many lives in the construction of the venues, ignore the human rights issues and fail to stand up to be counted?
    A bunch of hypocritical, self serving folk with moral values that they choose to exercise when it suits themselves.
    All at public expense……

    • Very true. They were there to push the one love armbands and generally distract from what was a football event. Which England failed at yet again the cunts.

  8. Lost for words, Uk citizens sleeping rough….us the tax payers footing the bill for hotel asylum seekers. Wtf maybe he needs those illegals to be snuggling up to his nearest and deatest

    • Gary doesn’t do Help For Heroes or The British Legion, Tilly. They’re not brown enough, and they won’t get him the woke coverage that he wants.

  9. It shows what a joke the BBC are though. If Lineker and all his toadies snuffed it in some Medusa Touch style bit of jiggery pokery (if only!), would all the sports programmes close down? Nah, somebody would step in. Just like when Mark Chapman does it when Lineker is having his 20th holiday of the year.

    All this shit about nobody being available is bollocks. Every cunt has their price and somebody will want to go up in their career. Just because treeswingers like Alex Scott and ‘Wrighty the Clown’ have chimped out should not bring the BBC to a standstill. And as for Shearer? This cunt is one of the most infamous mercenaries in the history of the game. Just ask Southampton and Blackburn Rovers fans. If the Beeb upped his pay, just watch his loyalty to jug lugs sleazeball evaporate.

    Also, ‘Solidarity’? Over what? An up himself ex-goalhanger? Where the fuck do they think they are? The shipyards of Warsaw? Get to fuck…

  10. If it was up to me tonight:

    “Next on BBC One, Match of the Day. With your hosts, Ron Atkinson and Nigel Farage.”

  11. Interviewed by BBC News, Mr Davie said “success for me is getting Gary back on air”, adding he was prepared to review impartiality rules for freelance staff like Lineker.

    BBC weak as a sick dormouse.

    • Lineker has already won, and he knows it…. Davie is a fucking wretch.
      And how the hell can he be freelance, when he is the BBC’s most highly paid employee?

    • Yup.

      The BBC want the law changing. Clear as fuck to me.

      Just say you’re ‘self employed’ (no NI for the BBC too) and you can say what you like.
      As long as it’s far leftist dogma, obviously.

      This is an absolute open goal for the Tories, but they’ll miss it.

      Deliberately in my opinion.

      We need an Adolf.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me if all this was a BBC/Lineker set up. It’s all fallen into place a bit too quickly, hasn’t it?

        There were no ‘undecideds’ or ‘don’t knows’. Every fucker walked out without question, as if on cue. Almost as if they were obeying orders. And now, that cunt Davie is begging Lineker to have him back, not the other way round….🤔

      • For any sort of emergency (including ‘Big’ Alan Shearer spitting his dummy out), wouldn’t an organisation like the BBC have a back up presenter and other stand-ins in reserve for their flagship programmes?

        This ‘strike’ and ‘cancellation’ is not as spur of the moment as people think. Not buying it, it stinks worse than Madogga’s minge…

  12. I’ll say this for the jug lugged human oil slick… He is perfectly suited to social media, where he can shoot his mouth off and block people (which he does with alarming regularity to anyone who does not agree with him). He was a shithouse as a player, not one booking or sending off. Never mixed it or got involved in an on-pitch rumble. I think it’s fair to say that he has never had a fight in his entire life. If you were in the trenches, with mud and bullets all over the shop and you had Lineker next to you, you’d be in deep shit. Because he’d be fucking useless.

    • True I watched England lineker would be fuck all without Peter Beardsley fuck linekar the tax dodging shit cheesy crap crisp Cunt

      • True, Dave. The jug lugged slimeball never mucked in, never tackled back. The Likes of Robbo, Platt, Gazza, Beardsley and Waddle did all the graft.

        I recall Bryan Robson once saying that Lineker actually told him ‘I don’t do tackles. I score goals! That’s my job!’ In other words, Gary was a shithouse even then. Robbo should have punched him out.

  13. Superwretch Tim Davie is now saying ‘Would Gary had been asked to step down if he had agreed with the government’s small boats bill?’

    For the millionth fucking time, the fact that Lineker doesn’t agree with it isn’t the issue, Davie, you spineless woke bummer. He was asked to step down because he compared the government of this country to a genocidal fascist regime that murdered and tortured millions of human beings. And this imbecile is in charge of our national public service broadcaster?! Fuck me…..🙄

    • Also, had this been a proper enquiry, wouldn’t Davie refer to the cunt as Mr. Lineker?

      The fact that he’s calling him ‘Gary’ shows that this is already over…

  14. I have a lot of sympathy for the grim reaper who is going to be lumbered with arseholes like Lineker, Jeremy Corbollocks, Greta Turdberg, Diane Abbottopotamus, Krankie, Owen Jones, Eddie Suzie Izzard, Lily arsehead Allen etc for eternity! If I were he I’d resign as soon as one of them arrives!

  15. Well, this has shown us all one thing.

    That the unqualified low IQ woke thickos who are employed by the BBC have more power than the actual BBC themselves. I wouldn’t mind if they were actual workers who did a decent job, like camera crews or technicians. They are just useless has been rich fucks fucking about on telly. And – for some strange reason – they think they are more important than they actually are. Brain dead cunts like Wright and Shearer walking out really is no loss. And, if she was judged on her brain power, Alex Scott should be working in a biscuit factory or McDonald’s. Yet, in the next few days, I dare say we will see the BBC crawling over broken glass to appease every single one of these imebeciles. The cunts will probably get a pay rise too. I have no doubt that Tim Davie is on the phone to his ‘boss’, Gary Lineker as I write this….

    • It will be ‘smoothed over’, ‘swept under the woke carpet’, ‘dismissed as a misunderstanding’ and blamed on the nasty government by Sophie Raeworth in one of her many ‘Starmer red’ dresses probably.

      • All over bar he shouting. The jug lugged white hater will be back on the telly this weekend, with that smug, sliippery smirk.

        Of course, he will now be completely unsackable. He will be able to do and say anything he likes, and the BBC will let him.

        His ‘acolytes’, Shearer, Wright, Scott, Jenas and Co will be pissing their sides after spending a weekend pissing in the BBC’s face. They are actually going to get rewarded for showing contempt and ripping the piss.

    • Aye

      They might as well make the jug eared smarmy prick the head of the BBC at this rate.

      If the BBC shit out (and it appears they are doing) there should be a government inquiry into the organisations lack of impartiality.

      Clearly, the out of touch, champagne socialist trots run the fucking place.

      Be different if I was the DG.

      I’d sack every one of the fucking cunts and advertise their jobs (for much less money).

      Why is it so fucking difficult for these retards to keep out of politics while working for the BBC?

      Just make it fucking clear they talk about football and fuck all else or they get potted.

      • He probably is in all but name. They should probably just drop the whole impartiality thing as it’s clearly bullshit and not the dictionary definition, ie toe the line or you’re a racist. They should be balanced rather than unbiased, encourage healthy debate on both sides. If Sunak has one last chance to win my vote it is do something about the license fee. Make it easier to exclude certain channels would be a start.

  16. Delighted to note that, according to at least one national daily, MOTD had 500,000 more views without pundits or commentary.

    Yes, get in!

  17. And it appears that George Lineker is as arrogant as his father. Jug ears junior says that his horrendous father would be presenting MOTD again.

    He -unfortunately – may be right. But it looks like smug self importance runs in the family.

    As for those ‘vulnerable’ cunts having ‘no voice’? If fucking only.
    Yesterday in the dialysis unit, it was like a Paggi farmyard, Stanley kids screeching on phones, grunts, moans, babbling, shitty music, praying. Oh, and the fucks won’t use headphones. Another thing against their religion, I suppose. Cunts.

  18. And Piers Morgan is a complete cunt. Defending Lineker? Has Lineker ever lifted a finger to stick up for him when he’s been in the shit?

    And there’s that fat Irish cunt, Dara Ó Briain. This nauseating unfunny spudfucker is making out Lineker’s ‘Nazi’ remarks are all a big joke. I’ve always despied O’ Brian. I want to fire a nuclear missile at his head…

    • Presumably Piers Morgan (and Jeremy Clarkson) were motivated in their defence of Linekunt by the maxim attributed to Voltaire:
      “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
      Whether Linekunt would reciprocate or not is irrelevant if one is a genuine believer in free speech.

  19. I know Graham Taylor had his faults as England manager. But he hated Lineker and his refusal to muck in. Even when Taylor briefly made Lineker England captain, the cunt still did fuck all apart from goalhanging. Taylor reached the end of his tether with the smug twat after Euro 92 and he binned Gary off, which led to a monumental Lineker sulk. For all the negativity around Taylor’s reign as England boss, he knew a cunt when he saw one…

    • Also a shame that low IQ gurning loudmouth cunt Ian Wright didn’t lose his voice as well… Permanently.

      I think it’s bullshit anyway. Gary just wants another week off. One can hear it now. ‘Don’t bother me Davie, you little worm. I can’t be arsed this week. Now go and clean my car, Davie. After all, I am the boss.’

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